St. Clairsville Area Soccer Association: Welcome

Capstone Tournament
Saturday, October 3
Welcome St Clairsville Area Soccer Assoc (SCASA) at Capstone


Our big fund raiser is the Outback Steakhouse Raffle.  The winner receives a monthly coupon for a year valued at $45 per month or $540 for the year.  Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.  The raffle will take place around Thanksgiving.  If you want to sell tickets  contact Dave Hahn at this email address or call 740 310 4951 and leave a message.  Board members who have not received tickets will be given them this week.

There are still some individuals who had shirt orders that even the second order did not cover.  We will be refunding the purchase price for these shirts.  Those who ordered stickers will receive in the mail and those who purchased memberships will get a note soon.  There were a number who ordered hats but most of the u6 and 8 parents who ordered were not at Capstone on 11/15 Thur so those will be mailed if we cannot reach you.


Play times for age groups

U6     Tues,Thur   530pm   Pictures tues Oct 6 so be early if yours were not taken

U8     Tues,thur   645 pm   if you are first up for pictures Oct 6th be early

U10 Girls   Mon Wed and sat morn   games and practice 530 or later

U10 Boys   Tues, Thur and sat morn  games and practice 530 or later

U12 Boys   Tues, Thur and sat morn games and practice 530 or later

U12 Girls   Mon , Wed and sat morn  , games and practice 530 or later

U14      Dates and times to be decided Play is at Memorial Park


Technical Trainer     $5 per session starting after labor day.  Contact Jeff Roberts or Joe Schmidt for more info 


Coaches you will also need to register on line for the risk program for the upcoming playing year.  All risk registrations require renewal in the month of July August. Make sure you register with the Risk Program .  All Fall home Team Schedules should be sent to Chuck George .


The lower field #3 will be under repair along with the drainage in that area   and we will be moving the U6 and U8 to field 2.   We will keep the u10's and u'12's on field 1.   At this point we anticipate that the u14's will be playing at either Memorial Park or the Junior Sports field north of the court house in St. Clairsville.

 The Outback Steakhouse Raffle will be our Fall Fund Raising event.  

We are looking for new referees, volunteers, coaches for u6 and u8 along with a Uniform/team inventory manager.  Call Dave Hahn at 740 695 4207 if interested. 

Coaches if you are not receiving the emailed  Weekly Practice Plans from 101 Soccer , please email me at



Adult Soccer on Sunday afternoons is being coordinated with Spencer Connor at Ponzanis:  and Iggie Padilla on the Assoc side.


Capstone Flag Pole Up   The memorial to James Ferrell, Rick Ferrell's Dad is starting to take shape.  The 40 foot flag pole with golden ball at top is now up.  The Ferrell family will begin landscaping later this summer. 

We have new Capstone window stickers.  They are still 4inch by 4 inch designed as window stickers.  They ar still$5 and a nice way to show your support.  If anyone would like a Capstone Soccer hat please let Dave Hahn know.

Fall 2015 TRAVEL COACHES   This still needs to be finalized

Gene Mozena     U12G

Joe Schmidt,  U12 B

 2nd u12 B team  coaches?

Joe Schmidt , Brian Kralovic U10B Red team

Brian Fox Head U10B White Team 

JP Dutton and Brad Swan U10B 

Iggi Padilla U10 G Blue

JP Dutton U10 G orange

Jeff Roberts U14 


Fall Pre Travel Coordinators

U8 Coordinator  Iggie Padilla 

U 6Coordinator 

Contact Phone Numbers:   Kristina Scott                 Uniform Inventory   Karolyn and Brian Fox

Dave Hahn  Travel Coach and Field Coordinator      Chuck George Assigner/Referee Coordinator 695-4223  

Need Referee Assignor for Spring Session and beyond 

 Bang Board Advertising   We are looking for one more new advertiser.  If interested call Dave Hahn or any Bd member.  Our Board has voted to establish a third bangboard later this spring on field 3.  Because of its location rentals on the board will be slightly less.

Kitchen and Rest Room Completion    We do not know when sewage will be available on any county or township line and are starting to look at other options.  This will be expensive and we need your help in labor and fund raising with this project.
Steak Fry is looking for sponsors.  Contact Rick Ferrell or Greg Ray if interested
Memorial Plaque  We have authorized the completion of a memorial plaque for those who have donated to the complex capital fund.  There will be at least 5 levels of giving honored and the initial level will be $1000.  If you have questions on this contact any board member or Dave Hahn
Dave Lewis has indicated he will put this together for us.
St. Clairsville Area Soccer Association , Inc    Board of Directors 2014

1. David Hahn, President   Health Care/ small business consultant, Employee Benefits 


2. Greg Ray, Vice President   


3. Rick Ferrell, Treasurer        Allstate Rick Ferrell Insurance Agency


4. Joe Kubik, Secretary     Teacher  Retired St. Clairsville, formerly  Wheeling Central Catholic      

5. Joe Schmidt    Finacial analyst U10mu12 Coach

6. Brian Kralovic    City Landscape and trail coordinator

7. Iggie Padila   U8 Coordinator Business Administrator 


 Please note only rostered coaches are permitted on the sideline with the team.  Parents are on the opposite side of field. In addition to all coaches being registered through the Risk program with Ohio North they have passed a certified course on concussions. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          as   The Players and coaches can use the back of the 1st and 2nd boards  for skill training and games(Both Boards are now Painted).  Do not use the front which has the advertising on.  We thank the advertisers for their support that allows us to pay for the field maintenance materials.  Advertisers on Board 1 are 4207.   

A third bang board is planned on field 3.

Uniform Inventory is in process.  Bills will be sent to parents whose numbers are not with the inventory.  Save our manager some time coaches and contact parents to get them back.   ,   Coaches inventory boxes should be dropped off at Rick Ferrell's AllState Office. 

Those interested in refereeing contact Chuck George.   or 740-695-4223 )    He is our referee assignor .

Our registrar for this Fall will be Kristina Scott .   . 

  The St Clairsville Area Soccer Association welcomes you to the Capstone Soccer Complex. We welcome you to the Capstone Soccer Complex.  We have two U 14 fields, 2 U10, 2 U12 , 2 bangboards, practice areas and a pre travel field that has 6 to 10 fields as needed..   All of our fields will be repaired over the next 2 years due to the undermining.  Please bear with us as these repairs are made. 

 We are located off Interstate 70, Morristown 213 exit off of RT 70 W, and turn south on Airport Rd (County Road 82). The complex is 2 and 1/4 miles south from Route 40 on the right side.  Sometime in the next month signs will be posted at all the interstate exits.  The physical address is 66056 Airport Rd., St. Clairsville.  The mailing address is 121 Beckett Ct. St. Clairsville,oh  43950

The development fund drive continues and we encourage anyone who wishes to help with cash or in kind donations to contact the Association.
We are a private non-profit entity with opportunities for naming rights to commemorate gifts,(including fields). To assist with the Capital Fund Drive contact Rick Ferrell at 695-1995 or 695-0092 evenings, Dave Hahn 695-4207, Greg Ray at 695-6589(evenings) or Chuck George 695-4223 (evenings).   We have four spring/summer fund raisers: Concession Stand, Steakfry, 4 v 4 tournament and the Jamboree parking.  In the fall we have a raffle and Pancake Breakfast.

If this is your first time at our website, please sign in on our guest board.   If you want more information about soccer click on the link section on the left for playing information or soccer organization and have fun playing soccer!

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