St. Edith CYO: A.D. Comments

Saturday, August 4
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Hello St. Edith Eagle Nation,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is Steve Cooper, and I will be serving as the Athletic Director for St. Edith CYO Athletics. Over the past ten years, St. Edith has developed an outstanding reputation for sportsmanship and competitive capability in all of its available sports. My predecessor John Michniak, possessed a great passion for the program, and he dedicated himself to the support of every sport, and to the families that participated at St. Edith. As a result of his leadership, our program grew tremendously. He did not do it alone. For many of those years, John had the benefit of many good people to work with, families that contributed their energies and passions for many years. There are so many good families, I am reluctant to mention names for fear that I would miss one.

The participation of many of those families lasted for more than a decade. Their continued presence offered great continuity, and helped to foster a great community. However, in one of those interesting twists of fate, the spring 2008 season was the final season of participation for many of those families. People that had served St. Edith CYO in the form of leadership, or simply by working hard week to week. Though they won't leave us, they will turn over the duty to a new set of parents and families. A new set that includes YOU and your family.

We are successful both on and off the field, by any measure, we have achieved that level of performance. But, like any entity, getting to the top can be hard, staying at the top is even harder. And we do want to stay at the top. So let me share with you, some of our understood, though not always talked about goals and plans for the coming year.

First, we welcome participation of children. One thing that has always worked for St. Edith is our desire to have the participation of kids, rather than close off the program or try to limit it to a select group. Rather than take those limits, we often would expand the number of our teams, in order for there to be opportunity for the participation of kids. To do this takes energy, it takes coaching and it takes parental support and involvement. So, if you see that we would like to expand our offerings of teams, I would ask you to consider utilizing your talents to help make it happen.

Secondly, we are, and always will be the Catholic Youth Organization. As a Catholic organization, we are to stress the principals of our faith in all that we do. We have been blessed to be a part of the Catholic church, here and now in this age of technology and comfort. An age that sadly many Catholics forget the principals of our faith and church. With that in mind, I encourage you to be part of the city on a mountain top, or the candle that is on top of the table. As Christ taught us, let our own lives and actions serve first and foremost as an example and as a means of encouragement to others. May we act with respect and consideration to each other, and our opponents. May our example, serve as a positive role model to our children, so that they will one day be compelled to serve their own families and friends in the same way that YOU are doing at this time.

Thirdly, with our adherence to our values, we will compete. We will give it our best in all that we do. In how we play, coach and support our teams. Plus in how we manage our facilities and resources, we will continue to strive to provide the best experience possible to the families and especially to the children of our program. At the younger levels (JV), we focus on participation and development. The coaches work very hard to help the players develop their skills and understanding of the sport. At the varsity levels, we apply those lessons in the pursuit of victory. It may mean that a player sacrifices their own interests for the best interests of the team. It means that we have trust that our coaches are conducting themselves with the best interest of all, and in the best interests of the team.

The formula works. We have numerous championship banners on the gym wall, and we made it to four championship games last years. A feat that was not previously accomplished in anyone's memory. So I ask of you, to participate and to do so with the desire to serve and participate in a program that offers more than just sport, it offers you community. Please be a part of it!

God Bless,
Steve Cooper
St. Edith CYO Athletic Director


Saturday, January 19
St Edith CYO Athletics wants to "TEAM UP" to Beat Hunger 2008!
St Christine Pantry

Dear CYO Parents and Athletes: 

The St. Edith CYO Program has come along way since it’s beginning in 1982. In regards to our pure athletic achievements, we have certainly had our share of up and down athletic seasons. This is the norm and we should all understand that. I think we do. 

With that being said about athletic achievements, I would like to speak about our “CYO Family” achievements. There are many CYO families who take part in any number of our Parish activities such as Lenten Fish Fry, Men’s Bible Study, Parish Fund raising activities, being aware of Christian Service and St. Edith Parish financial needs, etc. These are ways we can publicly display our commitment to our Parish and to our Faith. It is truly a Blessing to have all of you so involved. As we all know, athletic skills will dwindle with age or circumstance but the skills of being a good person, once accepted, never die. Hopefully, we will all be remembered someday for having those special skills of being a good person. 

The CYO Board is proud to present a new program, which we hope will continue for a long time. It is called, “TEAM UP” to Beat Hunger. In a small way, we as a Board hope it will help remind our young athletes that there is a need to feed God’s children, not only throughout the world, but also sometimes in our own backyard. St. Christine’s is a Food Pantry that is located on Fenkell near the Redford / Detroit border. We have had the opportunity to go to St. Christine’s and see how their program works. It is unbelievable how many people they help on a daily basis. We were shown many shelving units that once were stocked with food and other items, but now sit rather empty. Donations are down, but unfortunately their needs continue to increase.  

Since we are a competitive group by nature, the Board felt a form of competition would be just the vehicle to use to help St. Christine’s. A “Wish List” for items they need the most has been attached to this letter. We will give this list to all coaches and athletes. Each coach and athlete will have a two-week period to collect as much of the requested items from the wish list as they can. At a date and time designated by this special program’s coordinator, items collected will be brought to the gym or other location for collection. After collection, volunteers (feel free to step up) will condense the items and we will schedule a delivery day to St. Christine’s. Volunteers will be needed for this also. 

Each boy and girls team that collects the most donations will have their team name placed on a Trophy Plaque which will be located on the wall next to the primary Trophy Case located in the gym. The team inscription on the plaque for example might be:

Winter Season   2008

Varsity Boys BB # 1

JV Cheer Squad

This collection of wish list items will take place at the start of each sport season beginning with this year’s basketball season. Some teams may be larger than others; in that case we would attempt to prorate the collection in regards to the team size or have additional winners broken down by individual sport. In any case, the feeding of the hungry and the understanding that we all can make a huge difference in someone’s life is the goal.  

Are you ready to “TEAM UP”? That’s the spirit! 

My best always, 

John Michniak

CYO Parking


On Saturday’s, when we have home basketball games or any other CYO event for that matter, to help alleviate parking concerns for the 5:00 PM Liturgy, I would ask all of our parents and coaches to please park as far away from the Church entrance as possible. I understand that at times the weather is wet, cold, windy etc. If that is a concern to your passengers, please feel free to drop them at the door but then go and park away from the church entrance. This gesture will help many of our Mass attendees that may have special needs for closer parking.  We have been asked to use the two first isles on the North end of our parking lot. These isles extend from Newburgh Road to the gym itself. This request for restrictive parking does not take effect until those games later in the afternoon. The only exception would be in case of another liturgical event such as a funeral or wedding that may occur earlier in the day. I have found that if you are arriving at 2:00 PM to watch a particular game, unless you park away from the church entrance, your vehicle will hinder Mass attendee parking. For those arriving between the hours of 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM, please use the northern two parking aisles as requested. Please park in either lane 1 or 2, they are clearly marked with signage. Remember these lanes run from Newburgh Rd to the building itself. These two lanes enable us to have 90 parking spots which is more that enough for our needs. Again I make this request on behalf of those who have those special needs. I thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.


My best always,  

John Michniak

Athletic Director