St. Louis Soccer HOF: Museum Renovation


Dear Friends of Soccer,

The St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame was established in 1971.  The Hall of Fame is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to honoring many of the greats of St. Louis Soccer.  The Hall of Fame honors the great players, coaches, referees’, and an endless number of contributors that have dedicated many years to make St. Louis the historic soccer capital of our great country.  The organization also contributes to a vast number of charitable organizations and fund raisers that support and enhance the lives of many of our residents and youth in our community.
We are presently located at the St. Louis Soccer Academy, 5247 Fyler Avenue, St. Louis, MO  63139.  We conduct all business and meet monthly at this location.  The Hall of Fame also has a display of memorabilia from many past years.  This display is in great need of updating, as is the facility where it is located.  We as a group have undertaken the mission of upgrading the display and the facility to a condition all soccer fans and enthusiasts will be proud of.  The soccer community is in need of a
Hall of Fame that proudly displays our great soccer heritage.

In order to accomplish this goal funding will have to be in place before renovation can begin.  The finances of the Hall of Fame are very limited.  We currently operate on a year to year basis.  Our fiscal year begins and ends with our annual banquet.  When all bills and expenses are paid in full at the end of the banquet very little is left to undertake something of this magnitude.  This is why we are calling on the soccer community for help.

We are asking for a one time generous contribution to accomplish something that all soccer fans would be very proud of.  Remember it is up to us to keep this great tradition going.

All contributions are tax deductible.  We are registered as a 501 © (3) organization.  Please make all checks payable to the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame and mail your donation to St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame, c/o Mark Demling, 1076 Renfrew Lane, O’Fallon, MO, 63366. A receipt for your donation will be furnished upon request for tax purposes. 
 To acknowledge your support of the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame we will include a special recognition of your donation in our 2010 Ad Book.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.  We know you will come through.


Jim Leeker
President, St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame