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Monday, August 29
Youth Speed and Agility

Are you wanting to help reduce the risk of injury in your young athlete? 


ACL injuries up 400% in young athletes.   So much development has been put into cleats and shoes, but little has been spent on your athlete to teach proper mechanics of movement to reduce the risk of injury and increase performance.

 That is the job of Strength of America!  We guarantee your athlete will improve or your money back!  Bob Davis, Founder Strength of America since 1989 


America's youth strength and speed development specialists. Improving foot speed, reaction time and explosiveness. The strength program is designed to improve strength and flexibility, so there will be less chance of injury to the young athlete. Go to our website at to learn more about classes and camps.  The strength and speed programs are for ages 9 and up. To sign up and reserve your time, please call us at (480)219-0868. Our Speed and Core Development classes are offered year round.

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The importance of Adult strength training is well established, but why youth strength training?

With the level of extracurricular activities on the rise and the amount of time spent on skills development and physical education in the schools dropping, SOA has stepped forward to help fill the void. We have been providing strength and conditioning programs for young athletes since 1989.

Our programs are designed to help teach the young athlete and their coaches the proper techniques and exercises for their particular sport. With the proper strength and flexibility surrounding the joint, the chance of injury is lessened.

We would also like to hear any questions, comments or suggestions you have that would help us better help you!

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