St. Louis Soccer HOF: 'The Game of Their Lives' The Movie

Movie of the 1950 World Cup Soccer Game
"The Game of Their Lives"

"The Game of Their Lives" was the title of a movie made in St. Louis about the 1950 World Cup Soccer Game between England and the United States. This was very special to St. Louis because 6 players were from the St. Louis area. They were Frank Borghi, Harry Keough, Gino Pariani, Pee Wee Wallace, Bob Annis, and Charley Columbo. Not only were there 6 players on the team from St. Louis, the Assistant Coach  (Bill "Chubby" Lyons) was also from St. Louis. The United States won the game 1-0. The Movie opened in St. Louis as "The Game of Their Lives" and when it left St. Louis and premiered in other areas, the name of the movie was changed to "The Miracle Match".



Below are 3 of the Soccer Players from the 1950 World Cup Soccer Team with the Actors who portrayed them: (L-R) Louis Mandylar, Gino Pariani, Frank Borghi, Gerard Butler, Harry Keough and Zachary Ty Bryan

Players with the actors who played them