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Revised Schedule 9-20-2014

9:00 Yellow vs Crowfield 1 TB 1 -  Now at 10:30
10:30 Royal Blue vs Crowfield 2 TB 1 - Now at 12:00
12:00 Light Blue vs Red TB 1 - Now at 1:30

Coach Pitch -A
9:00 Royal Blue vs Yellow Field 1 - Now at 10:30
10:30 Red vs Light Blue Field 1 - Now at 12:00

Coach Pitch -AA
9:00 Royal Blue vs Crowfield 1 Field 4 - Now at 11:15
11:15 Light Blue vs Red Field 4 - Now at 1:30
1:30 Burgundy vs Navy Blue Field 4 - Now at 3:45 on Field 1
3:45 Yellow vs Crowfield 2 Field 4 - Game will remain at 3:45 on Field 4

9:00 Royal Blue vs Crowfield 1 Field 3 - Now at 11:15
11:15 Light Blue vs Red Field 3 - Now at 1:30
1:30 Burgundy vs Navy Blue Field 3 - Now at3:45
3:45 Yellow vs Crowfield 2 Field 3 - Now at 6:00

9:00 Royal Blue vs Crowfield 1 Field 2 - Now at 12:00
12:00 Red vs Crowfield 2 Field 2 - Now at 3:00
3:00 Burgundy vs Light Blue Field 2 - Now at 6:00


“Summerville American Little League” is much more than Baseball

Summerville American Little League provides opportunities for over 350 area athletes (ages 4-16) to participate in America’s favorite past time, Baseball!  With Summerville American Little League, these young people learn the joy of playing baseball with their friends and they reap the benefits of increased physical activity.  We teach these young athletes not only the game of baseball but also, teamwork, competitiveness, social skills, and leadership, all while developing lifelong friendships.

Summerville American Little League is a not-for-profit organization, which receives no public funds.  All of our funds are generated through our parents, concessions sales, sponsorships from generous local businesses, and fundraisers, such as this one.  The cost of equipment, insurance, uniforms, utilities, and facility upkeep is a huge burden for us.  Even with the generous support of our parents and local businesses, we do not generate the funds necessary to upgrade our facilities and provide the best opportunities for our young athletes.  We now have a way to help us meet our goals. 

Summerville American Little League endorses Schwan’s Cares and hopes that you will join us at the Dinner Table.

Simply, register on-line and purchase a $25 E-CERTIFICATE.  You can then use this E-CERTIFICATE to choose from over 350 delicious food items to be delivered right to your front door.  An amazing 40% of this $25 purchase is donated to Summerville American Little League.  Additionally, we receive 5% of all Schwan’s food purchases made by you during the year. 

Visit Schwan’s Cares website, https://www.schwans-cares.com/, click on “Find a Campaign” and then enter Summerville American Little League.  Next, click on the “Fundraisers” tab, look for “Summerville American Little League” and then click SUPPORT.  Your E-CERTIFICATE may be purchased September 10th through October 25th. 

Summerville American Little League needs your appetite to support our athletes!

SLL would like to thank all our sponsors!!!
Please visit our Sponsors page and support those who support SLL. 


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  Please sign up after registering your player to be alerted via text when there is a rainout please sign up.


One, Log on. Two, look up "Summerville". Three, select Summerville Little League. Four, enter your information and Five, confirm it via email.   

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