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Friday, January 8


STHA Bylaws

STHA Registration, Payment, Refund Policy  (Updated 07/27/15)

STHA Travel Policy (Updated 01/2016)

STHA House Select Policy (Updated 10/31/2015)

STHA House Policy (Updated 10/31/2015)

STHA Code of Conduct

STHA Fundraising and Sponsorship Policy (Updated 12/2015)

STHA Locker Room Policy (Updated 12/2015)

STHA Game Misconduct/Match Penalty Policy

NYSAHA Player Financial Release Form  

NYSAHA Annual Guidebook 2013-2014 (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Age Classifications 2015-2016 (Updated 07/2015)

USA Hockey Age Classifications 2016-2017 (Updated 07/2015)

USA Hockey Benefits 2013-2014 

USA Code of Conduct 2014-2015 (Updated 07/2014)     

USA Member Brochure 2013-2014 (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Rulebook 2013-2017 (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Rule and Casebook 2013-2017 (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Rule Change Summary 2013-2017 (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Annual Guidebook 2013-2014 (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey CEP Requirements

USA Hockey Safe Sport Program Handbook

USA Hockey Guidelines for Non-Sanctioned Play

USA Hockey Memo Rule 615c In Regard To Fighting (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Standard of Play and Rules Emphasis – Body Checking (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Standard of Play and Rules Emphasis – Restraining Fouls (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Goalkeeper Equipment Measurement Standards (Added 07/2014)

USA Hockey Return to Play after Head Injuries (Added 11/2014)


STHA Sponsorship Form

STHA Coaching Application (Updated 07/2015)

STHA Head House Coaches Player Evaluation Form (.pdf)

STHA Head House Coaches Player Evaluation Form (.xls)

STHA Equipment Rental Form (Updated 09/2015)

NYSAHA Committment Form (Updated 11/2015)

USA Hockey Claim Form (Updated 07/2015)

USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical History Form (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Student Coach Information Form (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Waiver IMR Form (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Written Transfer - Canadian Form (Updated 07/2014)

USA Hockey Written Transfer - International Form (Updated 07/2014)


State Bound Credential Book Information

Non-State Bound Credential Book Information

Credential Book Cover Sheet

Score Sheet Team Labels - Avery 8163 ** please note:  Labels shoud NOT be used for any Tournament Bound Team

Score Sheet HOWTO

Example Score Sheet

Arena Time Clock Instructions  

BCC Time Clock Instructions

CIR Time Clock Instructions

SUNY Time Clock Instructions

JMM Time Clock Instructions -- Coming soon!

Snowbelt Team Managers Guide

Saturday, October 31




USA Hockey, with guidance from its Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Stuart, has issued the following information regarding the H1N1 infection, including some basic recommendations to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection.



USA Hockey Recommends:

1. Provide individual water bottles. Do not share water bottles.

2. Regularly wash hands.

3. Clean workout gear for each practice/competition.

4. Keep gloves on during the traditional handshake with opponents.

Individuals with influenza may develop typical signs or symptoms of: fever (102 degrees F or greater), cough, muscle aches, runny nose, headache, or sore throat with potential for more serious complications, including pneumonia.



This year's influenza virus strain has particularly targeted children and young adults. Transmission of influenza virus may occur from the day before onset of symptoms and during the 5-7 days that these symptoms are present.



Infected individuals should stay home until signs and symptoms have resolved and they have not had a fever for at least 24 hours. The 24-hour no-fever timeline should be achieved naturally, without the aid of fever reducing medications.


Additional information regarding H1N1 is available from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention:



Thursday, November 10



 There is a new severe weather closing policy for the BCC Ice Center and Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena.  Both will close only when there is a state of emergency issued for Broome County.  BCC Ice Center closings will no longer be tied to the college closing.