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January 4, 2010 - AD Winter Message



The 2010 Winter Season Message - S. Cooper, AD, January 4th, 2010

Hello Everyone, and welcome to a brand new year. Though it is the beginning of the calendar year, it is of course just the mid-point for our school kids, and of course it is also the halfway point for the CYO year.  CYO is on a fiscal year that is identical to the Catholic Church, which is July 1st to June 30th. 

It has been a couple of months since my last message, and I apologize for that gap. Most of you are involved (or your kids are) in the St. Edith basketball season. By the middle of February the regular season for our teams will be complete, and playoffs will begin. We are likely to be a host site for CYO playoffs during the final weekend in February. All of our parents will be asked to help with this activity, so please keep it in mind.

Our annual pep rally is also approaching. We will hold it at St. Edith gym, on Friday night, January 29th. Festivities will begin at 7pm (seating can begin around 6 or 6:30pm). This a very enjoyable annual event, it is an energetic send off for our 8th graders, and a lot of energy and fun that our kids, especially the younger ones really appreciate.

Rather than try to offer sports updates, I would like to stress in this note, our functions as parents, and what other expectations we should have for the activity of our program. First of all, Ash Wednesday is February 17th, which is always a great time of year for us Catholics. One of our traditions of course will be the Fish Fry, which begins on February 19th. The Fish Fry of St. Edith is an outstanding affair, but it is HIGHLY dependent upon all of us to contribute our energy and time to the success of the event. Each basketball player, and his or her parents will be asked to "work" at least once during the Fish Fry Fridays. For those of you who have done it before, you already recognize the benefit the Fish Fry brings to the parish, and to our CYO organization. Of equal importance, is that your participation will not only be of great help to the success of the event, but you will find that you meet and interact with your fellow parents of CYO. As it has for me, and many others before us, and for those who follow after us, it is this interaction that will lead to new and potentially long-lasting friendships. In short, it can lead to a change in life. What else can we call it, when we gain great, new friends?

So please start writing in your times for those Fridays in Lent, and be  open to participating fully.

God Bless you and yours with a great new year,

Steve Cooper


St. Edith Eagles - Our History:
Welcome to the St. Edith CYO web page. Members of the St. Edith Athletic Board created it as well as maintain it. We hope you enjoy your visit! If you have any comments, suggestions or concerns regarding our web page, feel free to contact the Athletic Director via email at

The St. Edith CYO Program began in 1982. Its growth over the years has been remarkable. It is unfortunate that we do not have records from its origin so that those individuals responsible for its growth could be thanked publicly. I'm sure however, that they would simply say, "no thanks are necessary, we did it for the same reason you're doing it today, THE KIDS!" CYO has always been about the kids and with God's Blessings, it always will be! Remember,
 "CYO, Part of your life, All of your life!" 

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Tuesday, March 2

Tuesday, February 23
St. Edith Basketball in the CYO Playoffs

Girls V2 vs. Sacred Heart V1 @ Sacred Heart 2/27 / 1:45pm, winner plays on 2/28 @ 3:15 
Girls V1 vs St Francis Cabrini V1 @ St Francis Cabrini 2/27 / 1:45, winner plays on 2/28 @ 3:15 
Boys V1 vs OL Victory V1 @ OL Sorrows 2/27 / 10:00am, winner plays on 2/28 @ 3:15 

Tuesday, February 23
Food Drive: "Team up to Beat Hunger" SPRING DRIVE

A spring sports food drive is in development right now.  Details will follow.


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