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Tuesday, October 18
Meeting Minutes October 2016

Handout: Meeting Minutes 10/29

Wednesday, January 25
Sunset Finances

Treasurer's Report: Janaury 18th

Ending Balance from December: $5320.80

Deposits Sign-Ups: $14,609.1

Total In: $16,477.74

Expenses: $5,473.02

Balance: $11,004.72 1/18/2017  

Treasurer's Report: December 14th   

Deposit Sign-Ups: $7984.61 

Total In: $9853.19

Expenses: $4532.39

Balance: $5320.80 12/14/02016

Paid Insurance Enrollment and Charter Application: $3013.00


Ending Balance $1868.58 10/01/2016