Spotsylvania County Little League: Who to Contact

Who do I contact?


Please use this as a guide to assure the correct volunteer is contacted.    Question about…?
  • Player registrations, level of play, team assignment, click here. (Jennie Beltz)
  • Baseball questions/concerns & praises - click here (Lindsey Cashin) 
  • Softball questions/concerns & praises, click here (Addie Besemer)
  • Challenger questions/concerns & praises, click here (Scott Neal)
  • Uniform questions, click here (Andrea Sanderson)
  • Umpiring/Rules & Training, click here. (Matt Glunt) 
  • Opening Day, click here. (Lindsey Cashin)

  • Public Safety Partnership Committee, click here. (Tommy)
  • Sponsors, Community Outreach, click here. (Sandra Blake)

  • Fundraising Questions,   (vacant)
  • If you have a question for our League President, Phillip Blake, click here

 Thank You for your input, someone will contact you soon.

Please note: Spotsylvania County Little League is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. Many have full-time jobs during the day. Please be patient in waiting for a response. Thank you!