DSSA: Our Approach

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Whether in Croatia or around the world, Davor Šuker  Soccer Academy brings a unique spirit and environment to every city, town or club we visit.  Our passion for the game is transferred through to all the participants.

We believe in creating a positive learning environment - players will be allowed to express themselves, play without fear of making mistakes, be encouraged to make their own decisions in sessions and discover the enjoyment of soccer. All our programs are designed around the framework established by the DSSA Complete Player Model. 90% of all time during Clinics/Camps will be dedicated to the technical and tactical aspects of the game – see the graph to the right.  Taking this approach enables our participants to get greater value from their time with Davor.


The Academy is an exciting and rewarding experience for young aspiring soccer players. Following the DSSA Complete Player Model, every athlete will come away with improved soccer techniques, team concepts and tactics, tips for healthy living, and will understand the importance of having fun every time they step on the field. Parents are encouraged to attend camp introduction and observe all on-field sessions.

DSSA Complete Player Model