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Saturday, May 26
Little League Baseball Rule Myths

Saturday, May 26
Think it is easy to call balls and strikes?
Watch this video and show it to all of the those that think it is a piece of cake.

Little League Umpire Registry
The Little League Umpire Registry offers Little League umpires a smart way to stay on top of their game. Umpires can sign up here in minutes and start enjoying the benefits.

Plate Mechanics
Handout: Plate Mechanics

60' Diamond Mechanics
Handout: 60' Diamond Mechanics

Pitchers Foot Positions
Illustrates legal and illegal foot positions
Handout: Pitchers Foot Positions

Honig's Whistle Stop - supplier of uniforms and equipment for sports officials world wide.

Sunday, May 6
Umpire Ejection Form
If a player or coach is ejected complete this form and place it in the UIC's mail folder before leaving the complex.
Handout: Ejection Form

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