Sullivan Soccer: Adult League

Coed 18+ Soccer League

Get your family, friends, and co-workers together and come out to play adult coed soccer.

This fall, SSA will be hosting a recreational Coed 18+ Soccer League.  This year, SSA will focus on Team Registrations.  Individuals are still welcomed and will be allocated to existing teams as needed.  


The registration fee is $725 per team.  The registration fee must be paid in full by Aug 1, 2013.  If you plan to sponsor your own team, a discount of $100 will apply.  Please review the rules on sponsoring your own team.

Individuals may begin registration on May 1st, 2013.  All individuals will be allocated to a team as needed before the start of the season.  The registration fee per individual is $45.00.  Families may take advantage of the savings thru the Family Discount program.  A family discount is only for single families living in one house hold or for a member of the family still being claimed as a dependent.  SSA has the right to review each situation and determine discount status.  Proof of residency may be required.


Team Sponsorship:  Teams may provide their own sponsorship or seek assistance thru SSA.  Those providing their own sponsorship may take a discount of $100 from the team registration fee.

-- All team names must be pre approved by SSA.

-- All team uniforms must be like in color and preapproved by SSA.

-- Only team uniforms will be allowed on the field unless preapproved. 



Key points:

-- Sign ups open May 1, 2013

-- Team Registration fee, $725;    Individuals are $45.00.

-- Teams will play 11 v 11.

-- Each team must have a minimum of 4 women on the field at all times

-- Rosters are limited to 18 players, no exceptions.

-- Players must be at least 18 years old as of Aug. 31, 2013

-- Sign up deadline is Aug. 1, 2013


For a complete list of rules and registration form, click on the following link. 


Handout: Sign Up Handouts