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This page has been designed to help the entire Missouri Lacrosse Community with the recruitment process. It is very tough trying to get recruited coming out of the lacrosse community in Missouri. There are many local opportunities for you to play at the next level, but for those with the desire to move out of the area it is imperative to get yourself in front of college coaches to begin the process early.


 Dan James, Owner of Laxapedia and Rochester NY native, and owner of Laxapedia is a great resource for helping student athletes aspiring to get to the college level. Please check out their services.


 We urge you start this process as early as possible. It is a challenging process that requires lots of time and effort on your part to make it happen. College Coaches are watching players as young as Freshmen and Sophomores. You should be making academic and lacrosse achievements each year to make yourself more marketeable to a college coach. Start by looking at our Time-Line under Handouts to review the monthly activities you should focus on to ensure you are making progress.


Each year we host a FREE recruitment seminar that covers all the steps of college recruiting. We help you understand the process and the steps to take in order to avoid waiting til your Senior year. We will be working with current Samurai players as they work through the process. We are here to support you. If you would like to set-up a consult time, please email us at


You have three options to get yourself in front of college coaches.

1) Recruitment DVD/Digital Options

Create a recruitment DVD/or sign up for some form of recruiting website, and put yourself in front of a coach through a video. This is very effective and a very inexpensive way to get your name and abilites out there. There is a local business in Missouri that is driven to help you with your recruitment DVD, Dirty Dog Digital Productions, that works for a very small fee and already has a great amount of local high school film available to perform such actions. As well, signing up on-line for various recruiting websites can be very effective to promote yourself, provided there are nationally recognized and have a good amount of actively involved college programs with their organization. 

 2)   High Roller Tournaments

Traveling to some of the elite tournaments in the country can be a great way to gain exposure to various college programs. Tournaments such as Top 205, Dixie 150, Champ Camp, Blue Chip, and others can be a great way to put yourself out there.These tournaments have been around for years, and for players that can really compete, always seem to be very rewarding with the amount of letters and phone calls that follow attending such a camp. The downside to these tournaments are the expenses that are involved in traveling, lodging, and the actual tournament fees. The prices can range from $500-$800 for just one weekend event. As well, it is sometimes overwhelming for players to be on their own in a competitive environment without a coach or teammate to act as a crutch.

 3) Select Travel Teams

Recently the United States has seen a huge increase in the amount of select programs popping up all over the map. With the sport growing by the day, it is getting more and more challenging for players to keep up with development and for college coaches to recruit effectively. Travel teams can help in two ways. First, the training that a player obtains during a season from the coaches and the exposure to a higher level of play will drastically increase your game and abilities to produce on the field. Secondly, with a reputable select program, the program can attract college coaches and tournament invitations to help you get recruited. The prices can be expensive for select teams, but the amount of knowledge, training, and exposure can be well worth the investment. The downside is there are a variety of program that lack the abilities to coach at this level, market your abilities with their contacts effictively, and do not have the vision of helping you become a better player both on and off the field.

Some important things to ask the Select team are; who will be coaching you or your son, how long has their program been around, what level do they compete at in the tournaments, what does the cost include (DONT get nickeled and dimed due to a lack of organization), how does the team travel (SAFETY), and how successful have they been with helping players play college ball.  

BE AWARE-Some travel teams just simply travel and offer limited training without helping the player truly prepare for college lacrosse.

Samurai Lacrosse has been serving the Missouri lacrosse community  since 2005. We are the first true select lacrosse program in Missouri, and we are local guys. We have helped well over 50 area players move on to play college lacrosse ranging from Division I to competitive MCLA ball. We have built a great name across the nation with college coaches, as we have traveled to over 10 states (Texas, Pennslyvannia, Ohio, Florida, California, Maryland, Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and more). We are contacted monthly by college coaches seeking our top recruits for their program, and we have nutured this relationship by giving these coaches the players that will be the "right fit." Samurai is driven to providing you with the best select lacrosse experience! 

Handout: Samurai Graduates in College

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