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     This site is for the Summerside Recreational Volleyball League or S.R.V.L. for short. In 2012 the S.R.V.L. was in its first season of operations in Summerside. You can check out the site for rosters, stats, news and other information about our league. The league will be open to any player reguarless of skill, age or gender. Each year, team reps will draft players/groups of players on to their teams, where completely new teams are formed. As a result, players will get to know each other and in many cases, would have played together at one time or another in past seasons. Teams are drafted by a ranking system, there-for teams for the most part will be pretty close skillwise and be able to compete with other teams every night.

     If you are looking to play, you may contact league president and site administrator, Aaron Doyle at any time. We do accept new players on registration night and during the season as well if you think you and a friend may be intersted in playing in the league drop out for one of our shinny games any time, cost is only $3.00 a player or $5.00 for a couple. It will be listed under upcoming games down below. If you want to play part time, just on Mondays or Saturdays, that might possibly be arranged as well.

     For the 6 on 6 Co-ed Summer Beach League we hold our league registration in late May and league play begins in early June and ends in mid August.

Shinny Beach Volleyball will start as soon as courts are ready and nets are up... 

Click the SRVL Registration Info. tab on the menu to the left for all info...

Saturday, May 19
In the Event of the Cancellation of Games

If game day is going to be cancelled because of weather or a reason beyond my control, i will first post it on my Facebook Status and then on the S.R.V.L. Facebook page as i can do that from my phone pretty quick. Then as soon as i get to a computer i will email all players and post a note under news item on this site. So you may want to add me on Facebook as it is the quickest way to communicate with you all. Also i need your email address and Cell number to be able to communicate with you. I will always try to give at least 2 hours notice if there are game changes or not.


Saturday, April 15
13th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament

              S.R.V.L. 13th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament
     The Summerside Recreational Volleyball League in conjunction with the City of Summerside is getting set to host there 13th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament this coming July in Summerside, P.E.I. On the weekend of July 21-23 we will be hosting our 13th Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament with all games being played at Credit Union Place. We will be able to register a maximum of 108 teams for this weekend’s tournament. There will be 6 Competitive Divisions of men’s and women’s 2’s, 4’s, and co-ed 2’s and 4’s. There will be 8 Recreational Divisions of men’s and women’s 2’s, 4’s, co-ed 2’s, 4’s and 6’s. Corporate 6’s will also be included in this year’s Lobster-Fest. If needed, I will also include youth division’s of youth 15u 4’s and 15u co-ed 4’s.    
      This year’s Lobster-Fest will have 9 courts of play, with all 9 courts at Credit Union place. Over $4500.00 in cash is up for grabs + merchandise prizes pending registered teams. Entertainment tent, beverage tent, canteen services and other vendors along with additional items of interest will make Credit Union Place an awesome spot to play and to watch the games. Register soon with your team entry fee sent in before the deadline.  
      Limited spaces are available in each of the 14 division’s. You are not officially registered until we receive your team registration fee. After July 10th your team entry fee is non-refundable.
     If you want in on this year’s tournament send me an email with your Team Name and Division to confirm your spot. Once registration money is received you will be put on confirmed list.
     List of confirmed team’s will be updated at
      The Tournament is being held in Summerside P.E.I. with all games being played in Summerside at Credit Union Place in Summerside. Tournament play will run from Thursday starting at 5:00 pm until Sunday ending at 5:00 pm. Local teams will play Thursday and Friday night starting at 5:00 pm. Off Island teams will start play on Saturday morning. Each team will receive a package that will include some discounts at local restaurants and businesses as well as other items. If you’re new to the Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament you will not want to miss this incredible event. Just remember what you are here for: Some fun, socializing, nightlife and of course some great Beach Volleyball. Details on tournament are below or you can call or email me at any time. First 108 teams Confirmed and Registered with Payment will be entered.
     Registration is due before July. 10th , 2017.
All Tournament info is online at ~~ ~~ Check it out for rules and an updated list of teams. Tournament Information…
Cost is $150.00 for each Team of 6
Cost is $100.00 for each Team of 4
Cost is $50.00 for each Team of 2
$25.00 for each additional player
4 Game Guarantee + Semi’s + Final’s
All Rec. Div. Games will be 3 Sets to 21/ Win by 2
Men’s and Women’s Comp. 2’s and 4’s will be 2/3 Sets
Comp. Co-ed 2’s and 4’s will be 2/3 Sets
~~ Divisions ~~
Competitive ~ Men’s + Women’s 2’s and 4’s
Recreational ~ Men’s + Women’s 2’s and 4’s
Competitive and Recreational ~ Co-ed 2’s and 4’s
Recreational / Corporate ~ Co-ed 6’s
Youth ~ Male, Female, Co-ed 4’s
Over $4500.00 in Cash + other merchandise Prizes if Tournament is full. Cash Prizes for 1st and 2nd Merchandise prizes for 3rd
Accommodations…Want to camp for the weekend at the Credit Union Place Volleyball Courts, call or email me for info, limited space is available.
Host Hotel’s are 5 Minutes from Courts When booking your rooms tell the desk clerk you are participating in the S.R.V.L. Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament.
Host Hotel # 1: Causeway Bay Linkletter Hotel 1-800-565-7829
Host hotel # 2: Quality Inn 1-902-436-2157
Host Hotel # 3: Slemon Park Inn 1-877-782-9734
Host Hotel # 3 Travellers Inn Motel 1-902-436-9100
Send e-transfers to
Aaron Doyle
346 Argyle Street
Summerside P.E.I. C1N 1Y9
1-902-303-2934 Cell

