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Sunday, May 17th 2015 at St Peter Gym following 10am mass

  • Ever wonder what St Peter's CYO program is all about? What sports do we offer? Who can participate? When are registrations? Will my athlete get playing time?
  • Come join us in St Peter's gym for our CYO OPEN HOUSE following 10:00am mass on Sunday, May 17th. Coffee and donuts will be served.


Saturday, May 30th, 2015 at St Peter Gym

  • 3:30pm - 4:30pm Intramural Track (1st & 2nd Grade)
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm CYO Sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer & Track)

Food and beverages will be provided. No RSVP required.

St. Peter Saints CYO

Registration ends Wednesday, June 3rd!

Available Sports

St. Peter School students along with St. Peter and St. Julie parishioners who attend public school and PSR classes regularly are welcome to participate in our programs:

Volleyball (Fall, Girls 3rd - 8th Grade)
Football (Fall, Boys 3rd - 8th Grade - Merged with St. Jude/St. Mary Elyria)
Basketball (Winter, All Students 4th - 8th Grade)
Intramural Basketball (Winter, All Students K-3rd Grade - Merged with St. Mary Avon)
Cheerleading (Winter, All Students 3rd - 8th Grade)
Track & Field (Spring, All Students 3rd - 8th Grade)
Intramural Track & Field (Spring, All Students 1st - 2nd Grade)

For questions about eligibility, refer to the Charter and Bylaws for the Diocese of Cleveland CYO.

Sport Commissioners

Volleyball Commissioner - Laurie Gatten (216) 798-1124

Basketball Commissioner - Jerry Hansen (440) 315-8739

Cheerleading Commissioner - Laura Snyder (216) 410-0557

Track & Field Commissioner - Ron Barlow (440) 829-9847

CYO Board Members

President - Theresa Chrosniak (440) 537-0591

Treasurer - Laurie Gatten (216) 798-1124

Secretary - Becky Essenmacher (440) 785-7545

Member - Dan Yanak


Member - Kevin Laviano

Questions about our website? Contact Becky Essenmacher at (440) 785-7545

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