St. Louis Soccer HOF: Msgr. Jimmy Johnston Award

John Traina
The Msgr. Jimmy Johnston Award
Pete Traina

John and Pete Traina

John's History as a Player

1946 – 1951    2nd District Police Juvenile League

                        2nd District Police Juvenile League (Outstanding Player Award)

1951-1957       Joe Simpkin’s Soccer Team

1956                Alternate to the US Olympic Team

1958                World Cup Team

1959                Pan American Games 

1958-1960       Pat Patterson Ford Club (Carling Cup Champions)

                       Kutis Soccer Club (League and Amateur Cup Champions)

     St. Ambrose Soccer Team (CYC Senior Champions, MO Open Cup Champions, US Amateur Cup Finalists, CYC Major League Champions)

1960                US Olympic Team

                        World Cup Team

1961                US Select Team

1961, 1964      CYC All-Star Soccer Teams

John's History as a Coach

1961-1965       St. Ambrose

                        South City Saints CYC Junior and Juvenile Teams

                        MO Terminal Oilers

1969-1970       Lindbergh Cadillac (MO Amateur Cup Champions)

1980-1984       St. Joan of Arc Parish Junior and Juvenile Teams

1983                Inducted into the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame

Pete was inducted into the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame in 1983.
1948 Outstanding Juvenile Player - Muny League
1949-50 SECO Jr. National Champions
1950-55 Joe Simpkins Ford
1956-58 Patterson Ford
1959-60 Kutis National Amateur Cup Champions
1993-2007 Served on HOF Executive Board 14 years


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The 1919-1920 Soccer Season saw the Ben Millers of the Local amatuer league win the National Open Cup Title by besting a team of professionals from Fore River, Mass. The Ben Millers were composed of all native St. Louisans, the first of many National Championships made up of American born players to capture the Cup. The winning goal was scored by the great Jimmie Dunn, as the Millers won 2-1. The captain and halfback was Msgr. Jimmie Johnston (at that time he was a seminarian). In 1970, Msgr. Johnston organized a 50th reunion of the remaining members of that squad. They gathered at the Carpenters Hall on Hampton, and had such a great time, they decided to do it again in 1971 and invite other Soccer luminaries of the area to join them. Thus was born the "OLD TIME SOCCER PLAYERS HALL OF FAME IN ST. LOUIS". Twenty-two stars of the past were inducted on November 11, 1971. Since then, nearly 700 players, coaches, sponsors, referees and administrators from the past 120 years have been enshrined, many posthumously. In 2003, the organization adopted the name of "THE ST. LOUIS SOCCER HALL OF FAME". Msgr. Jimmy Johnston was born on December 8, 1896 and passed away June 11, 1979. A memorial plaque in his honor is presented at the yearly induction dinner to an individual who has possessed the same passion for the game and has spread the gospel of Soccer to make it the greatest sport in the world.