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Ray Buescher Memorial Basketball Tournament

For information about our basketball tournament, visit the Ray Buescher Memorial Basketball page or view this flyer.

Weekend Practice Schedules for November

FRIDAY  November 27th
     Saturday  November 28th
  Court 1 Court 2      Court 1
 Court 2
9:00-10:30  OPEN  OPEN    9:00-10:30  Robejsek  Van Dyke        
10:30-12:00  Mahaffey  OPEN    10:30-12:00  Milos  OPEN        
12:00-1:30  OPEN  OPEN    12:00-1:30  Snyder  OPEN        
1:30-3:00  OPEN  OPEN    1:30-3:00  Konno  OPEN        
3:00-4:30  OPEN  OPEN    3:00-4:30  OPEN  OPEN        
4:30-6:00  Van Dyke  OPEN    4:30-6:00  Coreno  OPEN        
6:00-7:30  OPEN  OPEN    6:00-7:30  OPEN  OPEN        
7:30-9:00  OPEN  OPEN    7:30-9:00  OPEN  OPEN        
 Sunday  November 29th
   Court 1
 Court 2
 1:0-2:30  Hansen  Sonnhalter                
 2:30-4:00  OPEN  OPEN                
 4:00-6:00  Milos  OPEN                
 6:00-7:30  Konno  OPEN                

 Open weekday slots taken:

12/1/15: 5-6pm--Sonnhalter

12/3/15: 7:30-9pm--Mahaffey 

12/7/15: 7:30-9pm--Sullivan 

12/9/15: 5-6pm--open 

12/16/15: 5-6pm--Sonnhalter 

12/18/15: 7:30-9pm--Milos

1/4/16: 7:30-9pm--Konno 

1/6/16: 5-6pm--open 

1/11/16: 7:30-9pm--Van Dyke


1/18/16: 7:30-9pm--Konno 

1/20/16: 5-6pm--open 

1/26/16: 5-6pm--Sonnhalter

1/29/16: 7:30-9pm--Milos

Newly opened practice slots:

12/3/15: 5-6pm  (was Sullivan)

12/10/15: 5-6pm  (was Sullivan) 

12/18/15: 5-6pm (was Milos)

1/29/16: 5-6pm  (was Milos) 

Girls Team Pages

Boys Team Pages

Forms and Basketball Participation Rules

Concussion Awareness and Education

All parents will be provided information about concussion awareness and education. It is also a requirement this year that all coaches take an online training course and pass a test based on this information. To learn more, visit our Coaching Information page and view the highlighted section.

Questions about CYO Basketball? Contact Jerry Hansen at (440) 315-8739

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