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Dear SCLL Parents and Guardians,

It gives me great pleasure to communicate to you that Little League International has agreed to let State College Little League(SCLL) drop its current split league format and combine the American and National Leagues into one. There was a time when the split leagues made sense for SCLL but over the years it has made more and more sense to combine the two into one so we are now officially one league.

This has been something we have been asking for a long time and Little League International has now approved our request for a two year period. After two years they will reevaluate and determine whether or not this change will be permanent.

What this means for the regular season:

  • Minors and Majors will no longer be separated out into American and National.Instead we will have one league simply known as State College Little League.

  • All players will be placed into the same draft pool for the 2016 season. This means that if your player was in the National league last year and their best friend was in American, there is now a chance that they could end up on the same team.

  • For the Majors division, our league playoffs will no longer be American vs National and instead will be an open tournament with teams seeded 1-8 based on their regular season records

  • For the Minors division, our league playoffs will remain set up by a random selection as standings are not maintained in this developmental division

  • This has no effect on the Pee Wee and T-Ball levels as they were not separated in the past.

What this means for All Stars and other post season teams:

  • We will, at a minimum, have one all-star team at each of the three levels (11-12, 10-11, and 9-10)

  • We will, at a minimum, have one additional post season team at each age level (12,11,10,9)

  • As a board, we are still in discussions as to the best way to structure our post season teams and we welcome your input. We expect to have the post season team structure finalized shortly after final registration numbers are in and regular season teams are selected.


Ed Conklin

SCLL President





Below are the tryout dates for Baseball and Softball.  Please mark it on your calendars now as these are tryouts and your child is required to attend.  


Last Day for Registration;


Majors Softball and Baseball-Wednesday Feb 17th


Minors Softball and Baseball -Wednesday Feb 24th


Pee Wee/Tball-TBA soon.  Register today!



Tryout Dates and Times Below;


2016 Baseball Majors Tryout Dates (Ages 10-12)


2016 Baseball Minors Tryout Dates (Ages 9-11)


2016 Softball Majors Tryouts  (Ages 10-12)


2016 Softball Minors Tryouts  (Ages 8-11)



Registration is open for 2016!

Online registration for the 2016 Spring Season is now open. In 2016 we are happy to offer the following programs:



League Ages


Senior Challenger*

19+ boys and girls



4-18 boys and girls



10-12 boys and girls



9-11 boys and girls


Pee Wee

7-8 boys and girls


Tee Ball

5-6 boys and girls



13 boys



10-12 girls





Pee Wee

6-8 girls

*SCLL is adding a new Senior Challenger Division this year for ages 19 and up.  For more information about the Challenger Divisions,


Please refer to League Age chart for BASEBALL to determine your player’s league age for the 2016 season. The league age for SOFTBALL is the player’s age as of 12/31/2015.




2016 Banners Available

State College Little League is offering our banners, which are viewed along our outfield fences year round, for the 2016 season.  If you are looking for a good way to advertise for your company/non-profit this is a great opportunity.   For more information please contact us @ Banners 2016

Clinics/Charity Events-Non State College Little League




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