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Monday, June 11
Welcome To SCASA Web Page

 World Cup play begins June 14 and is televised on Fox Sports.

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  Thanks to all who helped provide a good Spring Season.  Thanks to the Coaches , Players and Parents.  We will begin Fall registration the middle of July.  This will be a new playing season so coaches will need to reregister.

Joe Schmidt will be contacting those who noted interest in helping with Jamboree Parking.  He will also be contacting coaches to volunteer at the Valley View Camp Ground .  We use this as our summer fund raiser.  please help us out.


This summer we will begin a raffle of several items and post pictures of items to be raffled.  Amoung the items is a very nice gas grill, and a Ben Rothesberger NFL All star playing shirt,  Stay turned, we will start this at the Jamboree time. 

 Thanks to all who helped in any way with Steak Fry. It was as a nice evening and a Great Party!   If you still need to pay for tickets or have a donation send to SCASA, 121 Beckett Ct.  Checks should be made out to SCASA.

 Remember Bethany Soccer Camp if you are looking for a soccer camp this summer.  We do have brochures and you can ask your coach.

Area High School teams will have fund raisers and we encourage you to support.  The St C Girls High School Team is selling tickets for a Columbus Crew Soccer game on September 1st.  Tickets are available at Rick Ferrell's Allstate Office, any St C High School girl or contact Gene Mozena

Rotary Pavilion at Capstone Rentals  See Rick Ferrell 740 695 1995 from 9 to 5 weekdays.

Capstone Paviion now has water, sewage, restrooms, refigerator, freezer, covered barbecue area.  Can be partially enclosed to ensure good environment.   Please see the the information on left under Capstone Rotary Shelter for more information. 


 All soccer links on left are live.    

Note to coaches,  You will need to register in July for the Risk and make sure Concussion is up to date.


 We have a new requirement for coaches and parents to view a video and sign a form noting that you are aware of sudden cardiac arrest.    The State Legislature has passed what is called Lindsey's Law.  .  There is a video to view and a required signature.  See registration page for more info but here is a link to the video for parents

Click Player information on left for more season information 



Coaches for Spring 2018  Spring coaches   Fall Coaches to be determined.

U10 Girls     , Jay Morgan   , Becky Lednik , Iggie Padilla

U10Boys     Will Perry Coordinator  , Joe Young   , Carrie Schubert   Todd McKeegan, Robert Becerra, 

U12 Girls       Donnie Yeager , Joe Young

U12 Boys   Fox /Palmer/    ,    Kralovic /Dutton

U14 Boys/Girls   Joe Schmidt,   Brian Kralovic , Brian Malin, Iggie Padila



Pre Travel U6

Jeff Roberts coordinator

Wes Stoner, Melissa Sobleski, David Orin, Rebecca Morgan, Cory Camanizzi, Chris LaSalvia,Mike Trabert, 



Pre Travel U8  ( new coaches need to register through Affinity for background and concussion)

Jay Morgan and Trish Morgan  coordinator 

Wes Stoner  yellow

Darcie Doebereine yellow

Albert Russell purple

Rusty Russell purple

Kristin & Josh Bittinger red

Jennifer Causey Red

Jay Morgan orange

Rachel Zinn orange 


Jason Roe 


Coaches registration and completion of Background Check and Concussion Training Required before they can be put on roster.  Coaches who were registered with the Risk program in the Fall need not re-register for Spring. All New Coaches need to do Risk Certification for Springl Season and if they have not done Concussion in last 4 seasons will need to do the Concussion Training and upload the certificate into the Risk registration. Coaches also need to view the Lindsays Law video

Children should be born between 2004 and 2013.  Pre travel players will have birthdates in 2013,2012,2011, and 2010 .

Travel soccer begins for players who are born in 2009.   We take 8th graders who are 15 but do not allow high school players on the U14 rec teams. 



   The St Clairsville Area Soccer Association welcomes you to the Capstone Soccer Complex. We welcome you to the Capstone Soccer Complex.  We have two U 14 fields, 2 U10, 2 U12 , 2 bangboards, practice areas and a pre travel field that has 6 to 10 fields as needed..   All of our fields will be repaired over the next year due to the undermining.  Please bear with us as these repairs are made .   We have placed gravel on the road next to field one to facilitate parking.

  We are looking for new referees, volunteers, coaches for u6 and u8.  Call Kate Banks, Rick Ferrell or Dave Hahn at 740 695 4207 if interested. 

We have  Capstone window stickers.  They are still 4inch by 4 inch designed as window stickers.  If you ordered with Registration they will be mailed to you or if you see Dave Hahn ask him for yours   We will also have SCASA Capstone Ball Caps available.

 Kate Banks is the Referee Assignor for Spring and beyond .   She will be asking who will be refereeing this Fall.


Location and Directions 

 We are located off Interstate 70, Flushing 213 exit off of RT 70 W, and turn south on Airport Rd (County Road 82). The complex is 2 and 1/4 miles south from Route 40 on the right side.  The physical address is 66056 Airport Rd., St. Clairsville.  The mailing address is 121 Beckett Ct. St. Clairsville,oh  43950


If this is your first time at our website, please sign in on our guest board.   If you want more information about soccer click on the link section on the left for playing information or soccer organization and have fun playing soccer!




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