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     This site is for the Summerside Recreational Volleyball League or S.R.V.L. for short. In 2012 the S.R.V.L. was in its first season of operations in Summerside. You can check out the site for rosters, stats, news and other information about our league. The league will be open to any player reguarless of skill, age or gender. Each year, team reps will draft players/groups of players on to their teams, where completely new teams are formed. As a result, players will get to know each other and in many cases, would have played together at one time or another in past seasons. Teams are drafted by a ranking system, there-for teams for the most part will be pretty close skillwise and be able to compete with other teams every night.

     If you are looking to play, you may contact league president and site administrator, Aaron Doyle at any time. We do accept new players on registration night and during the season as well if you think you and a friend may be intersted in playing in the league drop out for one of our shinny games any time, cost is only $2.00. It will be listed under upcoming games down below. If you want to play part time, just on Mondays or Saturdays, that might possibly be arranged as well.

     For the 6 on 6 Co-ed Summer Beach League we hold our league registration in late May and league play begins in early June and ends in mid August.

     This 2015 Season marks our 4th year of play for the S.R.V.L. Beach League. Here is a brief outline of our Beach League info.

- Each team plays 2 times weekly at 'Credit Union Place' Beach Courts in Summerside. 
- All of our games are non-officiated.
- Our season consists of approximately 36-40 games, including a play-off championship.  
- Enrollment in the league is limited to 60 players making 6 teams of 10. 

Here is a brief outline of events for this upcoming year 2015.

- Monday May 25th...Player Registration 
- Monday June 6th...Opening Day Games/Frozu Flash Mob/BBQ 
- July 24-26...10th Annual Lobster Festival Beach Tournament  
- August 8th...Annual Parlee Beach Road Trip/Volleyball Tournament


For the 6 on 6 Co-ed Winter Indoor League we hold our league registration in late September and league play begins in mid October and ends in mid April. 

This 2015 Season marks our 1st year of play for the S.R.V.L. Indoor League. Here is a brief outline of our Indoor League info.

- League plays once a week at Slemon Park Courts in Summerside. 
- All of our games are non-officiated.
- $5.00 per player/per night...any age any skill level. 
- The indoor league consists of approximately 30 games.  


Saturday, May 19
In the Event of the Cancellation of Games

If game day is going to be cancelled because of weather or a reason beyond my control, i will first post it on my Facebook Status and then on the S.R.V.L. Facebook page as i can do that from my phone pretty quick. Then as soon as i get to a computer i will email all players and post a note under news item on this site. So you may want to add me on Facebook as it is the quickest way to communicate with you all. Also i need your email address and Cell number to be able to communicate with you. I will always try to give at least 2 hours notice if there are game changes or not.


Monday, April 6
11th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament Information...

The 11th Annual Lobster-Fest Beach Volleyball Tournament information will be released and posted in early May 2015.
This summer will feature more great prizes, new location of beach courts, as well as other new events to make your weekend more enjoyable. 
Check back for updates.

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