St Peter Saints CYO: Team of the Week

Team of the Week
6th Grade Girls - Coach Van Dyke & Coach Baker

 I am very fortunate to be coaching these girls for the 3rd straight year with the incredible help of my assistant, Dave Baker.  The 6th grade girls are working very hard this year on our way to bring home some first place hardware to St. Peter.  We have 8 of the 10 girls returning from last year in which we finished 16-5. 
We will be playing for our first of 3 championships this Friday 1-15-16 at Holy Trinity.  We will be playing in the Bob Roesky Avon Lake tournament where we are currently 1-0.  We won this tournament last year and look to repeat again this year.  The final tournament we will be playing in is our tournament the Ray Buescher.  This year we also will qualify for the Diocesan tournament in which we are planing on getting a banner to put up in the gym.  

We have 3 girls on the team that take control and are our point guards in Daylan Baker, Gemma Kilgore, and Natalie Palese.  It is amazing to see how their abilities have increased over the past 3 years.  We have Kali Palco who has been banging hard in the paint working on controlling rebounds and putting the ball back in the hoop for second shot points.  One of the nicest girls off the court Ashley Garapic changes into a very determined player on the court, boxing out and fighting for the ball as if you stole if from her.  We have Mary Lewis, Jordan Polenske, and Kayla Van Dyke rounding out the team.  Mary and Jordan are not afraid to take the ball to the hoop when they get it and they also are aggressive on defense tying up the ball for a jump ball.  Kayla who has a good shot does her best on defense where she is not afraid to get in the way of the other team to stop them.  She works hard on boxing out and trying to get into good position.  

In our practices we do many skill drills along with conditioning.  We are trying to build good fundamentals so that if they continue on their basketball career they will be able to do so. We are usually the fastest team on the court when we play which helps.  Each season before the season we make the girls write out some goals that they wish to achieve during the year to help get them more focused.  

I know that Coach Baker and I are very proud of these girls and we are hoping to get 2 more years together as a team!
- Coach Van Dyke

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