Strength of America: Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule begins June 4th

Speed Development Classes for foot reaction time and explosiveness. Most kids tend to run flat footed. We take the kids and teach them how to use their whole body when they move. The initial 5 yards is so important. If they can't get to an opening before it closes, it doesn't matter what their 40 yard time is... We want the kids to be able to react at a faster rate and explode as they change directions, not just move to the next spot.
The Strength classes are designed to find weak spots in our young athletes, due to either growth spurts, 1 sport year round or simply from activity. As we increase strength and flexibility, the risk of injury in athletics is greatly reduced.
Give us a call at (480) 219-0868 to get your son or daughter started.
Price List:

2 days a week, 60 minutes each (6 weeks) $110 1 person
2 or more from the same family (4 weeks) $190

Prices and times subject to change, please call to verify
Our summer membership is on a 6 week basis. If you will be gone during the 6 week program you can schedule make ups. Each athlete will be tested at the beginning and end of the 6 week program to show progress on Speed, Agility, power and body comp. The program will progress with your child's development and growth. Call today to set up your conditioning assesment!
All classes must be scheduled. Call to reserve your spot ASAP.

Speed Classes:
Hermosa Vista Park, Lindsay rd and Mckellips or Meadowgreen Park, Lindsay rd north of Southern. Check website for details.