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Toronto HNA Finals 2014 Schedule released

The Toronto HNA National Finals 2014 schedule has been released, you can find game times as well as other helpful info below, also please follow us on Twitter at @CobraHockeySTL for updated game result and mischief throughout the weekend:  Game times (all game times are Eastern Daylight Time)

Friday June 13th: 8:35P EDT STL Cobras @ New Jersey Renegades (Buck Rink 1)

Saturday June 14th: 9:00A EDT STL Cobras @ Detroit Sabers  (West Rink 4)

Saturday June 14th: 2:20P EDT Minneapolis Farmers @ STL Cobras (Buck Rink 3) 

Some helpful information also released by Hockey North America on the tournament: 

Mobile Website - view schedule, scores and standings with your internet enabled mobile phone You can view your schedule & standings on HNA's mobile website. The address is, click on Spring Tournaments, click on Toronto Finals 2014. Bookmark the page in your mobile browser when you want to check for updates.

Note: more on this below, but make sure you are aware of any roaming charges for your smartphone dataplan.

Twitter - Our plan is to send game score updates to subscribers so you get the scores to your phone as the come in. You can sign on to, you can use the search box at the bottom of the page and put in 'HNAHockey.' HNA Finals on Facebook HNA has a finals page on Facebook where we will publish photos & scores over the course of the weekend.

Opposing Team Inteligence - Over the next few days HNA will be working on the information you'll be interested in reading about on your opponents. We don’t make predictions, of course, as our expectation is always that it's anyone's level to win, but what HNA will do is provide you with information so you can make initial plans not only for off-arena activities, but also game strategies vs. your opponents. Also keep in mind that every year the levels change as a function of not only the overall level of the leagues, but the attending teams (and their attending players) as well. This is neither good nor bad, just different from what you may have seen in a prior tournament.