Stafford Volleyball Club: FAQ

Friday, November 27
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When is the season?

A - We begin the first week of March and end the last weekend of May. 

Q - When are practice days?

A - Each team practices one day a week for 1 and 1/2 hours.  The practice day is picked by the coach.  Players will be told their practice day at the end of February.

Q - What if my child can't make the practice day assigned to her?

A - Every attempt will be made to move your child to a team whose practice schedule meets your child's schedule.  If a place cannot be found for your child on a team then the registration fee will be returned to you in full.

Q - Can I request a specific coach?

A - Every attempt will be made to honor a request for a specific coach but there are no guarantees.  Team sizes are limited. 

Q - When are the matches/games played? 

A - Matches are on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.  You will receive a schedule of your child's matches in late February or early March.  There will be times that teams will play more than one match on a day or weekend.

Q - Where are the matches/games played?

A - All matches are currently scheduled for Ocean Acres Elementary School, Manahawkin.  Our schedule is subject to change without notice if the Stafford School District deems a need for the facility.

Q - What is the difference between a game and a match?

A - Each team is schedule to play a match against another team.  Each match consists of 3 games.  The winner of a match is the best 2 out of 3 games played.  If a team wins a match in 2 games the 3rd game is not played.  However, if time allows and both teams are in agreement a 3rd game may be played for fun that is not counted towards standings.

Q - Am I required to volunteer?

A - Each team is required to provide a score keeper for each match scheduled.

Q - Is there a finals match and awards for the end of the season?

A - We do not hold a finals match at the end of the season.  We do keep standings for review purposes.  Every child receives a participation award.

Q - Is it okay if my child has never played volleyball before?

A - Yes, it is okay.  Coaches will work with new players.  Our goal is to get girls interested in volleyball and to love the sport.  It is okay if they are not the best player on the court.

Q - What do I do if I am interested in coaching?

A - Contact us at and we will talk to you about training, and our coaching expectations and philosophies.