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S. Knowles
Mukilteo, Washington


Go Stingers!
2003 Stingers Fastpitch

Welcome to the home page of the 5th Grade Stingers Fastpitch Softball Team!

Many Thanks to our Team Sponsor


Sunday, February 1
2004 Softball Season

2004 Game Schedule

Sat 4/3 2:00 @ Sierra Park vs. Montzingo 5th grade 3-13 Loss...OUCH!
Tues 4/20 6:15 @ Sierra Park vs. Lennstrom 6th grade 6-16 Loss
Sat 4/24 2:00 @ Ballinger #1 vs. Brown 5th grade 13-16 Loss We only lost this one by 3 ruins...the gap is closing!!
Tues 4/27 6:15 @ Sierra Park vs. Langlie 5th grade
Sat 5/1 9:00 @ Sierra Park vs. Maltbie 5th grade
Sat 5/8 9:00 @ Ballinger #1 vs. Haight 6th grade
Sat 5/15 11:30 @ Sierra Park vs. Montzingo 5th grade
Sat 5/22 2:00 @ Sierra Park vs. Lennstrom 6th grade
Tues 6/1 6:15 @ Sierra Park vs. Brown 5th grade

Stingers Party!
Thursday, June 26
Let's Celebrate!!

A pizza party at Spartas wound up the 2003 season for the 4th grade softball Stingers team. Everyone involved with the team-that's players, coaches, parents, friends, grandparents etc-should be proud of these girls. They played hard all season and won the league championship. The tournament was not our time to shine, but that's OK ,even the Yankees don't win all the time! Every girl on the team displayed good sportsmanship, poise, and great team spirit. I hope that each player has a special memory or two from the season-I know I will always remember those catches in the outfield that had Monique, Hailey, and Ashley grinning from ear to ear!! Mandy, as always worked, and her batting really started to come around-and what an arm she is getting! Savannah was the new girl on the team and a huge asset defensively. Teryn was our little "Tichiro", a little girl with a big bat and the ability to get on base. If you can't find her, look up in the trees! Megs struggled at the plate in the early season but became a very strong hitter down the left field line with possibly the most foul balls hit by anyone on the team. Good job getting the bat on the ball, Megs. Sabrina is developing into a good little catcher and does a great job in right field backing up throws to 1st. Mariah is another player that can contact the ball and get on base-and with a bat that is as big as she is! Erika, as usual, played smart and kept the coaches on their toes with plenty of questions and editorial comments. Shelby, Jazmyne, and Taylor proved themselves to be the most promising pitchers on the team. With some work in the off-season they will be a strong pitching rotation for next year. The defense that these three play was like watching the big leagues at times. Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to next season!!

Thursday, June 26
Tournament Results

Final standings for the 4th grade softball tournament were as follows:
3rd-Diamond Queens
5th-Red Team

Thursday, June 26
Stingers Struggle ...Again

Tournament game #3 vs. the Diamond Queens ended in a 1-10 loss for the Stingers. Both teams played a very good defensive (Stingers 4 errors, Purple 1 error) game as this was the lowest scoring game and least number of base hits (Stingers 4, Purple 8) in a game for the season. The purple bats were getting the job done, however, and the Stingers barely got a run on the board. Congratulations to the Diamond Queens on a 3rd place finish.

They're Back!! Stingers 14-Red Team 8

Yeah Baby, the Stingers are back on track! With a huge win over the Red Team, the girls in gold advance to the play-off game for the 3rd place trophy. With an improved attitude, the Stingers took charge of this game from the begininng. The defense was strong and the bats were crackin'! Chalk up 20 hits for this game-and we didn't even bat in the 6th inning! The defense played like they know how to play with only 3 errors for the game (much better than last games' 10 errors). Hailey had a huge catch in left field that had her smiling from ear to ear! Jazmyne, Teryn, and Mandy each had a double in this game, Taylor got 2 doubles, and Shelby had a nice triple. Way to go Girls!

Stingers Get Stung...

