Stars and Spikes VBC: Welcome

Friday, September 13


14s 2-4; 12s 4-6, 13s 6-8 & Pictures rescheduled (TBA) 

  *Teams that are scheduled for tournaments the weekend of 2/2 please be in contact with your coaches regarding arrival, start time, schedule and other important information

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 Practices have been updated on the calendar. (January and February practices are available)

Welcome to the NEW Stars & Spikes website. Please look around and contact us if you have any questions. Check our "HOME" page for updates.


If you wish to print out the letter and staff list please visit our handouts tab 

Kristen Schnipke - Director

Ann Ellerbrock (OGHS Varsity Coach) - Assistant Director

Steve Yarnell (Bluffton Univ. Head Coach) - Coaches Director 

 Teams are being finalized as players accept and decline. Please be patient as we make changes and adjust teams accordingly. 

Contract and Payment Plan (handouts tab) was recently updated due to incorrect dates and to condense information. Please refer to this handout for more information.  


1.) Email/respond to coaches email with name, accept and team name 

2.) Print out contract &  payment plan for your records (Handouts tab)

3.) Print out 2nd copy of contract and payment plan. Sign and mail in to Stars and Spikes along with #4

4.) Payment (either full amount or amount specified on payment schedule) 

5.) Attend parent meeting at Ottawa Elementary at 1pm November 24th

     *if you plan to make your payment at the meeting please put payment in sealed envelope with players name and team

6.) Final payments in by January 1st

7.) Order clothing thorugh (click on "GO" next to Star & Spikes)

     *Please wait to complete order until after parent meeting and numbers have been distributed

     *Please remember you will be responsible for ordering your jersey and proving your number on the website

     *Trial sizes will be available at the parent meeting 

     *Clothing orders will only be available for a certain time please order as soon as you know your number (Nov. 30th)

     *You do need the Stars and Spikes spandex. If you have them from last season you do not need to order this season

8.) Practices begin January 5th

 9.) Upgrade OVR membership online 

10.) Bring medical release to 1st practice. Hand to coach 

There will be a league meeting for parents, players, and coaches on Sunday November 17th 1pm at Ottawa Elementary. This will be a time to ask questions, make payments and sign contracts.

Teams are being finalized: as players accept their names are being added to our rosters. Please check the teams tab for a roster list.  

Tournaments & Practices: will be updated as they are confirmed. Please check the  calendar and schedule tabs.

 Parents and Player,

The 2014 Club season is upon us and Stars and Spikes will be holding tryouts in November (dates and times below). There will be a few changes this club season and we wanted to make you aware of these changes as the season begins. Our changes begin with a new website and a new number 419.303.8666.

ANN ELLERBROCK (OGHS VARSITY VOLLEYBALLCOACH) – ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Stars and Spikes will be bringing on Ann Ellerbrock, Ottawa Glandorf High School Varsity Volleyball coach (2002-Current) as an assistant director. This partnership will move the club back to Ottawa where it was in operation a few seasons ago. This will help to make it a central location for players from around the county. Tryouts will be held at OGHS and practices will be held at Ottawa Elementary (next to the Putnam County YMCA). Coach Ellerbrock will be coaching a team within our club as well as helping the club maintain high standards for our coaches.

STEVE YARNELL (BLUFFTON UNIV. HEAD VOLLEYBALL COACH) – COACHES DIRECTOR: Stars and Spikes will be bringing on Steve Yarnell, Bluffton Univ. Volleyball Coach (2005-Current) as coaches director. We are bringing on many of Bluffton University’s Varsity players, as our head coaches this season as well. These players not only have playing experience but many of them have club and camp coaching experience as well. These players come from very skilled playing backgrounds within their clubs and scholastic teams (National level and award receiving players). Another aspect this partnership will bring into effect is a coach’s clinic. All of our coaches attend a clinic provided by the OVR to discuss various aspects of coaching. Stars and Spikes coaches will be or have attended this clinic (only required once during a coaches coaching career). Our coaches will also be attending a coach’s clinic provided by Steve Yarnell, Bluffton University’s coach. With this clinic coaches will learn from Yarnell and his staff, detailed aspects of coaching and our experienced coaches will be refreshed with  new look on the game. Yarnell has coached Bluffton University’s volleyball team nine seasons and his guidance will definitely aid our coaching staff.

