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Thursday, May 21
Upcoming Events

2015 Summer Break Shootout is Scheduled for June 4th-7th 

Teams entered already: Chatham Hustle, Chicago Hoops Express (9 teams), Dragons, Bloomington/Normal Swish, SEMO Sizzle (2 teams), Chatham Hoopettes, Spfld Predators (8 teams), Kingside Black, Kingside Orange, SI Jets, St. Louis Saints, Bethalto, Edwardsville Liberty, Pleasant Plains (3 teams), Canton, Hillsboro, Jax Elite, West Lincoln Broadwell (3 teams), Peoria JEMS (2 teams), Lighnting, Bloomington Bulldogs, Spfld Generals, Spfld Jaguars, Jerseyville, Team First (3 teams), Spfld Capitols (2 teams), Bloomington Trinity Lutheran, Edwardsville Liberty (2 teams), Spfld Thunder, Chatham Raptors, Cape Girardeau JAM Ballers, Spfld Red Heaters, Decature Sky Ice (3-4 teams), Spfld Lions, Central Illinois Wildcats, Tigers, TR Wildcats (3 teams), Bloomington Gators, Q City Magic, Pekin Blazers, HOI (8 teams), Spfld Team Swish, Team Illinois, Litchfield Tropics, Winchester, Ill Heat,  ... and more coming in daily. 

Do not wait until the last minute. We had 102 teams last year and did not take teams past the deadline.   

2015 Registration Form;

2014 SBS Team by Team with Scores Included;

2014 SBS Schedule Final;

2014 SBS Schedule By Individual Team - Final;

2014 SBS Rules;

Gym Locations    

Lincoln Land Community College - 5250 Shepherd Road (LLCC-A and LLCC-B Court) - Gym is on far east end of campus

The Gym - 1823 Camp Lincoln Road (The Gym-Isringhausen and The Gym-Selvaggio Courts)

Jefferson Middle School - 3001 S. Allis St. in Spfld (Parking on east side of building off of Allis as well as to west side of building off of 14th. St.) 

Grant Middle School - 1800 W. Monroe St. in Spfld (Parking and entrance is on west side of building)

St. Aloysius School - 2000 E. Sangamon Ave. in Spfld (Parking to the south and west of building)

Lindsay Elementary School - 3600 Fielding Drive in Spfld (Parking to the south of the building)