State College Little League: Welcome

2015 Board Elections

On Sunday 10.18.15 the following people were voted to serve on the State College Little League Board of Directors for a two year term after our yearly open meeting;


Mike Gess-new board member

Terry Powers-new board member

Ryan Hendrick-incumbent

Brian Graupensperger-incumbent

Rich Wolfe-incumbent

Jennifer Meengs-incumbent


Additional board members that are up for election in October 2016 are;


Ed Conklin

Mike Belinc

Greg Albert

Jeff Lewis

Larry Walker

Congratulations to them, but the board needs all parents and players of Little League to contribute and be involved if we want to give our kids the best possible experience.  Please consider volunteering your time, starting Sunday October 25th at noon @ Montresor Field for fall field clean up day!



2015 Banners Available

State College Little League is offering our banners, which are viewed along our outfield fences year round, for the 2015 season.  If you are looking for a good way to advertise for your company/non-profit this is a great opportunity.   For more information please contact us @ Banners 2015

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