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Stone-Waller’s Minor League Spring Football Team 

The Beauregard Parish Vernon Parish and Fort Polk Minor League Football team, Stone- Waller’s, is a new team entering the American Spring Football League for the 2012 season.  The American Spring Football League Headquarters is located in Baton Rouge, LA which is composed of two divisions, East and West with five teams in each division.  Beauregard Parish Vernon Parish and Fort Polk will be the eleventh team, if not more, entering the league for the upcoming 2012 season.


Beauregard Parish Vernon Parish and Fort Polk Minor League Football team will have an Outreach Mentorship Program targeting young men from the ages of 18 thru 25.  The purpose is to enhance leadership qualities through structure, teamwork, and discipline as well as hard work.  Our Mission is to help enhance current generation of community leaders through football. The Outreach Mentorship program is partners with TYMACTS Inc., Stone-Waller’s will also be active in the communities conducting Community Programs, for the upcoming 2012 summer months.


Stone-Waller Minor League Football goals are to provide football entertainment to the surrounding communities. Second, mentor and inspire young men to pursue their dreams through football as a player, trainer or sports administrators and whatever it is their heart desires.  Third, provide players who no longer play the game, offer them an opportunity to play again competing at the Minor League Level representing the Beauregard Parish Vernon Parish and Fort Polk.  And finally, possibly provide opportunity to be exposed by scouts at all levels, (College, Arena League and other professional teams).



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