Wednesday, May 17
BIG BALL Information...

You seen it on Social Media...BIG BALL will be at Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament...

Get a team of 4-6 players...
Cost is only $20.00 per team...
Game will be 1 set to 19...
Prizes will be drawn by registered teams for BIG BALL...
Get your team signed up today... 

Tuesday, June 13
13th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament Confirmed Teams

Another update with over 80 teams confirmed. To get a team or 2 registered email
13th Annual Lobster Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament

Division                             Contact                   Team Name
1 Competitive Men's 2's Steven Keefe Keefe / Brooks
2 Competitive Men's 2's Marc-Antoine Doucet OPA
3 Competitive Men's 2's Zane Hamilton UNBelievable
4 Competitive Men's 2's Alex Arsenault Arsenault / Jacques
5 Competitive Men's 2's Adam Terio Hits Down Tips Up
6 Competitive Men's 2's Marc-Antoine Doucet Plourde / Hashe
7 Competitive Men's 2's Tyler Compton Compton / Legacy
8 Competitive Men's 2's Cameron Mac Kenzie Mac Kenzie / Baillie
9 Competitive Men's 2's Nick Jackson Jackson / ???
10 Competitive Men's 2's Chris Richard Richard / Mitzuk
11 Competitive Men's 2's Elliot Esty Estey / Mercer
12 Competitive Men's 2's Lynn Boudreau ??? / ???
13 Competitive Men's 2's Diogo Burnay Burnay / ???
14 Competitive Men's 2's Jamie Cary Cary / Jeans 
15 Competitive Men's 2's Lloyd Braun Braun / Panahi
16 Competitive Men's 2's 
1 Competitive Women's 2's Rachel Desjardins Desjardins / Le Blanc
2 Competitive Women's 2's Samantha Scott Sets on the Beach
3 Competitive Women's 2's Selena Cotter-Earle Cotter-Earle / Smith
4 Competitive Women's 2's Alannah Hansen Twin Towers
5 Competitive Women's 2's Lynn Boudreau ???/???
6 Competitive Women's 2's Lloyd Braun ??? / ???
7 Competitive Women's 2's Cassandra Teed Dirty Beaches
8 Competitive Women's 2's
9 Competitive Women's 2's
10 Competitive Women's 2's
1 Competitive Men's 4's Kyle Cadman Skins
2 Competitive Men's 4's Marc-Antoine Doucet BBMF
3 Competitive Men's 4's Tyler Compton The T-Snap Crew
4 Competitive Men's 4's 
5 Competitive Men's 4's
1 Comp. Women's 4's Ashley Howell ??? ???
2 Comp. Women's 4's
3 Comp. Women's 4's
4 Comp. Women's 4's
1 Competitive Co-ed 2's Kevin Reade Raeesa / Andrew
2 Competitive Co-ed 2's Marc-Antoine Doucet M+M
3 Competitive Co-ed 2's Christopher Norman C+C Smack Factory
4 Competitive Co-ed 2's Nick Jackson Kiss My Ace
5 Competitive Co-ed 2's Pierre Caron My Ankle Hurts
6 Competitive Co-ed 2's Kevin Reade Spank ya Later
7 Competitive Co-ed 2's Rachel Desjardins Desjardins / Nel
8 Competitive Co-ed 2's Jessie Ellis Poe / Ellis
9 Competitive Co-ed 2's Olivia Roberts Roberts / Madden
10 Competitive Co-ed 2's Diogo Burnay ??? / ???
11 Competitive Co-ed 2's Tyler Compton ??? / ???
12 Competitive Co-ed 2's Lloyd Braun ??? / ???
13 Competitive Co-ed 2's Lloyd Braun ??? ???
1 Competitive Co-ed 4's Kevin Reade Were With Kevin
2 Competitive Co-ed 4's Brittany Johns Panthers
3 Competitive Co-ed 4's Rachel Desjardins We are 4
4 Competitive Co-ed 4's Stephen Keefe Were With Sam
5 Competitive Co-ed 4's Jessie Ellis All Hail Pizza Cats
6 Competitive Co-ed 4's Elliot Estey E+M
7 Competitive Co-ed 4's Cameron Mac Kenzie ??? / ???
8 Competitive Co-ed 4's Lloyd Braun ??? ???
9 Competitive Co-ed 4's
10 Competitive Co-ed 4's

