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Date Event Time Location
Fri 2/13 star Softball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium
Sat 2/14 star Softball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium
Sun 2/15 star Softball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium
Fri 2/20 star Majors Baseball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium
Sat 2/21 star Majors Baseball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium
Sun 2/22 star Majors Baseball Tryouts TBA Spikes Stadium

Spring 2015 Registration is now open!!!!!

2015 Tryout dates for Softball and Baseball are set

Below are the tryout dates for Softball and Baseball.  Please mark it on your calendars now as these are tryouts and your child is required to attend.  If you are unavailable on these dates please contact your division coordinator ASAP.

2015 Softball Tryout Dates and Times

2015 Baseball Majors Tryout Dates

2015 Baseball Minors Tryout Dates

2015 Baseball 50/70 Tryout Dates 

Centre County Stewards of Children Program, Thursday February 12 at 6:00 PM at the Ramada

As you know, our children are our greatest asset and SCLL wants to ensure that we take every step possible to protect our children both on the field and off.  State College has the opportunity to set a precedent within the overall Little League Community to take yet another step in the protection of our children.  We hope that everyone will take the opportunity to become involved.

State College Little League has set up a training date graciously offered by the Centre County Stewards of Children program that we strongly encourage Anyone associated with SCLL to attend. This training is designed to help all of us that work around kids to recognize the signs of abuse of children and what to do if one of us does indeed feel that a child is being abused.  This training will be a tremendous benefit in helping protect kids, at every age level, from every level of abuse that confronts our children.

We cannot make it mandatory for you to attend but SCLL strongly asks that you do so as a way of putting our kids’ safety above everything else. We especially want to emphasize the importance of this training for anyone interested in Managing, Coaching, or Volunteering during the upcoming Season.

The training date is Thursday February 12, 2015 and will begin at 6:00 PM. Please allow for 2 hours. And please try to save this date and make this event a priority as we prepare for the upcoming season.  We will announce a location for the training once we have a full count of participants. 

2015 Age Determination dates have changed

The Little League Board of Directors has approved a new League Age determination date for all baseball players born after April 30, 2005. Players born before May 1, 2005 are not impacted by this change. Please refer to the revised Baseball Age Chart for the new dates. Little League has also posted a FAQ page on the topic.

As a result of this change, State College Little League will see an unusually high number of League Age 9 year olds and new 5 year olds in the league beginning in 2015. The SCLL Board of Directors will be discussing possible changes to our current division structure and will be holding an open meeting for all parents and guardians to discuss the new league age determination dates and how it might affect your player. The date and location of this meeting is still being determined and will be announced soon.   

50/70 League created for 13 year olds in 2015 season!!!!

State College Little League is excited to announce the addition of a new division to our Little League baseball programs, the Intermediate (50-70) Baseball Division. The Intermediate Division is open to any boy or girl that is baseball league age 13 and registration is now open at for the Spring 2015 season!

The Intermediate Baseball Division uses a modified baseball field with a 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths and will provide for players a transition from a Little League size field to a full size 60/90 baseball field used by our Teener League and High School baseball programs.

SCLL has partnered with State College Teener League to bring this program to our community. The bulk of the 50-70 games will be played on the upper field at the Teener League complex after a conversion to 50-70 specifications is done during this offseason. The new Intermediate Division will provide a clear transition and stepping stone into the next level of community based baseball in State College.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Intermediate Division coordinator and SCLL Board member Brian Davis at

50/70 Fact Sheet

Umpires Needed
State College Little League is looking for umpires for the 2015 season.   If you have ever considered becoming an umpire and working with todays youth now is your time. No experience needed.  For further information please email our Umpire in Chief Jerry Fisher. 

2015 Banners Available
State College Little League is offering our banners, which are viewed along our outfield fences year round, for the 2015 season.  If you are looking for a good way to advertise for your company/non-profit this is a great opportunity.   For more information please contact us @ Banners 2015

2015 State High Softball Batting Cage Schedule   

Softball Cage Attachment #1   Softball Cage Attachment #2   Softball Cage Attachment #3

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