When we play bad, we play REALLY BAD!! This was definately a game NOT to remember. With only 6 hits and 10 whopping errors for the game, the Stingers didn't have a chance. Monique had a great catch in left field that surprised her when she looked in her glove and the ball was there! Taylor brought in 3 RBI's with a home run on errors, but other than that we just weren;t on our game. The Dolphins were hungry to win and played a great game at the plate and in the field. Final score: Stingers 8-Dolphins 17. This takes us out of a chance to win the tournament, but we can still take home a 3rd place trophy if we win the next two games. I believe we will do just that! Go Stingers!!

Wednesday, June 11
1st Place Winners in League Play!

The Stingers came out strong scoring 5 runs and holding the Blazers scoreless in the 1st inning. Blazers answered back with 5 runs, Stingers only got 1 in the 2nd. The 3rd inning for both teams were a struggle at the plate with neither team scoring a run. The Stingers scored 5 against the Blazers struggling pitcher in the 4th. Shelby found the strike zone in the 4th and held the Blazers to one run with some good defense to back her up. Top of the 5th, the Stingers had two runners cross home plate. The 5th and 6th innings in the field for the Stingers may well have been some of the best defense they played all season. The Blazers only brought 8 batters to the plate and were held scoreless for both innings. Final score: 13-6 in favor of the girls in yellow and black !! Stingers take 1st place in the league with a record of 8-3-1. The Blazers were a close second with an 8-4-0 record. What a great season. Congratulation, Stingers!

Tuesday, June 10
Stingers Overcome Curse of the Red Shirts

On a blistering hot June day, the Stingers were finally able to win against the Red Devils. With some excellant pitching by Jazmyne and a strong defense, the Stingers came out on top by a score of 13-9. Way to go Stingers!!

Wednesday, June 4
Stingers Win Another Close One

The final regular season game against the Diamond Queens was another close call for the Stingers. The score was 10-9 in favor of the Diamond Queens going into the unlimited run 6th inning. Strong defense by the Stingers held the Diamond Queens scoreless with only 4 batters coming to the plate. Bottom of the 6th, Erika leads off with a hard hit ball to the pitcher and reaches 1st base off an error by the pitcher.   Sabrina and Jazmyne follow with base hits, bases loaded. Mandy tries to bring Erika home but the Diamond Queens make a great play at the plate and Erika is out, but bases are still loaded with only 1 out. Mariah comes up and hits a beauty down third base line bringing home Sabrina and Jazmyne to win the game!! Whew!!

Sunday, June 1
Stingers Pull Out Another Win

This one was neck and neck the entire game, folks. The Dolphins started the game off with 5 runs to the Stingers 0 runs in the 1st inning. The second inning the Stingers answered back with 5 runs, Dolphins were held scoreless, the score at the bottom of the 2nd: 5-5. Taylor pitched strong in the3rd, striking out 2 batters. Erika gave the pitching a good try in the 4th , but couldn't find the strike zone. Shelby came in as releif pitcher, striking out 2 batters and again the Dolphins were held scoreless. Bottom of the 4th, Stingers scored 4 due to very patient batting with 6 girls getting to first base on balls. Going into the 6th inning the score was tied 10-10. Great fielding by Jazmyne on the pitchers mound held the dolphins scoreless. Bottom of the 6th, Stingers need one run to win. Megs, as leadoff batter, makes it to first due to a Dolphin error. They get the next batter, Shelby, at first base but great baserunning by Megs moves her into scoring position. Mariah pops out, 2 outs for the Stingers. Monique comes to the plate, gets in her "bubble" and hits a single sending Megs to home for a close play at the plate, Megs slides and scores!! Stingers win 11-10!! Way to go Stingers!!

Tuesday, April 29
Tentative Practice Schedule-Check Back for Updates

Mon 6/2 4:30-6:30 @ Bev Elem
Wed 6/4 5:30-6:30 @ Stods
Mon 6/9 4:30-6:30 @ Bev Elem Last field practice

Stods is located at 3616 South Rd in Mukilteo. If you know where "Gymagine" is, you can find Stods. 425-864-1081 or 425-355-4000. Stods web site is:

We will split the cost of cage rental each week amongst the players that come for batting practice.

