Montevallo Youth Athletic Association: Welcome


Welcome to the 2012 Montevallo Dizzy Dean Baseball Season!! 

Please try to remember that the goal of our organization is to make sure every young player in our park has an enjoyable childhood experience.

These kids will make friends and memories that will last forever. Keep things positive and remember that there are little eyes and ears all around you when you are at Stephens Park.

So watch your language and be respectful to all umpires, coaches, and staff members. Only the umpires get paid and I promise you they are not going to break the bank.

Keep your eye on your child and not on the scoreboard. Tell them they did a good job even if they had a bad game.

Watch what happens when they get a good hit, or catch a fly ball. They'll be looking for you, to make sure you that you saw. Today they will be in little league. Before you know it, they will be out of here. So enjoy the game, because it just doesn't last long enough.


For the parents of a Little Leaguer, a baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into innings. - Earl Wilson

A few years ago Sports Illustrated conducted a survey of 100 ten year old baseball players to see what was the most important part of playing baseball. Here are the results:

1. To have fun

2. To be with their friends

3. To make their parents happy

4. To get trophies

5. To get a uniform

6. To show people how good they were

7. Winning - If most kids see winning as the 7th most important part of playing baseball, why do most coaches and parents see it as number one? This year, try to forget the scoreboard, and just enjoy your kids.

This website will allow coaches, parents, players, and friends to keep up with games, practices and special events. Feel free to e-mail suggestions for this website and also leave your contact information to help us provide information for everyone in our community. This site can be accessed by anybody, so once the season starts people from all around the country can see how their grandchildren, or cousins, or nieces and nephews are doing. We want everybody to have an enjoyable experience this year and for years to come.

Handout: 2011 Opening Day March 19th