SS Boys Baseball: Welcome

Bright Star Update for games on 4-14-2014

Due to the weather Bright Star Games have been moved to the Multi-Purpose Facility on the High School Campus.

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 Games will be from 6:30-7:30 pm, please arrive by 6:15 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: SSHS Policy is no food or drink inside playing area.

Water will be provided by Bright Star for Players.

 BE SURE TO BRING A LAWN CHAIR for yourself and one for your player if you can!


 Bright Star Players can Sign-up online, the link is on the left Menu!



 Current Standings

Updates will processed no later than Sunday following your game

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SS Boys Baseball Leagues
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Wednesday, February 29
Sulphur Springs Boys Baseball Association (SSBBA)

Sunday, May 19
Tball 2013 Tournament

Monday, June 3
Boys 2013 Tournament

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