Sunday, April 27
Game Schedule

Sat 4/5 9:00 AM vs. Langlie   13-15 Loss   0-1-0
Thu 4/24 6:15 PM vs. Brown   Rainout
Sat 4/26 4:30 PM vs. Maltbie 14-8 Win    1-1-0
Sat 5/3 9:00 AM vs. Montzingo 19-7 Win   2-1-0
Tue 5/6 6:15 PM vs. Langlie 17-17 Tie    2-1-1
Tue 5/13 6:15 PM vs. Maltbie 15-14 Win   3-1-1
Sat 5/17 11:30 AM vs. Brown   14-2 Win    4-1-1
Tue 5/20 6:15 PM vs. Montzingo 6-10 Loss   4-2-1
Sat 5/31 11:30 AM vs. Brown 11-10 Win 5-2-1
Tue 6/3 6:15 PM vs. Maltbie 11-10 Win   6-2-1
Thurs 6/5 6:15 vs. Brown (rainout make-up game) 14-18 Loss 6-3-1
Sat 6/7 4:30 PM vs. Langlie 13-9 Win 7-3-1
Tue 6/10 6:15 PM vs. Montzingo 13-6 Win 8-3-1 Stingers win 1st place in league play!

End-Of-Season Tournament
Stingers 1st Game: Wednesday 6/18 6:15 @ Sierra Park

All league games are at Sierra Park: 190th 7 81st Pl. Edmonds
Rainout information availible by 4PM on weekday game days. Go to   or call 425-775-2633
Weekend games are called at the field at game time-we must show up to the field on weekends.

There will be a tournament at the end of regular season play.

Thursday, May 22
Red Hot Blazers Burn the Stingers...

The Stingers began this game strong with 4 runs in the first inning. The Blazers were "on", catching everything that was in the air. We saw some tremendous pitching out of one of their girls, striking out 6 of the 10 batters she faced in 2 innings. As we have seen in past games, the 6th inning is not our lucky inning...3 up, 3 down. Ouch! In spite of the loss, the Stingers remain in 1st place, although the gap is narrowing.

Thursday, May 22
Stingers "10 Run" the Dolphins and Improve Record to 4-1-1

This short game was decided in 3.5 innings. The Stingers came out swinging with 17 hits and 14 runs in 3 innings at the plate. Dfensively, the girls in yellow held the Dolphins to a mere 2 runs in 4 innings at bat. Well played game, Ladies!

Monday, May 19
Another "W" ...The Stingers Remain In 1st Place

Game #6 ends in a 14-2 ten-run-rule win for the Stingers. The Stingers came out strong out in the field holding the Dolphins scoreless in the first two innings. At the plate, the Stingers dominated the game with 14 runs in three innings. Nearly every player got a base hit and scored at leaast one run in this short game. The pitching was strong by both Shelby and Jazmyne with only 2 runs scored in the kid pitched inninigs. Shelby racked up 3 K's and Jazmyne struck out two of the fiive batters she faced. Great game, Stingers!!

Thursday, May 15
Stingers Take First Place with a Record of 3-1-1!!

After an exciting win vs. the Diamond Queens, the Stingers are now officially in first place in the 4th grade division of the Sno-King softball league. Way to go Stingers! Standings may be viewed by clicking on the headline above.

Wednesday, April 16
Stingers Sweatshirts Have Arrived!!

Nice sweatshirts!
Hot off the press!! I have the sweatshirts and will bring them to practice Wednesday 4/16

Sunday, April 27
Snack Schedule

4-24 Megs
4-26 Mandy
5-3 Jazmyne
5-6 Erika
5-13 Monique
5-17 Sabrina
5-20 Hailey
5-31 Mariah
6-3 Taylor
6-7 Savannah
6-10 Rebecca (drink), Ashley (snack)

Wednesday, April 16
Stingers 2003 Web Site is Up and Running!

Be sure to check the different pages on the menu for player stats, schedules etc.

Saturday, April 19
Stingers Pictures

Be sure to check out the "Stingers Pics" for pictures of your favorite players!

Wednesday, April 16
Team Pictures

Don't forget-Team pictures will be taken Sunday April 27th 12:00 Noon at Old Edmonds Woodway (same location as last year). Bring your picture packet and payment for pictures of your choice. See you there, dressed in full uniform!

Wednesday, April 16
Stingers Loose Season Opener 13-15

A tough loss for the Stingers...Wait till next game, these Bees will be buzzin'!

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