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Steele Canyon High School Women's Soccer: Team Policy/Rules  

Steele Canyon High School Women's Soccer

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Last updated
03-14-17 02:32 PM
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Women's Soccer 2011--2012 Team Policies

A). Practices Time/punctuality: 2011/2012 Varsity and JV will practice from 3:05 pm to 5:00pm (DARK): MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY. All players must be on the practice field on time, ready to start the warm up. This does not mean that players can get there at 3:05 and start changing their clothes. Players must tape, use bathroom etc. prior to 3:05. Occassional different time starts may come up.

B). Freshman TEAM Players practice will be at 6:00pm, days to be announced and play in the Freshman League.

C). Games Time/punctuality: Home Games: All players must be on the field 45 minutes prior to start of game (3:45pm). With school letting out at 2:35pm, time management is essential. Players late/un-excused are a distraction, and will not start the game. Away Games: Anyone missing the bus will not play in that game. On away games without bus travel, players are asked to arrive 45 minutes prior to the game.

D). Excused and unexcused absences: Players who skip classes during the day, don’t come to school or miss classes because of UNEXCUSED Absence and or they are ill, will not be allowed to practice or play that day. Skipping class will not only put a black mark on their school record, but it will also put a black mark on their soccer record. If they are too sick to come to school, they are too sick to practice or play that day. Coaches will check regularly for unexcused absences and tardies to classes.

Unexcused tardies and absences from practice will count against your chances of playing: 2 unexcused tardies = 1 Absence 2 unexcused tardies = can not start 2 unexcused absences = can not play.

E). Working with teachers - Players who stay after school to finish tests or school work with a teacher must bring a written note from that teacher the same day, indicating the time spent in the classroom and when the players left the room to come to practice. No verbal excuses will be accepted. Although we believe doing work with a teacher after school is very important, players must understand that if this process is repeated too many times, it is a sign that the player is falling behind in his studies. If this is the case, the player must re-evaluate his priorities. School always comes before soccer.

F). School Discipline: Players who are disciplined by the school for breaking school rules will be subject to the school disciplinary process and any athletic disciplinary actions that might apply. Players must conduct themselves in a way that shows their commitment to represent themselves, their families, their school and Steele Canyon Soccer program with pride, dignity and respect. Athletes should learn to take care of themselves and not become guilty by association. They must learn to remove themselves from situations that can jeopardize their academics or their athletic eligibility.

G). Players’ Conduct: At all times (school, practice and games), players are expected to show self-control and discipline. - Use of bad words or words that replace bad words are not allowed, nor will it be tolerated. Breaking this rule will earn the player additional physical work. If this becomes a repeating problem, a special meeting with parents and player could be called to help solve the problem. Foul language does not have a place in athletics at all, and we all must learn to control ourselves. Players not showing self-control could be suspended or even dismissed from the team. We cannot afford, nor will we tolerate, violent behavior for this reason. Breaking this rule can bring suspension or dismissal from team. Players must be responsible for their actions at all times. This soccer program is not a daycare or a playground time, and athletes must take care of each other. - Players are expected to listen very carefully to coaches for instructions. When coaches speak, players listen! Unnecessary distractions during instruction time or meetings become a waste of time. If you are responsible for wasting your teammates’ time, you are also responsible for the loss of valuable practice time. If this continues to be a problem, disciplinary actions will be taken. The first time: Verbal warning. Continued violations: running, set home, or suspension/dismissal from team. -During instructions and meetings, players must pay attention and only speak when asked. - Players must be on time and ready to practice and play. Be ready to give 100% from the beginning to the end of practices and games. Making excuses for being late or not coming to practices does not help develop trust between coaches and players. Do not “cry wolf”, be honest and try your best. Do not waste your time or your teammates’ time. Bending or Challenging the Rules is as bad as breaking the rules. Rules are set to create a safe environment where everyone can study, practice and play without unnecessary behavior problems.

H). School Activities: Many student athletes participate in other activities besides sports (choir, ASB, school play, band), and we completely support their participation in these activities. However, if the students have to miss too many practices or games because of other activities, this will create an opportunity for other players to fill the spots left open by those who have to be absent. It is OK for athletes to participate and be part of as many things as they can, but they also should learn not to spread themselves too thin. “You can not have your cake and eat it, too”.

I). Family Activities:We encourage players to participate in all their family’s activities and we encourage parents to plan these activities around their children’s school activities. We know that it is very hard sometimes, but children should not have to choose between a school activity and a family activity. Family comes first. A player who has to miss practices or games because of emergency situations (death or illness in the family, etc.) should not and will not be penalized for it. On the other hand, even though a family vacation is very important, we believe that a family vacation during school time is a disservice to the educational process of our children. Players, who miss practices or games for this reason, also miss valuable time at school and with the team. Too many absences will open playing opportunities for those who are present at practices.

