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     This site is for the Summerside Recreational Volleyball League or S.R.V.L. for short. In 2012 the S.R.V.L. was in its first season of operations in Summerside. You can check out the site for rosters, stats, news and other information about our league. The league will be open to any player reguarless of skill, age or gender. Each year, team reps will draft players/groups of players on to their teams, where completely new teams are formed. As a result, players will get to know each other and in many cases, would have played together at one time or another in past seasons. Teams are drafted by a ranking system, there-for teams for the most part will be pretty close skillwise and be able to compete with other teams every night.

     If you are looking to play, you may contact league president and site administrator, Aaron Doyle at any time. We do accept new players on registration night and during the summer season as well if you think you and a friend may be intersted in playing in the league drop out for one of our shinny games in May. It will be listed under upcoming games down below. If you want to play part time, just on Mondays or Saturdays, that might possibly be arranged as well. We hold our league registration in late May and our league begins play early June and ends late August.

This 2014 Season marks our 3rd year of play for the S.R.V.L. Here is a brief outline of our league info.

- Each team plays twice weekly at 'Credit Union Place' Beach Courts in Summerside. 
- All of our games are non-officiated.
- Our season consists of approximately 36-40 games, including a play-off championship.  
- Enrollment in the league is limited to 54 players making 6 teams of 9. 

Here is a brief outline of events for this upcoming year 2014.

- Monday May 26th...Player Registration 
- Monday June 9th...Opening Day Games/Frozu Flash Mob 
- July 19-20...10th Annual Lobster Festival Tournament  
- August 16th...Annual Parlee Beach Road Trip/Volleyball Tournament


Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball
Friday, May 9
10th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament Information

All information is listed under Handouts on the menu. Check it out and get signed up today.

Monday, July 14
10th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament Teams

Below is a list of teams confirmed for this year's Lobster-Fest. Registration is now closed.

  Team Rep. Team Name Division
1 Adam Terrio Hits Down Tips Up Competitive Men's 2's
2 Kyle Culleton The Dusters Competitive Men's 2's
3 Tony Desjardins Masters Competitive Men's 2's
4 Sebastian Venneman The Small Biggie Competitive Men's 2's
5 Kevin Reade Dig This Competitive Men's 2's
6 Nick Jackson The Rookies Competitive Men's 2's
7 Robbie Fraser Fraser and Boyce Competitive Men's 2's
8 Josh Gallant Joshua x 2 Competitive Men's 2's
9 Costa/Parise The Locals Competitive Men's 2's
10 Matt Sweet Matt Sweet Competitive Men's 2's
11 Russ Lawrence  The 3 amigos Competitive Men's 2's
12 Paul Richer Slippery Petes Competitive Men's 2's
13     Competitive Men's 2's
14     Competitive Men's 2's
1 Lindsey and Sydney Kraft Tinder Competitive Women's 2's
2 Holly Mac Kenzie Sandy Clam Diggers Competitive Women's 2's
3 Sophie Pitre-Arsenault Spiked Punch Competitive Women's 2's
4 Chantal Senecal Hub City Beach Bums Competitive Women's 2's
5 Rachel Desjardins Double Trouble Competitive Women's 2's
6 Allison Lerette Sets on the Beach Competitive Women's 2's
7 Giordani/Kosanov Jumbo Shrimp Competitive Women's 2's
8 Jillian Blanchard Baby Giraffes Competitive Women's 2's
9 Danielle Blinn Guns and Buns Competitive Women's 2's
10 Celina/Paulsen Oreo Competitive Women's 2's
11 Lisa Degooyer Golden Girls Competitive Women's 2's
12 ????? ????? We Showed Up Competitive Women's 2's
1 Jarett Mac Rae The Boilers Competitive Men's 4's
2 Kirk Stride The 4 Kirk's Competitive Men's 4's
3 Naythan Praught We Showed Up Competitive Men's 4's
4 Desjardins Mishmash Competitive Men's 4's
5 Paul Panahi The 4 Musketeers Competitive Men's 4's
6 Tyler Alan Dirty Diggers Competitive Men's 4's
7     Competitive Men's 4's
8     Competitive Men's 4's
1 Melanie Clark Stavert We Dig Four Play Competitive Women's 4's
2 Brianna Mac Kay K'Town Girls Competitive Women's 4's
3 Beck/Dolphin Diggas in Paris Competitive Women's 4's
4 Sophia Blanchard C'Town Girls Competitive Women's 4's
5     Competitive Women's 4's
6     Competitive Women's 4's
1 Jonathan Crawford The Hump de Bumps Competitive Co-ed 4's
2 Kevin Reade Diggaz with 'Tude Competitive Co-ed 4's
3 Tony Desjardins The Desjardins Competitive Co-ed 4's
4 Kayla Blakeney Whitts With The Hits Competitive Co-ed 4's
5 Adam Terrio Were with Shelly Competitive Co-ed 4's
6 Trinady Brown Shots R US Competitive Co-ed 4's
7 Robert Panahi Size Matters Competitive Co-ed 4's
8 Rachel Mc Collum Saint John Volleyball Club Competitive Co-ed 4's
9     Competitive Co-ed 4's
10     Competitive Co-ed 4's
7 Bradley Stiles Mardi-Gras Veterans Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
8 Kyle Glover I'd Hit That Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
1 Travis Thibideau Greco Lightning Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
2 Tracy Campbell Prodigy Sports Thunder Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
3 Randy Warren The Tap Room Attack Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
4 Monique Gallant Capt. Sub Storm Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
5 Skylar Mac Intosh Frozu Flyers Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
6 Christopher Howatt Dooly's Diggers Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
7 Tyler Doyle Tropics Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's
8 Mitch Illsley The Micarams Recreational Corp./Co-ed 6's