1 Recreational Men's 2's Tyler Doyle We Suck
2 Recreational Men's 2's Kyle Glover ??? / ???
3 Recreational Men's 2's Josh Gallant The 2 Josh's
4 Recreational Men's 2's
5 Recreational Men's 2's
6 Recreational Men's 2's

1 Recreational Women's 2's Alicia Kehoe Double Double
2 Recreational Women's 2's Nicole Bellefleur Sandy Buns
3 Recreational Women's 2's Amanda Taylor No Diggity
4 Recreational Women's 2's
1 Recreational Co-ed 2's
2 Recreational Co-ed 2's
3 Recreational Co-ed 2's
4 Recreational Co-ed 2's
5 Recreational Co-ed 2's
6 Recreational Co-ed 2's

1 Recreational Men's 4's Kyle Glover ??? 
2 Recreational Men's 4's Jamie Casely Caselys Tent Rentals
3 Recreational Men's 4's
4 Recreational Men's 4's

1 Recreational Women's 4's Nina Arsenualt Global Wines
2 Recreational Women's 4's 
3 Recreational Women's 4's
4 Recreational Women's 4's
5 Recreational Women's 4's
6 Recreational Women's 4's
1 Recreational Co-ed 4's Brenda Mac Issac The Dream Team
2 Recreational Co-ed 4's Emily Mac Cardle Emily and Friends
3 Recreational Co-ed 4's Adam Terrio Who's With Us
4 Recreational Co-ed 4's Selena Cotter-Earle  ???
5 Recreational Co-ed 4's Nick Jackson Backyard Allstars
6 Recreational Co-ed 4's Chris Richard Orville Ready Blockers
7 Recreational Co-ed 4's Jarett Mac Rae Jerry's Pluming
1 Recreational Co-ed 6's Ashley Howell Capt. Sub Storm
2 Recreational Co-ed 6's Mya Farris Frozu Flyers
3 Recreational Co-ed 6's Emily Mac Cardle Greco Lightning
4 Recreational Co-ed 6's Judy Heckbert Prodigy Sports
5 Recreational Co-ed 6's Alicia Kehoe 511 West
6 Recreational Co-ed 6's Tyler Doyle The Tropics
7 Recreational Co-ed 6's Aaron Doyle S.R.V.L. Wana-Bee's
8 Recreational Co-ed 6's
9 Recreational Co-ed 6's
10 Recreational Co-ed 6's

1 Corporate Co-ed 6's Mitch Illsley Illsleys Feed Icehogs
2 Corporate Co-ed 6's Todd Clark CrossFit Summerside
3 Corporate Co-ed 6's Bev Tuplin T+K Home Improvements
4 Corporate Co-ed 6's
5 Corporate Co-ed 6's
6 Corporate Co-ed 6's
7 Corporate Co-ed 6's
8 Corporate Co-ed 6's
9 Corporate Co-ed 6's
10 Corporate Co-ed 6's

1 15U Boys
2 15U Boys
3 15U Boys
4 15U Boys

1 15U Girls
2 15U Girls
3 15U Girls
4 15U Girls

1 15U Co-ed 4's
2 15U Co-ed 4's
3 15U Co-ed 4's
4 15U Co-ed 4's

1 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Emily Mac Cardle Who's Balls are Bigger
2 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Tyler Doyle The Dirties
3 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Ashley Howell Capt. Sub Storm
4 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Mya Farris Frozu Flyers
5 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Emily Mac Cardle Greco Lightning
6 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Judy Heckbert Prodigy Sports
7 BIG GAME OF BIG BALL Diogo Burney Halifax Inc.

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