Susquehanna Township Youth Basketball Association: Code of Conduct

Monday, October 28


All participants (players, volunteers, parents and spectators) in the activities sponsored by Susquehanna Township Youth Basketball Association (STYBA) agree to conduct themselves in ways that support the objectives of STYBA and to promote positive physical, emotional and social welfare of the players and the community and to discourage anyone, including guests, from exhibiting behavior that will circumvent its spirit or letter.

All participants (players, volunteers, parents and spectators) agree to make athletic participation a fun and positive experience for all children involved, Give encouragement and show interest in their child’s team, help the players work toward good sportsmanship in every game, attempt to relieve the pressure of competition and place the emotional and physical well being of players ahead of the desire to win and support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sports activities.

All participants agree that all of the activities conducted by STYBA are for the enjoyment of the participants and that negative actions such as taunting, baiting, derogatory remarks of any nature by or about any player, coach or referee; criticizing players, coaches, officials or opposing fans; or unduly calling attention to themselves during and after the games are considered unethical. These actions can result in removal of player, coach and spectator from current and future STYBA events.

PARENTS AND/OR GUARDIANS – Make every effort to drop off and pick up players at designated practice times. Communicate with your coach on the absence of your player. Use the 24 hr rule for resolving conflicts in a calm manner and eliminate confrontations in front of children. Require your child to treat other players, coaches, spectators and officials with respect. Any activities that undermine the ideals of sportsmanship, honesty, team competition, fairness and respect for human dignity run counter to the objectives of STYBA and are therefore grounds for immediate removal and exclusion from current and future STYBA sponsored activities.

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