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Onsite registration Saturday, 12/6.  

Onsite - Giant Food Store, Linglestown Rd, 9 am - 12 noon

The goal of the Susquehanna Township Baseball Association is to provide a low cost opportunity for each eligible child to learn and play baseball.  Any youth sport has expenses such as uniforms, insurances, tournament fees, umpire fees and field equipment & maintenance.  Yes, the registration fee is supplemented by sponsor fees, but this only partly helps us meet our annual budget.  STBA has two fine Concession Stands at which parents play a part in volunteering as well as purchasing.  In 2016, STBA will use a cash prize raffle as a way for our families to recover some of their registration costs.

The $75.00 per family is addition to and part of the overall registration fee.  Sell the fifteen tickets at $5.00 each, keep the cash but turn in the stubs.  As soon as you do, you have recovered the $75.00.



Thursday, January 7
2016 Registration Fees

Handout: School Flyer for 2016

Division Coordinator & Coaching Staff Contact information.

Specific questions:  (When assigned to a team, keep your coaches phone number handy) otherwise, email the Coordinator for your age group and he will have your players coach contact you.

T-Ball (5 & 6 yr olds) - Rob Shaffner, email 

Jr Pony (7 & 8 yr olds) -  Mike Bouder, email

Pony (8 & 10 yr olds) -  Rob Shaffner, email

Midget (10-12 yr olds) -  Brian Reynolds, email 

Teeners (13 yr olds & up) - Mark Jacobs, email

Legion (17-19 yr olds) - Jim Seibert, email

Fall Ball (6-18 yr olds) - Jerry Bingaman, email