J). DRESS CODE: The image we present to other people is very important. First and second impressions will always stay with people we meet. These impressions represent how they see not only us, but how people see our families, our school, our soccer program and our community. As representatives of all of these, it is important that you present yourself in a simple, but dignified way. Wherever you go, you are going to be representing Steele Canyon Soccer Program, and it is your responsibility to bring Honor, Respect and Pride to it.

K). Game Day: This is always a very special day. Even though we must concentrate on the schoolwork we have to do, we must show our schoolmates that we are ready and willing to represent them with honor and dignity. We will do it by wearing team warm-ups this day to celebrate the opportunity to be part of something special. Be proud

L). Practice Time: You will not be allowed to practice if you are not dressed for practice. Players will be required to wear the following to every practice: - White t-shirt - Soccer shorts or athletic shorts (no jean shorts or baggies) - Soccer socks long enough to cover shin guards. - Soccer shoes (tennis shoes are optional to change into on the days we have long runs). - Shin guards are mandatory for every practice. - Sweats for cold days (players must be prepared to go outside during cold or rainy days). - If you bring bags or water jugs, be sure you put a visible mark on everything you own. You alone are responsible for your belongings.

M). TRAVELING/BUSES: All players on the Varsity Team team will be required to travel to the game together on the bus. The bus will depart school at a scheduled time. Any player that misses the bus without permission will not be allowed to play that game. All Varsity players are required to ride the bus back to the school after the game. The bus ride is important to team bonding and is a very important high school ritual that will have life long memories for the players. There are no exceptions to this rule, except on rare occasions. On those occasions, that parents want to take their kids home instead of the bus, will be required to have a written permission note 48 hours prior to game day and signed by the coach, and Assistant Vice Principal. A player who wants to return with another player’s parents MUST have a written permission from her parents before we leave from Steele Canyon. There is NO exception to this rule. If it is important for the player to come back with someone else, then he and his parents must take care of it before we leave, and 48 hours prior to game day.

N). How to earn an Athletic Letter: Letter winners will be limited to players on the varsity team or players playing varsity games. Letter winners will be decided based on points earned as follows: - 1 point for each week of practice the player finishes in good standing (attendance, behavior, and hard work). - 1 point for each varsity match in which the player participates (plays). - 1/2 point for starting in a varsity game. To “Letter”, the player needs to earn at least 24 points and finish the season in good standing (in academics and athletics), OR the Coaching Staff awards Letter for overall excellence to the Varsity Team and Program. The decision to award a letter lies solely with the descretion of the Coaching Staff. Players must be academically eligible to play in games. Players will not earn points for the weeks they miss to work on their academics. Gross disrespect to the school and team rules, on and/or off the field during the season, will put the player’s lettering opportunity in jeopardy when the student has to be disciplined by the school or the coaches. Players will not earn points towards lettering during the time they are off the team for disciplinary reasons. Players sent off during practices or games for un-sportsman like conduct will not earn points for that week or that game.

O). TEAM ROSTER, TRYOUTS, CUTS, MOVEMENTS: Although the coaches wish to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the soccer program, reality does not allow us to do so. To be able to help the players improve their soccer skills, the coaches must have enough time to spend with the players. This is not possible if the ratio between coach-players is too large. Our goal is keep as many players as possible and to make a Freshman, JV and a Varsity team with players who have, or will have, the potential to improve their soccer skills and physical abilities. Players must be able to compete at a very competitive and demanding soccer level. Coaches will select players by using objective and subjective views during the tryout week. Those players that miss tryouts due to other sports not completed will be tentatively placed on teams until they are observed by the coaching staff. Known/returning players will be automatically placed on the team best suited to their skills. New players will be tentatively placed on the Freshman team, until a final decision is made by coaches. The best way we know how to judge players’ abilities is by looking at the players during practices.
Selections are based on the following (but not necessarily in this order):
a). Academics: grades and schoolwork (players cannot be failing 2 or more classes)

b). Personal Attitude: determination, positive attitude, and dependability.

c). Physical Ability: endurance, strength, speed and coordination.

d). Soccer Technical Skills: passing, trapping, heading, shooting, dribbling, etc.

e). Soccer Tactical Skills: rules of the game, players’ positions and responsibilities, basic systems of play (tactics) It will be very hard to give the required amount of time to players who lack too many important skills. Players who have shown the potential to greatly improve in many of these areas during the season will have the opportunity to be part of the team. Players who do not make the team are encouraged to continue to improve their soccer skills and knowledge. We suggest they join the local AYSO or Club soccer program. This will give them a great opportunity to improve their physical skills and soccer skills. We encourage and welcome these players to try out next year.

