Stumptown Cycling Club: Welcome


 Not a bean.  Still local.                                 

Friday, December 14
Reds for 2013!

Wednesday, December 5
Videos from the season

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Monday, November 5
Riding the peanut butter

alex cc
Tuesday, October 9
The infamous Alpenrose Cross Crusade photo

Thursday, October 4
Barlow bumping


Thursday, October 4
Cross is boss.

Check the video from Blind Date this week.  Awesome!

Monday, May 21
Ronde, RTB, Echo, Chainbreaker, Cherry Pie, Piece of Cake, Bear Springs all in the can!

A few videos for fun:


 RTB roller:

Sunday, March 4
Off with a bang. Get out there.


Cherry Pie, Echo Red2Red in the bag



Monday, October 24
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Thursday, October 13
Cross is on baby.


A few pics from the first Cross Crusade at Alpenrose.

Tuesday, July 19
Cycle Oregon Weekend grooms the wee ones

It was wet, but the few of us who made it had a great Saturday.  Yes, only a great Sunday was a rain out.

Monday, May 23
Reach the Beach in style

A fragmented but well attended showing for the squad.  We had some first time centuries, one of which was completed on a tandem by a 12 year old!  Another 11 y.o. completed the 55 with minor incident.  Next event, remind me to prompt early registration pick-up and a better rally to start together.   I see a 'fast' and 'less fast' group evolving...with many dropping down all along from the first to the second.  Business up front, party in the back.  Yep, the Stumptown Mullet strategy.

Friday, April 22
Stumptown represents at Ronde

Wednesday, February 16
Stumptown Launches March 10

Team Kickoff March 10 at the Widmer Gasthaus, 7pm.   Please RSVP, limited space for team only.   Team kits, schwag doled out, bring your checkbooks for woolies and youth garb.   Free beer!

Tuesday, February 1
Registration open for a number of rides

Cherry Pie

Friday, January 28
Taking orders for Wooly, youth jerseys and cycling caps

Oregon Cyclewear Woolies

Please ...