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The Summerside Recreational Hockey League - The Tradition Continues...

This is the website for the Summerside Recreational Hockey League (S.R.H.L.) the Summerside Industrial Hockey League (S.I.H.L.). The Summerside Spring Recreational Hockey League (S.S.R.H.L.). and the newly created Summerside Womens Recreational Hockey League (S.W.R.H.L.). You can check out the site for rosters, stats, news and other information about our Leagues, Tournaments and events and other recreational leagues in the Summerside area.

If you are looking to play in any of the leagues, you may contact league president and site administrator, Aaron Doyle at any time. We do accept new players on registration night. We hold our rec Hockey registration in early October and our league begins play the first week of November. We take a short break at Christmas and then finish up at the end of March.

The S.R.H.L. is very proud to host the 'Shockers Annual Mardi-Gras Rec. Hockey Tournament' every spring (* March 29-31,2019) and is now becoming known as one of the largest recreational hockey tournaments in Eastern Canada. Every year this tournament grows in popularity and this season is no exception as we've been receiving inquiries from all over North America. This tournament is open to both male and female teams and provides an excellent rec hockey/sociallizing atmosphere. The SRHL is your #1 headquarters for rec hockey fun and Shock's Annual Mardi Gras is a tournament every "true" rec hockey team should participate in at some point.

The Summerside Recreational Hockey League was established in 1967/1968, by then league president, Ron MacArthur and was at the time, the only rec hockey league of it's kind in North America. The four team, recreational league was developed to promote fun and community fellowship within an "open draft" hockey organization. We are one of the oldest rec hockey leagues east of Montreal and have played continuously since 1967. This 2017-2018 season marks over fifty years of continuous play for the S.R.H.L. There are very few, if any, rec hockey leagues in North America that can boast about that and it's something to be very proud of.
Here's a brief outline of the league.

- Each team plays twice weekly at 'Credit Union Place' in Summerside.
- All of our games are officiated by one referee and one time/score keeper.
- Our season consists of approximately 32-34 games, including a play-off championship.
- At season's end, an awards banquet is held in Summerside.
- Enrollment in the league is limited to 56 players.

     In the SRHL each year, team reps will draft players on to their teams, where completely new teams are formed. As a result, players will get to know each other and in many cases, would have played together at one time or another in past seasons. In mid December, a league executive meeting is held to ensure that the teams are indeed well balanced and if needed, trades would then occur. All major infractions result in suspensions. Any unsportsmanlike incident will go under review and guilty parties will be dealt with accordingly. All suspensions may be appealed to the disciplinary committee, which consists of team reps and league officers. Disciplinary committee's final judgement will stand.

The Summerside Industrial Hockey League was established in 2008 to create a highly competitive Recreational Hockey League in the Summerside area. With no body contact or no slapshots, the league will be simply highly skilled players playing as hard as they can from start to finish. Most players have played Junior B, Midget AAA or AA, Senior, or some even university hockey at some point of there hockey career. That being said if you didnt play in one of them leagues does not mean you cant play in the S.I.H.L. Just know that most guys are pretty competitive and play hard the whole game. They take no shifts off, and expect all players to play the same, clean, fast, and right till the buzzer goes at the end of the game. Lots of skill and speed will make playing in the S.I.H.L. a great time for all players.  If you are looking to play in the S.I.H.L. you can contact myself to be put in touch with a team rep. In 2011-2012 the S.I.H.L. has changed its format to a full rostered team registration for entry into the SIHL. As well the league still hasa registration for individual players. If you are looking to put a team or register in the SIHL please contact Aaron Doyle by Oct. 1. The S.I.H.L. had started with 4 teams since its inception in 2008. For the 2012-2013 season the S.I.H.L. has 6 teams registered for play with games at Slemon Park and C.U.P. in Summerside.

The Summerside Spring Rec. Hockey League was established in 2010. This S.S.R.H.L. will be a yearly tradition each Spring with players from all levels of hockey young and old. All rosters will have 13 skaters and a goalie. This league is made up of players from age 14-65, there for skill level is at both ends of the spectrum. The S.S.R.H.L. will play 10 games of Round Robin, then a crossover, then a final. Rules will be the same as S.I.H.L. with no redline. In 2009 the S.S.R.H.L. started with 4 teams. In 2011 the S.S.R.H.L. went up to 6 teams. 

The Summerside Womens Rec. Hockey League was established in 2013. The SWRHL is now in its fourth year of operations for the 2017-2018 season. Any females interested in playing in a local organized womens rec hockey league should contact me asap. Shinny will be starting in October. Any female is permitted to play, there will be no restriction on skill level. 