 SKILLS CAMPS: Stars and Spikes will be holding skills camps for any player associated with our club in January and/or February 2014. These camps will be designed to help players excel in their position and improve thier specific skills. Each player will be able to choose one skills camp to register for and attend. we will be holding 3 seperate camps 1.) Hitting & Setting 2.) Passing & Serving 3.) Game play (defence, offence, rotation, general techniques). *Please note these are still in progress and the camps and descriptions are subject to change as well as dates to be confirmed.

CLOTHING ORDER: Stars and Spikes will be using Creative Promotions for our clothing this season. The ordering will all be done online and will be completed after the parent meeting on November 17th. This will ensure clothing and uniforms are in prior to Christmas. Players will be able to try on clothing at the parent meeting as well. Uniforms will be the players/parents responsibility this season as they will be included on the online order form. Your daughter will be provided with a number after the team is completed (no longer than 10 days after tryouts have been completed) this number will be entered along with a size and spandex size on the website. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ORDER YOUR UNIFORM. Club uniforms are the same from previous seasons, which means if you already have the clubs navy blue spandex from 2012 or 2013 you can void that purchase (you have to have the clubs navy blue spandex in order for colors to match which is an OVR rule). We are currently working on a way to avoid having to purchase another jersey if you already own a jersey with your current seasons number printed on it. Club fees will remain lower to compensate for the jersey purchase.

 AREA CHANGES: Stars and Spikes is aware there is a new club starting up in the area as well. We have little information on the club and as an experienced, approximately 20 year old club, Stars and Spikes is concerned about what this could do to the level of play for club players in the area. Stars and Spikes has never strived to make a profit from parents and players. We compensate our coaches adequately for their time and keep player fees as low as possible to keep the club running and supplied with the means necessary. As a club we pay for gym rental, tournaments and coaches pay, which includes trainings, reg., and screening. I, Kristen Schnipke (director), and the directors prior to me have continued the progress of Stars and Spikes VBC for the players and for the sport not for the profit. We operate as a Putnam County and surrounding area league and do not provide cost cuts for individuals based on school. With so many schools in the area making cuts and volleyball teams suffering due to those cuts, Stars and Spikes provides its services with ALL players in mind and strives to remain competitive in the OVR. Our club has grown significantly in the past few years not only in numbers but also in competitiveness. Stars and Spikes and the coaching staff are prepared to provide area athletes with a rewarding season and will continue to refine their coaching skills in the months to come. I, Kristen Schnipke (director) will be helping all teams this season in order to provide the players with individual coaching.

 TEAM PHOTOS: Team photos will be taken the first day of tryouts. Details to be announced soon.

 If you have any questions regarding our changes or our concerns please feel free to email questions concerns or comments to or call Kristen Schnipke at 419.303.8666. Please visit our website at for coaching assignments and schedules (updates will continue to be added ). 

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on the court, Stars and Spikes VBC staff

COACHING STAFF (Positions for current club season can be found by clicking teams>specific team)

