Southern Tier Hockey Association: Schedule

Tuesday, February 2



  Release B of the February ice schedule was released on 02/02 @ 10:51 PM.


Changes include:


2/3 & 2/3 - MTA/MTB practice swapped with DMS1/DMS2 at the request of MTA/MTB due to tournament conflict

2/6 - DM5 and DM2 practice times swapped at request of DM5 due to DM5 having intermission skate at Sens game night prior.

2/6 - SQ2/SQ3 game changed to a practice to avoid SQS game conflict

2/7 - SQ2/SQ3 practice changed to a game as make up for 2/6 game

2/7, 2/13, 2/14 & 2/27 - MM3/MM6 swapped at request of House Director/Coaches to accommodate requested team groupings

2/15 & 2/16 - U18A and BTA swapped practice nights at the request of BTA due to tournament conflict

2/19 - SQS practice removed at request of SQS and moved to 3/6

2/21 - Change of game start time for PW2/PW3, 16U1/16U3 and PWB due to conflict with out of town PWS game

2/21 - 16U2/16U4 practice cancelled due to conflict with off-ice sessions same day/time

2/21 - All MM teams and SQ1/SQ3 start times moved slightly later with the 16U2/16U4 cancellation

2/27 - SQA game added at JMM 


Reminder, Chenango Ice Rink is now known as the Ice House Sports Complex (IHSC).


UPDATED!! Schedule Acronym Definitions


   February Schedule  

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Tuesday, December 8
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Arena Ice Rental Rules

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