St Peter Saints CYO: Welcome


Available Sports

St. Peter School students along with St. Peter and St. Julie parishioners who attend public school and PSR classes regularly are welcome to participate in our programs:

Volleyball (Fall, Girls 3rd - 8th Grade)
Cross Country (Fall, All Students 3rd - 8th Grade)
Intramural Cross Country (Fall, All Students 1st - 2nd Grade)
Football (Fall)
Basketball (Winter, All Students 4th - 8th Grade) 
Intramural Basketball (Winter, All Students K-3rd Grade - Merged with St. Mary Avon) 
Cheer (Winter, All Students 3rd - 8th Grade)
Track & Field (Spring, All Students 3rd - 8th Grade) 
Intramural Track & Field (Spring, All Students 1st - 2nd Grade)

For questions about eligibility, refer to the Charter and Bylaws for the Diocese of Cleveland CYO.

Sport Commissioners

Volleyball Commissioner - Laurie Gatten (216) 798-1124 

Cross Country Commissioner - Johnathan Bray (440) 382-8605

Basketball Commissioner - Jerry Hansen (440) 315-8739

Cheerleading Commissioner - OPEN

Track & Field Commissioner - OPEN

CYO Board Members

President - Steve Garapic

Treasurer - Laurie Gatten (216) 798-1124

Secretary - Becky Essenmacher (440) 785-7545

Athletic Director, Parish Designee - Jerry Hansen (440) 315-8739

Member - Dan Yanak

Member - Stephanie Lime (440) 610-5931 


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