Sundown Ski Team: Welcome

2015-16 Team Photo
Sundown Ski Team - Welcome

Welcome to the team site of the Sundown Ski Team!

New Hartford, Connecticut

If you are a team member, you will find all of the information, calendars and links you need to race this season.

If you are interested in joining, please click the contact us link to request info for joining.

Tuesday, December 9
Can forced drills force success?

Wednesday, October 28
The 2015-16 Schedule has been updated

Tuesday, December 9
Battle the course, not yourself

Wednesday, December 10
Check out the Training Section and the Handouts Section!

I have added the training schedule broken out by age group on the Training section.

I have also posted the PDF of the training schedule that you can download from the Handouts section.

Monday, November 24
3 goals for ski racing success

Tuesday, November 4
Be the best ski racing parent you can be

Wednesday, October 29
Shiffrin in Soelden: From good skiing to fast skiing

Tuesday, October 21
The No. 1 Feeling Every Ski Racer Needs

Tuesday, October 14
How to Improve Your Slalom Skills