Springfield Township Baseball Association: Coaches Corner

Friday, March 7


If you did not complete the concussion course last year or are new to coaching, please see our home page to complete the Concussion in Sports course.  This is free, but MANDATORY!

Want to be a Manager?

STBA Managers Expectations

STBA managers should make every effort to...
· Create a safe and caring environment for players to learn, practice and play.
· Become familiar with current coaching and teaching techniques.
· Be kind and approachable.
· Provide all players the opportunity to learn and to play.
· Demonstrate good health habits and physical fitness.
· Make every player feel an important part of the team.
· Be knowledgeable of the rules of the game.
· Set clear and reasonable expectations.
· Set reachable goals.
· Be courteous and polite.
· Use good judgment as to when and how to discipline.
· Teach the fundamentals of the game.
· Be positive in situations where there seems to be failure.
· Be fair to all players.
· Share ideas and expertise with other managers in the league.
· Demonstrate poise, self-control and self-confidence.
· Ensure that all the players are instructed on safety.
· Warm up the players before every practice and game.
· Support the work of league organizers and volunteers.
· Be honest to my players and won't be afraid to admit my mistakes.
· Maintain dignity of the person I may be in conflict with.
· Be open-minded.
· Model of good sportsmanship.
· Understand that progress and growth often comes one small step at a time.
· Understand that players improve at different rates.
· Communicate appropriately with players and parents.
· Be a good role model.
· Model a high level of respect for umpires.
· Remember that the game is for the players.