All leagues are open to anyone, 19 years of age or older. There are no restrictions on skill level. In the SRHL all players are ranked by a number system, following our annual rookie game dubbed - The Ice-Breaker Challenge. A league draft is then held, where team reps select from the registered base of players to ensure four well-balanced teams. Balancing of teams promotes sportsmanship, fun and competitiveness within the league.

Thanks for visiting our site and don't forget to sign the guest book.

League Management

Wednesday, April 11
2018 Spring Rec League Information

Summerside Spring Rec League…2018

Here are a notes and info for the 2018 Spring Rec. Hockey League ~

Registration will begin right away, until League Starts. Drop by Greco in Summerside any time, night or day with your $125.00 in an envelope with your name, email and cell number on it, or you can e-transfer your $125.00 to at anytime starting tonight. First come first serve…no exceptions. All money must be paid in full before playing.

League would start Friday April 20 and would end roughly May 20.. All games will be played at Credit Union Place in Summerside with some games in Evangeline as well. League would be open to any player, any age, any gender, regardless of skill level. Would go by S.I.H.L. Red Line...3rd penalty game ejection…etc. League will be made mostly of Rec., Midget, and Junior…so pretty fast paced very comparable to S.I.H.L.

Cost $125.00 for Player $100.00 for Goalie...That covers all your games as well as 2 Pizza Nights. All players will be drafted by myself, players can request to play problem...send me an email with your requests… I will take groups of players from Rec. teams up to 10 players...let me draft the final 3-4 players to keep things even. Cant register a full team of 14 as league must be balanced. If not balanced league would not work correct.

First 6 goalies registered will be accepted…goalies 7 + 8 will be maybes if teams permit. Each team will have a roster of 13-14 skaters and 1 goalie…

If 4 teams 10 Games Round Robin...1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd , then 2 winners play for Championship…2 losers play for pride… Prizes will be awarded for 1st place team…

If 5 teams 10 Games Round Robin...2nd vs 4th, 3rd vs 5th , 1st place team will get a bye….then reseed, out of 2 losers teams with best +/- will then be 4th…1st vs 3rd and 2nd vs 4th ….Then 2 winners play for Championship, prizes will be awarded for 1st place team.

If 6 teams 10 Games Round Robin…1 vs 4, 2 vs 5, and 3 vs 6 then reseeded 1 vs 3 and 2 vs 4… with Wildcard as if 5 teams, then 2 winners play for Championship. Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place teams.

Nights and times...
Nights will be any night of the week…with the odd game on Friday or Saturday nights… Start times are any where’s from 7:30-9:45…ice time is 1 hour…

The sooner players register the sooner i will know how many teams we will have and at the same time it will help me recruit other players to play as well….The more the better.
Once registration begin, I will update players list at Thanks Aaron Doyle 303-2934

Tuesday, April 24
3rd Annual Street-Fest Road Hockey Tournament Information

                                          3rd Annual Street-Fest Road Hockey Tournament

     The Summerside Recreational Hockey League, located in Summerside P.E.I. Canada is the oldest Recreational Hockey League east of Montreal. This past year 2017-2018 marked our 50th year of continuous play in Summerside. On the Weekend of June 1-3, 2018 we are hosting our 3rd Annual Street-Fest Road Hockey Tournament. Year 1 we had 18 teams compete and last year we had 40 teams registered. This year we will be able to register a maximum of 80 teams. Our Men’s Division’s will have a max. of 32 teams and the women’s will have a max. of 8. There will be “A”, “B”, “C” and ”D”, divisions in the men’s and the women’s division will have two division which will be “B” and “C”. Boy’s divisions will be Skills – Bantam and also have a maximum of 40 teams in 5 divisions of play. All Boy’s divisions will be aged according to what ice-hockey you played the year before. You will be placed in a division according to skill level in adult and by ice-hockey age in Boy’s. Also a girls division will be created if there is enough interest…Canteen services and other vendors along with additional items of interest will make Credit Union Place an awesome spot to play and to watch the games.           Teams should register ASAP, to avoid disappointments. Register ASAP with your Team Registration Fee sent in before the deadline. You are not officially Registered until I receive your Registration Fee. After May 15th, your registration fee is non-refundable. All teams must send your registration fee; there are no exceptions for anyone. If I do not receive your registration fee by the deadline you run the risk of your team not being entered in the Annual Street-Fest Tournament Road Hockey Tournament…   
     The Tournament is being held in Summerside P.E.I. with all games being played at the Credit Union Place. Tournament play will run from Friday night starting at 5:00 pm, all day Sat. and Sun ending at 5:00 pm. If needed local teams will play Thursday night. Details on the Street-Fest Tournament are below or you can call or email me at any time. The first 80 teams Registered and paid in full with their Team Registration Fee will be accepted.
~ Total Cash Prize Pool will depend on amount of teams registered in each division.
~ If Tournament is full with 80 teams, Total Cash Prizes for winning teams will be over $1200.00 + other Prizes.

