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Friday, September 13


We are again organizing teams for our club season which runs January through May. Club volleyball is essential in achieving and maintaining a competitive scholastic volleyball program. Tournaments are scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays and require a full day commitment. The tournaments are usually within a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. Teams will be composed of 9 players (with exceptions in the 12U). Teams can only consist of 3 players from the same school (this is an OVR rule not a Stars & Spikes Rule). We practice once or twice per week, depending upon gym availability. Tryout information is enclosed.

TRYOUTS will be held @ OTTAWA GLANDORF HIGH SCHOOL (630 Glendale Ave. Ottawa, OH 45875)


12U (6th Grade & Under) Sunday November 2nd 4pm-6:00pm

13s (7th Grade) Sunday November 2nd 2:00pm-4:00pm

14s (8th Grade) Sunday November 2nd 12:00pm-2:00pm

15s (9th Grade) Sunday November 9th 5:00pm-7:00pm

16s & 17s/18 (10th Grade) Sunday November 9th 2:00pm-4:00pm


Parent meeting following acceptance to program DECEMBER 6th 10am-11am 

Pre-registration = $20.00 / Walk-in registration = $25.00 OVR REGISTRATION *Must register through the OVR for a membership prior to participating in any tryout. (OVR RULE) -This registration process will provide you with a printable card and registration number, which are needed to try out and/or play for a OVR club.

 Printable registration papers are available under the handouts tab on this site. 


• Please pre-register by mailing the following:

1. The Stars & Spikes VBC Player Information & Signed Waiver Form

2. $20.00 Tryout Fee (checks made payable to “Stars & Spikes VBC”) ? To: Stars & Spikes VBC 6964 SR 109 Leipsic, OH 45856 Forms and payment must be received before tryout day or the walk-in registration fee will apply.


• Registration forms will be available the day of tryouts

• $25.00 walk-in registration fee (checks made payable to “Stars & Spikes VBC”) 2015 SEASON FEES (checks made payable to “Stars & Spikes VBC”)

12&U: $450.00- 10 players max, 4 tournaments, uniforms, coach’s pay, & practice. Season Jan. - April.

13R-18R: $550.00- 9 players max, 5 tournaments, uniforms, coach’s pay, & practices. Season Jan .- May.


• Acceptance/waiting list notices along with required paper work will be sent out via email • Commitment to the club requires: payment (at least ½ of total) & paperwork returned within 10 days of the player being accepted to the club. Full payment with acceptance paperwork is requested although not required. • Must be paid in full by Jan 1st. Players will not be allowed to participate in practices or tournaments until all fees are paid • A $30 fee will be added each month payments are late beginning Jan 8th. • If a player is asked to move up and accepts the season fee will change to the age group in which they are moved to


If a team decides to participate in Regionals there will be an extra fee. The OVR sets Regional dates Feb 1st. Stars & Spikes VBC will release information regarding Regionals following the OVR. Prices for teams may vary depending on the amount of practice time utilized to prepare for Regionals. A price and schedule will be set at the beginning of February and players/parents/coaches will have adequate time to determine if they will partake in the Regional event. STARS &



SPIKES VBC PLAYER INFORMATION & SIGNED WAIVER *****PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY***** *****Must bring along OVR membership card***** ***OVR MEMBERSHIP #_________________________(required for pre-registration) PLAYER NAME: __________________________________________________ School: ___________________________________ Grade: __________ Graduation Yr.________ Birth Date: _____________________________ Age: ________ HT: ________ Position: ____ Outside Hitter (right left) Age Division: ____12&U (6 grade) ____ Middle Hitter ____13s (7 grade) ____ Setter ____14s (8 grade) ____ Defensive Specialist ____15s (9 grade) Position requested is not always position offered ____16s (10 grade) If more than one position, please # 1st, 2nd, etc ____ 17s & 18s (11th & 12th grade) If possible would you participate in an American team (increased practice time, travel, and fees) Yes or No (circle one) Volleyball Experience: (jr. high, high school, club) _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other sports or activities in winter/spring months: _________________________________________________________ Parent’s Names: ________________________________________ Street Address: ______________________________________City: ________________________ Zip: ________ ____ #1 Phone/Person:________________________________________________ #2 Phone/Person:________________________________________________ Parent E-mail Address: (PRINT CLEARLY)_____________________________________________________________ This is important. Weekly, possibly daily e-mails. Please be sure to check your e-mail very frequently for updates. Uniform # desired: _________ 2nd choice:_________ By use of the facilities provided by Stars & Spikes Volleyball Club, the member expressly agrees that Stars & Spikes VBC shall NOT be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by the member or guests in, on, or about the premises of the said facilities and further agrees that Stars & Spikes VBC shall not be liable for any loss or theft of personal property. Members assume full responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses that may occur to the member or guest, in or about the premises of said facilities, and does hereby fully and forever release and discharge Stars & Spikes VBC employees and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, or causes of action, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting from or arising out of the members or guests use or intended use of the said facilities or the facilities and equipment thereof provided, however, that nothing contained shall release or discharge Stars & Spikes VBC from its negligence or the negligence of employees or officers. Member warrants, represents, and agrees that the member is in good physical condition and that she has no disability, impairment, or ailment that prevents her from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental or inimical to her health, safety, comfort, or physical condition, if she does engage or participate. As evidenced by my signature, I certify that I hereby assume the risks of participating in a volleyball event. Please list any medical restrictions: ____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________ Participant Date _______________________________________ _______________ Parent or Legal Guardian Date



Coaches and Staff (being updated)

Ann Ellerbrock

Kate Collier

Emily Doster

Sarah Pridemore

Kristen Schnipke