West Warwick Steelers Football & Cheer Org are Deegs STRONG!: Welcome




 Start of the 2015 season is July 24th!!!! 6PM @Crompton Vets Hall practice field. Click for directions!


Check our Facebook page and like us!  



More info coming. 






 Cost per player/cheerleader for the Steelers 2015 season:



Has not been announced




Notice to anyone owning a West Warwick Steelers Youth Football and Cheer Org. Facebook page:

We are asking anyone whom may have a FB page of the West Warwick Steelers to kindly delete the page. We are in the process of creating a new page that will be monitored by appointed board members of our league. We greatly appreciate the time and work you all have put into each site, but as a league, currently all info cannot be approved, confirmed or denied and we are asking for those options be placed back in our hands.


Thank you so very much for this undertaking and we appreciate your understanding.




Thank you.



Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Thu 5/21 star Meeting 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM West Warwick Steelers Practice Field