Also our Rec. league is on line at ~~ Check it out for rules and a updated list of teams…
Registration Fee is due before May 15th, 2018. Tournament Information: Each Game is 3-12 minute Periods, Crossovers and Finals are same with overtime to decide winners if tied.

Men’s and Women’s Team Registration is $150.00 per Team (4 Players + Goalie) 3 on 3 with a spare.
Boy’s Atom, Pee-Wee and Bantam Team Registration $100.00 per Team (4 Players + Goalie) 3 on 3 with a spare.
Boy’s Skills and Novice Team Registration $80.00 per Team (4 Players + Goalie) 3 on 3 with a spare.
Individual Player Registration Adult $30.00, Youth $20.00 per player...

4 Game Guarantee, 6 Game Maximum.
Men’s Divisions "A" "B" “C” and "D"...Total Cash Prize Pool of $700.00
Women’s Divisions "B" and "C"...Total Cash Prize Pool of $200.00
Boy’s Bantam, Pee-Wee, Atom...Total Cash Prize Pool of $225.00
Boy’s Novice and Skills… Total Cash Prize Pool of $100.00
Cash Prizes and Awards for all Division Winner’s and Merchandise/other for Runner-Up’s
Men’s Division No Slap Shots in any Divisions
Women’s Division no Slap Shots in any Divisions.
All Youth Divisions No Slap Shots Helmet, Gloves and Shin Pads are recommended in Men’s and Women’s and are Mandatory in Skills-Bantam..

Accommodations: When booking your rooms tell the desk clerk you are participating in the… 3rd Annual Street-Fest Road Hockey Tournament

Host Hotel # 1: Causeway Bay Linkletter Hotel 1-800-565-7829
Host Hotel # 2: Slemon Park Hotel 1-877-782-9734
Host Hotel # 3: Quality Inn 1-902-436-2295
Host Hotel # 4: Travellers Inn Econo Lodge 1-902-436-9100

Send an e-mail money transfer for your registration…it’s fast secure and easy.
Aaron Doyle
346 Argyle Street
Summerside P.E.I.
C1N 1Y9
1-902-303-2934 Cell

Tuesday, April 24
3rd Annual Street-Fest Confirmed Teams

List of confirmed teams for this years Street-Fest Road Hockey Tournament...

Division...Team Rep...Team Name... 

Men's "A" ~~

Men's "B" ~~
Men's "C" ~~
Men's "D" ~~
Women's "B" ~~
Women's "C" ~~
Boy's Bantam ~~

Boy's Pee-Wee ~~
Stephanie Gormley ~ ?????
Boy's Atom ~~
Boy's Novice ~~
Nicole Martin ~ ?????
Nina Arsenault ~ ????? 
Boy's Skills ~~
James Perry ~ ?????
Nina Arsenault ~ ????? 

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Thu 4/26 Hockey-Ice Sea Dogs vs. Leafs 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Thu 4/26 Hockey-Ice Ice Fox vs. Canadians 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM Ice Pad C.U.P.
Thu 4/26 Hockey-Ice Kensington Wild vs. Bruins 9:15 PM - 10:15 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Fri 4/27 Hockey-Ice Bruins vs. Sea Dogs 9:50 PM - 10:50 PM Ice Pad C.U.P.
Mon 4/30 Hockey-Ice Ice Fox vs. Bruins 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Mon 4/30 Hockey-Ice Canadians vs. Leafs 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Tue 5/1 Hockey-Ice Sea Dogs vs. Kensington Wild 9:45 PM - 10:45 PM Ice Pad C.U.P.
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 4/23 Hockey-Ice Canadians: 9 - Ice Fox: 10 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Mon 4/23 Hockey-Ice Kensington Wild: 6 - Leafs: 11 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Tue 4/24 Hockey-Ice Ice Fox: 4 - Sea Dogs: 10 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Tue 4/24 Hockey-Ice Canadians: 10 - Kensington Wild: 11 9:15 PM - 10:15 PM Evangeline Rec Centre
Tue 4/24 Hockey-Ice Leafs: 6 - Bruins: 3 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM Ice Pad C.U.P.
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