West Warwick Steelers Football & Cheer Org are Deegs STRONG!: Welcome

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 10/5 star Week 7: Norton and North Smithfield 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM Norton Black Knights
Sun 10/12 star Week 8: Providence 49ers and Fall River Falcons 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM West Warwick Steelers
Sun 10/19 star Week 9: Packers, White, Braves 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM TBA



The West Warwick Steelers Youth Football and Cheer.



Week 7:



All info this week is tentative... subject to change. But right now we've got an away game @Norton MA.


Flag, 9 and Under, 11 and Under will play the Norton Black Knights with 14 and Under playing the North Smithfield Express... in Norton...   








As always, we are looking for volunteers from everything to consession stand duties for practice and home games, home game set ups and break-down.


Making positive signs to hang at our home field games in support of our teams, cheerleaders and players all the way to board members to help build the future of West Warwick town football.  If interested, please email steelersyouthfootball@cox.net for more.  





A special thanks to the all the coach's, players, cheerleaders, consession voluteers and medical EMT personal for thier time and dedication you give to our organization.



We all make a difference in the lives we touch.


Thank you.  






For those that are just joining us, we welcome you. If your a first year player or cheerleader, here are some thoughts to keep in mind before practice starts. 

1: Drink Water!… and plenty of it. 

2: Start doing push ups and sit-ups.

3: Run around a bit more than normal to start to build your breathe for when you start running as coaches will get you into football/cheer shape. 

4: Always stay flexible, stretching before ANY sport related activity will help your body take the punishment your about to put it in!

5: DO NOT EAT… 20 min. before practice. Best practice is 1.5 hours before practice… we understand schedules of life, but we encourage this eating schedule as you may have to deal with what comes up when you ate 20 mins. before practice…  depending on when you eat, is depending if your amazing dinner has a different taste in reverse… I know, gross, right?!…

6: If you have a medical need for the coaches to adhere to, we expect that information in to the coaches on the first practice…  we DO NOT want your child to be with out inhalers, eppy pens and the like for any period of time. Seconds count for asthma and bee stings.

7: No muscle shirts. Participants will be asked to exersize and some of those exercises will be on the grass. When sweating, the body will get itchy and make the workout a bit more uncomfortable than need be. Dri-fit clothing is good as t-shirts are as well. 

8: Towels… (This is more of a “good to have” item) your clothing can get really wet from the activity we are going to put you through and its a good idea to have towels at practice to remove unwanted sweat. The Dollar Stores and the like have sets of 5 towels for $5.

9: Water/Gatoraid bottles… place your name on all of your purchased items including water bottles.  


All coaches and participants are to clean their respective areas after each practice, film session, or meeting. Teams and coaches will be held accountable for not picking up. 


Parents are not allowed on the practice field other than for medical emerganies.  

This is just a small list to get the first week under your belt and being prepared to work through it as best as you can will help all the more as we get rolling through some possibly hot and humid nights. 

If you need further assistance with equipment or have any questions, please email steelersyouthfootball@cox.com and we’ll get to your question quickly. 




When signing up in the first few weeks, you will need a few things before your child can participate.

-Original birth certificate 

-Most current report card 

-signed medical release form from a 2014 physical 









This year as the Blackstone Valley Youth Football & Cheer Org. has brought more teams under the AYF BSVYF&C banner, please join us in welcoming them to our league. As you can imagine, we're getting bigger! So big the league has instituted two divisions.


An American Division and a National Division. Check the list below:

American Division:

Central Falls Panthers

CLCF Chiefs

Fairlawn Cardinals

Lincoln Lions

New Bedford Whalers

Providence North End 49’s

South Attleboro White Hawks

Upper Cape Spartans 

Woonsocket Redskins

West Warwick Steelers

National Division:

Cumberland Cults

Darlington Braves

East Providence Townies

Fall River Falcons

Johnston Panthers

North Providence Jets

North Smithfield Express

Norton Black Knights

Seekonk Jr. Warriors

Providence Packers





Cost per player/cheerleader for the Steelers 2014 season:

$125.00 for the first player or cheerleader


$175.00 for 2 players or cheerleaders


$225.00 for 3 players or cheerleaders


$275.00 for 4 or more players or cheerleaders




Notice to anyone owning a West Warwick Steelers Youth Football and Cheer Org. Facebook page:

We are asking anyone whom may have a FB page of the West Warwick Steelers to kindly delete the page. We are in the process of creating a new page that will be monitored by appointed board members of our league. We greatly appreciate the time and work you all have put into each site, but as a league, currently all info cannot be approved, confirmed or denied and we are asking for those options be placed back in our hands.


Thank you so very much for this undertaking and we appreciate your understanding.




Thank you.


West Warwick Steelers Youth Football and Cheer Board.


Located at The Crompton Vets Field, 37 Hepburn St. West Warwick, RI 02893