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Thursday, August 22
Stike Force has added Kyle Zick

Hello team,

 I would like to introduce Kyle Zick as our new strength and conditioning coach.

Here ...

Friday, November 15
Player photo video release

I have added the Player Photo Video Release Form to the handdouts section.  If you have not filled one out you can either print one from the handouts and give it to the player bring it to practice to give to me or let me konw at practice you need to fill one out.  I usually have copies with me.  As soon as I get them all I can start posting the players pictures from games, practices, some fun videos and etc.  If anyone has any questions regarding the form or concerns of posting pics and videos please let one of the administrative staff know.  



Strike Force Kings Game
Monday, November 25
Strike Force helps out at the Colorado Kings Game

The girls from 14u Strike Force volunteered at the Colorado Kings Basketball game.

Saturday, December 21
Happy and Safe Holidays

If I do not see you all in the next couple of weeks.

Happy and Safe Holidays from Callahan Enterprizes, Inc.,

Chuck and Cheryl Callahan