Saturday, May 19
In the Event of the Cancellation of Games

If a game is going to be cancelled because of weather or a reason beyond my control, i will first post it on my Facebook Status and on the S.R.V.L. Facebook page as i can do that from my phone pretty quick. Then as soon as i get to a computer i will email all players and post a note under news item on this site. So you may want to add me on Facebook as it is the quickest way to communicate with you all. Also i need your email address and Cell number to be able to communicate with you. I will always try to give at least 2 hours notice if there are game changes or not.


Wednesday, April 2
2014 S.R.V.L. Registration and Shinny Information

S.R.V.L. Registration Information....
The Summerside Recreational Volleyball League will soon be hitting the C.U.P. beach courts for their 6 on 6 co-ed Beach Volleyball League. Registration will take place on Monday May 26 at Credit Union Place lobby from 8:00-9:00 pm. Single registered players will be drafted/placed on a team by skill level to ensure all teams are even and competitive, players can request to be put on same team as friend no problem. Register as a player or put in a team of 9....No restrictions on gender, age or skill level…anyone can play.....Cost is $60.00 per player...... Each team must have at least 4 females on it…with a total of at least 9 players.

S.R.V.L. Game Information  Each game time will feature 3 sets (to 21) against 2 diffrent teams. There will be a little break for about 15 minutes in between the 2 games. Each set lasts about 15 minutes so each scheduled game time will last about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It will be 6 on 6 co-ed “B” League. 9 players per team with 3 subs. Days/Times...Mondays at 6:00 pm, some Wednesdays at 6:00 and Saturdays at 11:00 am.

S.R.V.L. Shinny Information  Shinny games will start late May. What is shinny you may ask. Shinny will be a game played with whoever shows up to play there may be 10 or 20 people, if needed 2 courts will be used. Some might be trying it out for there first time others will use it as pre-season warm up before the league play starts in June. As well there will be a few games of Shinny through-out the season. If you want to give it a try there is no cost or commitment to a shinny game. Come on out and give it a try, im sure you will like it whether you are a rookie or have played for years. Just show up and have some fun.  If you know someone who may be interested in playing let them know about this website and they can contact me anytime for more information. Again any questions email me back…

Aaron Doyle  

Also join the Facebook Page to keep up to the minute on the S.R.V.L.


Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 8/20 Volleyball Prodigy Sports Thunder vs. Frozu Flyers 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "2"
Wed 8/20 Volleyball Greco Lightning vs. Capt. Sub Storm 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "3"
Wed 8/20 Volleyball The Tap Room Attack vs. Dooly's Digger's 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "4"
Wed 8/20 Volleyball Frozu Flyers vs. The Tap Room Attack 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "2"
Wed 8/20 Volleyball Capt. Sub Storm vs. Prodigy Sports Thunder 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "3"
Wed 8/20 Volleyball Dooly's Digger's vs. Greco Lightning 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "4"
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 8/13 Volleyball Prodigy Sports Thunder: 1 - The Tap Room Attack: 2 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "2"
Wed 8/13 Volleyball Capt. Sub Storm: 1 - Dooly's Digger's: 2 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "3"
Wed 8/13 Volleyball Greco Lightning: 1 - Frozu Flyers: 2 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "4"
Wed 8/13 Volleyball Dooly's Digger's: 2 - Prodigy Sports Thunder: 1 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "2"
Wed 8/13 Volleyball Frozu Flyers: 0 - Capt. Sub Storm: 3 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "3"
Wed 8/13 Volleyball The Tap Room Attack: 2 - Greco Lightning: 1 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Credit Union Place Court "4"
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