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See the bottom of this page for Frequently Asked Questions.
Registration ( for 2014/15 season ended September 13th. 




Games schedules for finals and the Tomales 3rd Grade Tournament have been updated and can be viewed under the game schedules tab, or downloaded from the handouts.


Games scores can be viewed under the game scores tab, or downloaded from the handouts.


Newsletter #5 was emailed out Feb. 18th. If you are not receiving emails, please let us know. Click on the News link in the left margin to read the newsletters.



3rd grade CYO tournament registration forms were emailed to 3rd grade coaches Jan. 20th. Click on the Tournaments link in the left margin to see the forms.


Fan gear





The end of the season coaches appreciation dinner was held on March 1st at the St. Rose Gym. We had a good turnout, and a good time was had by all.





Lost and Found... We accumulate multiple sweatshirts, whistles, watches, jewelry, and basketballs during the season. Make sure you label everything with your name and phone #. If you lost something, e-mail St. Rose CYO, or check the lost and found at the last known location. Please try to limit calls to the schools.



Coaches: those who didn't turn in your uniforms and equipment at the appreciation dinner should contact Aaron Locks to arrange their return. 

An email was sent out to coaches on 1/30 regarding new training. Information can be downloaded from the coaches handouts.

 A flyer regarding basketball after CYO (AAU) was emailed out to participants on 1/21. It can be read on the News link, or downloaded from the handouts.

We received this email question 'Hello, What about the 3rd grade scores and records ? Why aren't they listed this year ?'

Great question, let's assume you are all wondering the same thing...
There is a new CYO rule this year (pg 33, OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES OF BASKETBALL SCORERS) 13.    No standings will be recorded or kept for 3rd grade games.
Another new rule this year (pg 31, SECTION XXV. GUIDELINES FOR CROWD CONTROL)  4. A sportsmanship statement shall be read to the crowd before the start of each 3rd grade game during the first, second and 6th week of the season.
These new rules were instituted this year to try to help the 3rd grade parents and coaches understand early in their CYO experience what the CYO program is all about. There are no playoffs for 3rd graders. Standings are not being kept or posted because, while the result of each game is thrilling, the recording of the teams' overall performance benefits no one.
In years past, some coaches and parents have paid too much attention to the win/loss records, leading to unsportsmanlike behavior at games. The North Bay CYO Athletic Director Board implemented this change in procedure this season to redirect the basketball passion to benefit the positive experience for players on the court.
Have a great season!


Got an issue with a game or coach? Wait 24 hours, then email us with the details. Please DO NOT try to contact another Athletic Director, CYO Board Member, or the Parish. There is a chain of communication that ALWAYS begins with your athletic director.

Newsletters are emailed to coaches and participants. You can see them by clicking on the My Site News tab, and download them from the Handouts tab.





Please read and familiarize yourself with the Diocese of Santa Rosa policy on CYO events and driving, copied below. 

CYO Policy for Driving to Events



It is the policy of the Diocese of Santa Rosa that parents be vigilant in their parental responsibility and that no adult who is acting on behalf of a parish or diocesan program be alone with a child who is not their own at any diocesan sponsored event. 


Parents who drop off their child should make certain that the child is safely in the care of responsible adults at the intended location before leaving the premises.  If parents are dropping off their child, they are expected to bring the child just before the event and pick up their child promptly when the event ends. Coaches and other adults are not baby sitters.


In the case of CYO, sometimes a coach or assistant coach is asked to transport a child other than their own child, to the practice or game.  The coach or assistant coach is acting as an agent of the Diocese only at the time and location of the CYO event.  During transport prior to the CYO event and once the event is ended, the coach or assistant who transports a child is acting as an agent of the parent and not as an agent of the Diocese.


Rev. 9-23-11 kd





Please read and familiarize yourself with the Diocese of Santa Rosa policy on CYO events and driving.

The CYO 2014-15 rules have been updated and have been posted. The coaches handout section has downloads of the 2014-15 rulebook. There is room in the back of your Roster Folder to place the current rulebook. We recommend you read and highlight the rulebook so you are very familiar wih it.

Safe Environment Training is changing! A new system has been set up, and coaches in the Shield the Vulnerable system have been migrated to the new system.

Now that the new system is set up, all coaches must complete the Catholic Mutual Group Smarter Adults Safer Children On-line Trainging. Returning coaches should have received an email from Catholic Mutual Group with instructions for logging in ( and completing training. This needs to be done right away.

The training is a 45 minute video with questions at the end.  And there is a Code of Conduct of 12 pages with questions at the end.  Once you have completed these 2 things, you will be compliant to coach at the end.  The diocese is asking that everyone complete these trainings, by Feb. 13th.


All new coaches must:

  1. register with the Santa Rosa Diocese and take the online training Instructions for this can be found in the coaches handouts.
  2. undergo Live Scanning (fingerprints) for background checking. See the Coaches tab in the left margin.


Coaches, at the end of the season you must collect your uniforms and return them. Basket balls, practice jerseys, and first aide kits are also returned. See the coaches tab for more details.





Players should be shooting at least 50 shots a day, even on non practice days. Try 20 from under the basket on either side, and 10 free throws. This WILL help! And parents, if you rebound for them, it's valuable time you'll spend together. It only takes a few minutes...

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See the Coaches tab in the left margin.



See the Parents tab in the left margin.



See the Players tab in the left margin.



Go to the Links page (or click here) for the link to North Bay CYO, where you'll find more season information.

For more information contact St. Rose CYO. If you'd like to have your name added to the mailing list for next season, e-mail St. Rose CYO. Each year sign-up information is provided to the St. Rose Parish Bulletin and the St. Rose School weekly newsletter. You can also always find information here on the web site.

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