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Wednesday, December 28

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Meeting Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM-Huntington Firehouse

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This info is accurate and up to date 1/30/17 

   Important Dates-please note most dates have changed!!

1. Player rosters, No play dates and field assignments-March 1, 2017;  


2.    Recreational coaches names-March 11, 2017;


3.    Recreational coaches' meeting March 11, 2017- Directors must submit:  


a. Insurance Declaration Sheets from Town or Organization 


b. Certification for Rutgers or Ripkin for each coach at all levels


c. Background checks for coaches 


4. The draft will be on March 18, 2017, at the Lopatcong Field House. 


5.       Coaches Instructional Clinic at PHS date TBD  

 2017 SYBA Travel Teams Tryouts 

The  travel tryouts have conducted by SYBA Board. 

*9U-The following boys have been selected for the 2017 9U travel team: 

Matthew Scherer

Paul Smith

Kevin Buonocore

Amman Bokhari
Austin Casal

Christian Bollette

Zack Pherson

Eddie O'Neil
Evan Carter

Evan Hade

Brett Bruckman
Chase Doering,  

*10U-The following boys have been selected for the 2017 10U travel team:

Nicholas Yaccarino

Alexander Famolari

Dylan Wayne

Andrew Martin

Garrett Bobrowski

Brady Handwerk

Jacob Kisselbach

Justin Marek

Jason Helm

Liam Casinelli

James La Bella

*11U-The following boys have been selected for the 2017 11U travel team:

Mathew Beam

Anthony Bolorin

Alex Bottrill

Mike Cooper

Jared Diefenbach
Brett Elia
Nate Farmer
Jett Genovese
Jacob Goldt
Chris Rautenberg
Nick Stettner
Eddie Weindel 

Any questions please call either Steve Taggart 908 763-9507 Dan Fisher 908 763-5694  or Bill Mandry 908 319-6696

2017 Middle School Teams

There will be two middle school baseball teams this year. There will be a Garnet team and a Gray team. While the Garnet team currently has 13 players there are still a few spots open. Players on the Gray team will have the opportunity to move up and play with the Garnet team throughout the year. Teams will sometimes practice together and sometimes practice individually. Weather permitting, coaches hope to have some practices in the upcoming weeks and we will also practice indoors at the Premier Players Academy on Sunday evenings during the winter. The Coaches will contact players. Congratulations to all players! 



Michael Wambold

Jeremy Sabol

Trevor Howell

Jamie Burd

Patrick Ritt

Patrick Demelia

Jake Merrick

James Day

John Demelia

Cory Longacre

Anthony Appezzato

Matt Gurneak

Hayden Easterday



Bobby Faust

Andrew Buonocore

Devin Deska

Bradon Grammes

Luke Slack

Buster Penrose

Douglas Steinhardt

Joey Innamorato

Ben Heymach

Jack Deemir

Connor Dougherty 




The matter having been called to order by President William Mandry. The following Board Members were in attendance:


  - William Mandry, President

- Dan Fisher, Vice President and Travel Director

- John Stillo, Title TBD

- Steve Taggart, Evaluation Chair Person

- Jim Miczulski,Chief of Umpires (By Telephone)

- Mike Schwar,Treasurer

- Dylan Sapir, Phillipsburg High School Varsity Baseball Coach


New Business:


Discussions concerning the issue of requiring travel baseball players to participate in recreational games.


Board Vice President and Director of Travel Baseball,Dan Fisher, discussed in detail the proposal by the Board, to modify the By-Laws to include a requirement that travel baseball players participate in recreational baseball in at least fifty (50%) percent of the recreational games. The travel coaches will indicate the days of the week that the boys should play rec so that rec and travel can schedule their practices accordingly.


Each Board Member expressed their opinion concerning the proposed modification. Coach Sapir expressed his position that he believes that it would be a positive experience for the travel boys to play recreational baseball.


There was a discussion from parents who were present at the meeting. Several expressed concerns over time constraints for the boys and whether or not the proposed change would be beneficial. There was concern expressed that boys placed on teams from different towns or organizations would be treated unfairly by the boys that play only recreational baseball. The Board expressed the fact that it is up to the coach and the organization to ensure that there is no unfair treatment of any child by other children. If not resolved, the Board will intervene. Other concerns of the parents were addressed by the Board and also by Coach Sapir. The Board endorses the travel boys playing more than one (1) game a week which the amendment to the By-Laws would resolve. In the event that one (1) of the travel teams intend to play travel games during the week, the requirement that those boys play recreational baseball will be revisited by the Board. For instance, if the boys were in a league that required them to play travel baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the week as has been the case when teams play in  the Cust league as well as on either Saturday or Sunday, consideration would be given to waiving the requirement for playing recreational baseball. The new rule would also allow travel teams to participate in the Ripkin District Tournament which is  strongly recommended by the Board and Coach Sapir.


A Motion was formulated by President Mandry which was adopted by a  full  majority of the  Board  with  each of the above referenced Board Members expressing their approval on the first reading of the By-Law change. The By-Law change was is as follows:


Travel boys shall play one (1) game a week. The second game is optional. Travel  coaches select the mandatory play date. There will restrictions on designated pitchers named by the travel coaches. Travel coaches are obligated to communicate to the recreational coaches those pitchers that will not be able to pitch in recreational baseball. Sanctions for recreational coaches if no compliance as follows:


1st violation - recreational coach suspended the next game and forfeits the game played.


2nd violation - coach suspended three (3) games and the team will not participate in  the playoffs.


3rd violation - the team may be suspended for the balance of the season, with no All­ Star participation.


Travel boys that participate on Town teams or organization teams may stay with their Town or organization. In the event that competitive balance of those teams is seriously affected, as determined by the Board, the Board after discussions with the Town or organization's Director, will have the authority to modify where the travel boys play recreational baseball with the understanding that competitive balance is important for the recreational baseball league.


Other Business:


Travel try-outs will be conducted on October 3 and October 10 for the Middle School teams. These dates must be confirmed by Coach Sapir. The boys that play on the Middle School team will not play recreational baseball unless that requirement is modified by Coach Sapir and the Board. There will be established an "A" Team and a "B" Team at the 7th and 8th grade levels to increase participation in   games by the Middle School boys.


Discussions concerning a "melting pot" of Towns and organizations for recreational baseball resulted in the Board confirming that it is up to the Towns and organizations to get the approval of their local governing body and then the Board would review the issue.


SYBA travel coaches must