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Thursday, April 13
The Grass Season Has Begun!

At long last we are out on the grass and evening lessons have begun.  We have an action packed Summer planned with lots of lessons, clinics and tournaments.

As always we will have plenty on for the beginners too and for the first time we will be running a ladies tournament which is very exciting.

Things are shaping up for a fantastic Summer.  Come join us.

Sunday, March 12
March Madness


For the whole month of March we are offering an incredible £10 off all lessons and chukkas.  Now is the best time of the year to start Polo so don't miss this one off special offer.  Email us today to book your lesson and get started on your Polo journey.

Saturday, March 11
Spring is Here


It was lovely this morning to feel some warmer weather after a rather long Winter.  Normally we are out on the grass by now but that still seems a little way off.  Thankfully we have the arena and have been busy coaching all the beginners who are trying Polo for the first time.

We have a lot planned this season so if you would like to know what is going on at the club or would like to try Polo, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Monday, January 9
2017 Season


Happy New Year!

As we open for the Spring season we look forward to all that is going on this year.  The arena has finished and is brilliant to play on.  It has been fantastic for the young horses that have really come on. We are hoping the stables will be finished by April.  It's a lot later than planned but unfortunately contractors kept on going off site.  It will look beautiful when it's done though and not the sea of mud that it is now!

Our new horses are schooling up nicely and we are now a team of four to look after the horses and clients.  Everything is shaping up for a wonderful season and we look forward to welcoming both new and old players to the club to enjoy all the new facilities.



Saturday, January 2
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Saturday, September 12
Gift Vouchers

What  better way to treat someone than give a polo lesson vouchers. Vouchers can be provided for either group or private lessons and are extremely popular. With Christmas fast approaching, why not give them a present they will really use and get a lot of fun out of.

Saturday, September 3
Winter Season

We have had a fantastic Summer season with many new people coming to learn Polo with us but sadly it is coming to an end.  However the arena is on it's way up and should be completed in six weeks time.

Playing Polo in the arena is great fun and a little easier than learning on the big pitch.  The ball is bigger (easier to hit) and there are just three people to a team.  Beginners improve much quicker in the arena as they have more chance to hit the ball and as it is in an enclosed space is much less scary.

Once we get going we will arrange matches with other clubs and do our usual Frostbite league in the Spring amongst the members plus we might have the odd party or two.

So come and join us and keep those Winter blues at bay!


Monday, August 1
Polo Holiday


We are just starting to organise our annual polo holiday to Argentina which is likely to be in late January/early February 2017

The holiday is suitable for new players as well as the more experienced and is a great way to warm up for the 2017 season.  It will consist of 10 days of intense polo as well as time to relax by the pool and see the sights.

It really is a great experience and one that will see your polo come on in leaps and bounds as well as giving you many great memories of your time in Argentina.

We are happy for you to join us on the holiday whether you are a member of the club or not as more the merrier!

Please email us at if you would be interested in coming along

Friday, July 29
Polo Survey
We are always keen to get new people playing Polo and do our best to make the club a great place to play so if you have five minutes we would really appreciate it if you could fill in this survey?

Friday, July 29
Club Video


Want to see what goes on at the club, please have a look at the club video.  Just click on the link below. 

Sunday, August 7
Bring Some Friends


Polo is great fun that we can guaranteee ...

Monday, August 23
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Monday, July 4
Youtube Beginners Chukkas

Tuesday, January 24
Polo Club Video