P). DRUG/ALCOHOL USAGE – Zero Tolerance. Any instance will result in immediate dismissal from the Steele Canyon Soccer Program. Athletes should learn to take care of themselves and not become guilty by association. They must learn to remove themselves from situations that can jeopardize their academics or their athletic eligibility.

Q). FUNDRAISING – Due to budget limitations and a lack of financial support for athletics within the Grossmont School District, fundraising has become a necessity and norm in high school athletics. Fundraising is not a option, it is a team/program function and every player/family will be asked to help when needed and if possible. Scheduled fundraisers include: Team Angel, spirit pack (Donation), snack bar opportunities, garage sales, etc.

R). Procedure for Handling any Concerns of Parents and Participants: In order to resolve any conflicts or potential problems, anyone connected to the Steele Canyon High School activities program is encouraged to use the following line of authority:
a). Head Coach/Assistant Coach
b). Assistant Vice Principal/Athletic Director
c). High School Principal
d). Grossmont School Board/District

 S) Facebook and Social Networking - NEW: Negative comments about teammates, coaches, program, and school will be grounds for discipline and or dismissal from the program. Hurtful comments posted cannot be taken back and will not be tolerated.

Women's Soccer General Team Rules

1. Be on time for all practices and games. If possible, be 10 minutes early for practices and at least 45 minutes early for games. If you are going to be late for, or absent from, a practice or game, you are expected to have a good reason for doing so. You are also expected to contact one of the coaches via –mail, or telephone. Please remember that the responsibility to contact a coach rests with the player, not with the parent.

2. Every player is expected to bring the proper equipment to all practices and games. Failure to bring appropriate equipment may result in no/limited participation in practice:
a. A properly inflated, regulation size soccer ball is mandatory. (Will be provided by the coach)

b. Proper shoes are mandatory.

c. Properly fitted shin pads are mandatory.

d. Large water bottle, filled with water or acceptable sports drink (ie, Gatorade, …) is suggested, but of course water is available at school drinking fountains. Soft drinks and/or other heavily sweetened drinks are not acceptable.

3. Every player is expected to bring both game jerseys to all games. Failure to do so may result in a player not being able to play in the game, depending on the game color we need to wear.

4. Once practices and/or game-day preparation begins, every player is expected to act in a disciplined, soccer-focused manner. Remember, the way you practice is the way you will play your games:

a. Every moment on the soccer field presents and opportunity to practice a skill. Therefore, every free moment should be spent practicing juggling, dribbling, passing, etc.

b. When we are practicing a skill or running a drill in practice, the rules of soccer always apply. Therefore, there will be no pushing, tripping, tackling or other actions that would not be allowed during a soccer match.

c. Soccer is a game generally played without hands. Unless we are practicing throw-ins or juggling, there is no need to handle the ball with your hands during practice.

d. Every player is expected to give full attention to coaches when they speak or demonstrate a drill.

e. Coaches will often give individual instruction to a player, or occasionally scold a player for some reason. In these situations, the player is expected to acknowledge the instruction, and attempt to change his behavior or actions in a positive manner. Any “negative” reactions to these situations will not be tolerated.

f. The coaches’ primary concern is the safety and well-being of the players. Coaches must be informed of any medical condition, and/or changes in medical condition, that can affect the player’s ability to safely practice and/or play in games. For instance, players who occasionally need the assistance of an inhaler must inform the coaches of the condition and of the location of the inhaler.

 g. Good sportsmanship and fair play are important aspects of participation in athletics. All players, coaches and family members are expected to act accordingly at all times.

 h. Discipline is a primary key to the success of any team and/or individual athlete. As coaches, we will attempt to develop individual and team discipline in a reasonable manner. Soccer is a team sport, and therefore the team suffers from a lack of discipline from any of its members. Therefore, do not be surprised if the entire team is disciplined for the negative actions of an individual player or groups of players during practices. Any individual who consistently breaks any of the above rules will be subject to individual discipline, up to and including suspension from games and other team activities.

i. We strongly urge parents to place the burden of responsibility for compliance with these rules on the players. Players need to understand their responsibilities as well as the consequences for lack of compliance. This is part of the individual and team discipline we are trying to develop. The Team Rules are the rules. Their purpose is to maintain a functioning, cohesive, unified TEAM. All for one and one for all!

Steele Canyon High School Women's Soccer
Steele Canyon High School Women's Soccer
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