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Stoughton Little League - AA Pirates
Stoughton Little League - AA Pirates  
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Jim Derochea
100 Elm Street
Stoughton, Massachusetts

2001 Stoughton AA Town Champions!!


Stoughton AA Pirates Capture 2001 Town Championship!


Welcome to the AA Pirates website. The Pirates are members of the Stoughton Little League located in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

If you have any photos or other information that you'd like us to post, email it to us and we will get them on the site right away.

Here are some of the things you can find on this site.....

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I would like take a moment to thank all of the people who made the season a success.    The parents, families and friends who were right there behind the team since April. Through rain, through triumph, through the tears.   If not for your support, the season would not have been as successful!
And many thanks go out to some particular parents who helped me out in many ways:
To Frank Donaghy for creating and updating the website which helped bring the team together, bonding us, giving the team something to look forward to after every game.
To Karen Scully, who I had the pleasure of having as a team parent for 3 years. Her hard work off the field has always allowed me to concentrate on the managing of the team...thank you!

To Fred Hagerty, who has helped coach his son over the last few years, but because of the number of coaches already onboard, could not "officially" be a coach...but he still was there, at practices, before games, jumping in and working on the field with the kids when one or more coaches were not there.   Thats important to not only the team, but to Matt, to know you're right there, right behind him!   Same goes for Dennis Gada who despite managing the Major League Red Sox, made his presence felt on the field during numerous practices and games, through his supporting and coaching.

To John Roch for his hours of dedication and coaching help. Thank you! He's also one of the team's biggest cheerleader's, never letting the Pirate players get too down on themselves no matter what the score.

To Mike Green who has been with me now for all 4 years and Jeff Cushing for the last 3 years a huge thank you. Our styles have meshed well and working as a "coaching team", we have been able to teach and inspire the kids we've coached over the years.   Your time, dedication and knowledge are very appreciated by me and the kids!

And most of all, THANK YOU to the PIRATE PLAYERS! You all worked so hard, listened and learned and then you went out and did it!   You executed what you learned and worked hard and it all paid off, earning you a Twon Championship!    You helped each other all season, working together as a team and did not depend on any one all pitched in and did your part, proving that it takes TEAMWORK to win.   I hope you all remember this season for a long long time...I will never forget it and it my "trophy" was the smiles you all showed, the joy on your face when you went out and did things on the field you weren't sure you could. THANKS FOR MY "TROPHY", THANKS FOR THE NEVER ENDING MEMORIES!



The Stoughton AA Town Championship was won by the Mighty Might Town Spa Pirates on Friday night, June 29, 2001!
Yes indeed cannonball fans, the Pirates once again reached deep and pulled out a sterling victory to capture the best of 3 series against the Red Sox, 2 games to 1.
After coming off of a ferocious 19-5 win in game 2, the Pirates had to be wary of being overconfident.   Smacking around balls in batting practice to the tune of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" before the game , showed the coaching staff that these Pirates were not overconfident...they were just primed and ready to go!

In this coach's opinion, the all important psychological edge (aka momentum) turned once again in favor of the Pirates in the first inning and they kept the pedal to the metal the rest of the way! (or should that be pedal to the MEDAL!)   
The game started out a little shaky after Pirates starter, Matt Green struck out the first batter, the Red Sox strung together 2 singles, then a double to take a 1 zip lead. The throw to second base by right fielder Joseph seemed to nail the Red Sox batter as shortstop, Adam Cushing applied the tag, but the play was ruled safe. After issuing a walk to load the bases with one out, the early momentum seemed to be rolling the Sox way.   Matt Green, though, reached down and found his inner "Pedro" and took things into his own hands, striking out 2 in a row to sqash the rally.   
The fired up Pirates came into the dugout, estatic that Green had put a stop to what could have been a huge Red Sox inning. They took that enthusiasm and brought it to the plate as they sent 10 batters up in the inning (and only had 1 out on them when the 10 batter rule took affect).   Cassie Nagle started off the rally with one out as she singled sharply over the infield to continue her torrid hitting in the finals. After Trevor Derochea reached was walked on 4 pitches, Kristian Roch singled to load 'em up for Matt Green.   Matt helped his own cause, by smacking a single to plate 2 runs to give the Pirates the lead, 2-1. After Danny Asulin worked a walk to load the bases again, Adam Cushing unloaded them by booming a triple to knock in 3 runs!   Then, up stepped the most improved hitter in the second half of the season, Jacob Mann, who drilled a base hit to score Cushing and give the Pirates a quick 6-1 lead.   Joe Scully and Harry Racicot followed with walks to end the inning.   Green followed up his gritty first inning by setting down the Sox before yielding 2 runs in the 3rd.   Again, the Pirates answered the call in their half of the inning as they loaded the bases.   A familiar theme was brewing as Matt Green again smacked a single to knock in Nagle and Derochea for the second time in the game. This forced the Sox to bring in their fireballing ace, Tyler Dennis.   After striking out the first batter he faced (on a viscious cut by Asulin), Adam Cushing ripped a single to right to score Kristian Roch to extend the lead to 9-3.   
Cushing then took the mound and shut out the Sox over the next 2 innings to keep the lead safe.
Then came the top of the 6th inning. After Tyler Dennis dribbled a 2 strike infield hit, Trevor Derochea struck out the next 2 batters.   With one out to go, we saw how tough it is, the pressure on these 9 year olds as Trevor walked the next 3 batters after getting the batters in the hole 0-2.   He trembled on the mound as he got to 3-2 on the next 2 batters before walking them, closing the lead to 9-6.   He had gotten each batter to 2 strikes, but just couldn't put them away.    But he righted the ship and found his form.    He battled to 3-2 again before striking out the batter to end the game. The celebration was on! The Pirates players had earned the right to be called CHAMPIONS by virtue of their hard work and their execution of what they had learned!   

The Red Sox proved to be formidable opponents and its always a shame that someone has to lose. They were champions themselves as they battled 2 of the leagues top teams, the White Sox and the league leading Braves just to get to the finals. The Red Sox team and their coaches deserve a lot of credit for a fine season!


Stoughton Little League - AA Pirates
Stoughton Little League - AA Pirates
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