Kristen Schnipke - Director & Head Coach

• Stars & Spikes VBC Director 2011-Current

• Stars & Spikes VBC Assistant Director 2010

• Stars & Spikes VBC Head coach 2002-2008 & 2010-Current

• Glass City 12s Head coach 2009

• Varsity Coach Continental High School 2006-2009

• Glandorf Elementary 7th grade coach 2005

• WBL All Star Team 2001

• OGHS Varsity 2000-2001

• Oiler Attack VBC player 2001

• Stars & Spikes player 1998-2000

• OGHS JV 1998-1999

Ann Ellerbrock - Assistant Director & Head Coach

• Varsity Coach Ottawa Glandorf High School 2001-Current

• Stars & Spikes Head Coach 2013-current

• WBL Coach of the Year 2013

• Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Nominee 2013

• Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame Nominee 2012

• WBL Coach of the Year 2012

• District 8 Coach of the Year 2011

• Stars & Spikes Head Coach 2007-2008

• Varsity Coach Columbus Grove High School 1993-2000

• Stars & Spikes Head coach 1994-1995

• JV Coach Arlington High School 1989-1993

• JV Coach Arcadia High School 1988-1989

Steve Yarnell – Coaches Director

• Bluffton College Head Volleyball Coach 2006-Current

• Information to be updated soon  

Katelyn Collier – Head Coach

• Stars & Spikes VBC Head Coach 2013-Current

• Leipsic JV Head Coach 2012-Current

• Leipsic Freshman Head Coach 2011-2012

• Premier VBC 2007-2010  

*more information to be updated soon 

Sarah Pridemore – Head Coach

• Stars & Spikes Head Coach 2012-Current

• Bluffton University Player (DS) 2012-Current

• Dayton Juniors Co-Coach 2009-2011

• Greenon High School Player 2007-2011

• Dayton Jr Player 2007-2011

• 1st Team CBC 2011

• 1st Team Honorable mention 2010

• CBC All Star Team Player 2011  

 Sydney Kuhlman – Head Coach

• Leipsic Jr High Head Coach 2010-Current

• Stars & Spikes Head Coach 2010-Current

• Olier Attack Club National Team Player 2006-2008

• Stars & Spikes VBC Player 2004-2005 & 2009

• Leipsic High School Player 2005-2008

• All Star Team Player 2008

• District IV Player 2008

• 2nd Team PCL 2006-2008

• 1st Team BVC 2006-2008

• Honorable mention PCL 2005

• Honorable mention BVC 2005

 Jenny Brown – Head Coach

• Bluffton University Player (MH) 2012-Current

• Gold Diggers Head Coach 2013

• Bluffton University Clinics Coach 2013

• HCAC 1st Team (College) 2012

• All Freshman Team (College) 2012

• Grandlake Club Player 2008-2011

• St Marys Memorial High School 2008-2011

• 1st Team WBL 2009-2011

• 1st Team District 2009-2011

• All Star Team – District 8 2011

 Kendra Parementer – Head Coach

• Bluffton University Player (OH) 2012-Current

• Gold Diggers Assistant Coach 2013

• Miller City High School Volleyball Camp 2013

• Grove City High School Kids Camp 2008-2011

• National player Columbus Volleyball Academy 2010-2011

• Elite Volleyball Training Center 2008-2009

• Grove City High School Player 2008-2011

• Honorable Mention 2011

• Grove City kill record held

MacKenzie McFarlin - Head Coach 

• Bluffton University Player (OH) 2013-Current

• Ashland High School Kids Clinic 2013

• Crestview High School camp 2013

• Ashland High School Player 2009-2012

• Kidron VBC 2013 • Blackswamp Club 2011-2012

• Wooster Elite Club 2007-2010

• Ashland High School career kill record held

• District 6 D1 player of the year 2012

• District 6 All Star Team Player 2012

• All Ohio All Star Team Player 2012

 Larkin Quintero – Head Coach

• Leipsic High School Assistant 2012-Current

• Stars & Spikes VBC Assistant Coach 2013-Current

• Leipsic Junior High Assistant 2012-Current

• Leipsic High School Camp Assistant 2012-Current

Sara Roth – Head Coach

• Information to be updated soon

Kayleigh Caito – Head Coach

• Information to be updated soon

Shelbi Kauffman – Head Coach

• Information to be updated soon  

Fallon Collins – Head Coach

• Information to be updated soon