SPORTS Youth Volleyball: Rules - 2014

Sunday, April 15

SPORTS Youth Volleyball League

Rule Modifications for

2012 Season

(If there is no modification listed, the league will follow the IHSAA/NFHS rule)


RULE 1: The Game:


Section 2: Matches 

Regular season matches will consist of three games. All three games will be rally score to 21 points.  There will be a 23 point cap on all three games.  Teams shall alternate sides after each game/set.


End of the season tourney will be best 2 out of 3 games, (to 25 pts. Capped at 27)with the deciding third game, if needed, being played to 15 points. (capped at 17 pts.)


Section 6: Pre Match Conference 

We will have the coin toss prior to warm ups and the winner of the toss shall choose between serve or receive. The serving team shall take the court first for warm ups.  There will be no additional coin toss prior to the third game (there will be for the tournament). Our warm up time shall consist of 5 minutes court time for each team, serving to be included in that time.  No shared serving.


RULE 3: Game Equipment:


Section 1, Art. 4: The Net 

The height of the net will be 6ft. 9 in. for 4th, 5th and 6th grade matches.  The net height will be 7ft. 4-1/8in. for 7th and 8th grade matches.


Section 3, The Score sheet and Scoreboard 

Score sheets and scoreboards will be provided by the HSE Youth Volleyball League. One volunteer parent from each team will work the score table.


RULE 4: Player Equipment and Uniform:


Section 2, Legal Uniform 

We require all players to wear their team uniform which is provided to them by the HSE Youth Volleyball League.  If a player arrives to a match without their uniform, they may be allowed to play provided they have a numbered shirt.  This is a flexible rule during our first years of the league.  Players are not allowed to wear jewelry or hard head bands.  They will be allowed to wear 2” bobbie pins and soft head bands to control their hair.  If you are unable to remove newly pierced earrings, they must be taped with athletic tape before entering the match.


RULE 5: Officials Responsibilities:


Section 4, Umpire Responsibilities 

We will not be using an Umpire (R2) at this time.  The Referee (R1) will be the only official at the match.


Section 6, Timer Responsibilities 

We will not be using a timer for matches at this time.  The Official will be responsible for timing warm ups and time outs.


Section 7, Line Judges 

Each team will provide one parent volunteer to be a line judge.  If a team plans to rotate line judges during the match, all line judges must report to the Official before the first match for instruction.


RULE 6: Team Composition and Positions:

Section 3 Art. 2, Player Positions 

Ages 4-6th grade will not use the Libero Player.  


RULE 8: The Serve:

Section 1 Art. 2, Definition 


We allow the 4th grade only to step in the court 10 feet for up to 3 serves before moving back to the 5 foot line for up to 3 serves; they will then move to the end line to serve until a loss of rally.  . If at any time the Official feels a team is taking advantage of this rule, he/she may instruct the server to step back for their next serve.  


The 5th & 6th grade league are able to step in the court 5 feet for up to 3 serves before moving behind the end line. If at any time the Official feels a team is taking advantage of this rule, he/she may instruct the server to step back for their next serve.  


The official will be enforcing the foot fault rule during the serve.  Each player will be given one warning while serving for a foot fault, and a re-serve will be awarded provided the serve makes it over the net.  If there is a foot fault and the serve does not go over the net into the opponents court, no re-serve is issued and it results in a loss of rally.  After one foot fault warning, if another fault is committed in the same term of service, there will be a loss of rally for the serving team, and a point awarded to the receiving team.  The serve will then alternate to the receiving team.  


The 7th and 8th grade league will serve from the end line, they may not come into the court.


  They will play according to NFHS serving rules.


Coaches Points of Emphasis

for match play


  1. When turning in your starting line up to the score table, be sure to write your line up on the line up sheets provided.  The line up for that game must remain on the score table.  Between games, you may get your line up sheet and write your next starting line up, then return it to the score table.  Be sure to include your team number on the line up sheet.  We will not allow coaches to come to the table and tell the score book the line up, it must be written on the sheet.
  2. When turning in your line up, remember that if you are the receiving team at the beginning of the game, you will rotate before your first serve.  This means that if you are the receiving team, your first server will start in right front.
  3. To begin the match, all players will line up on the end line and run through the “Good Luck” line at the net.  Then the starting 6 players will take the floor and the rest will go immediately to the bench so the match can get started.  Games 2 and 3, only the starting 6 will take the court in their position, ready to begin the game.  At the end of the match, all players again line up on the end line and go through the “Good Game” line.
  4. We will not have an additional coin toss prior to game 3 during the league.  Teams will just alternate sides/serve.  If you serve in game one, your will serve in game three.  During the tournament when we play matches best 2 out of 3, there will be an additional coin toss before the deciding game, game 3.
  5. Concerning playing time and substitutions, most coaches have determined that the easiest way to allow everyone as close to equal playing time as you can in a volleyball match, is to have 6 players play the entire first game, the other 6 play the entire second game, and split the third game amongst the players on the team.  Usually with substitutions happening about half way through game 3.  You are not required to do it this way, just a suggestion.  Most coaches have found it to be the easiest way to handle playing time.



Significant Rule Changes

Of Recent Years


The sport of Volleyball has evolved over recent years.  While all of these rule changes are in your IHSAA Rules Book, we would like to highlight a few of them and bring them to your attention.  These are changes that have occurred over the past 20 years, perhaps since some of our coaches last played volleyball.


Rally Score:

A team no longer has to serve to score a point.  As a result there is no longer a “side out” in volleyball.  It is now called a “loss of rally”.  Which ever team wins the rally is awarded a point and the ball.  


Let Serve:

A Let Serve is a served ball that touches the net, between the antennas, and continues over the net into the playable area of the opponent.  Basically it is now legal for the serve to touch the net and then continue over.  


Double Hit:

A double hit, or multiple contacts, is now allowed on any first contact on your side of the net.  Provided that the multiple contacts occur in one single attempt to play the ball.  (You can’t swing one arm and hit the ball and then swing the other arm to hit the ball again. That is two actions to play the ball.) It used to be that was only legal on a hard driven attack.  This now means that it is legal to receive the serve overhead (set/overhead pass).  Any first contact on your side can be serve receive, a free ball, an attack, whatever the situation is the first time your team touches the ball on their side during the rally.


The Libero:

The Libero is new to IHSAA this season, but many are familiar with this position through USAV or club volleyball.  USAV has used the Libero for many years.  There is a detailed explanation in the rule book for this player. (Rule 6 Section 3 Article 2 on page 26, and also on page 56.)  The 4th – 6th grade teams will not be using the Libero.  We will allow the 7th and 8th grade teams to use this player.  If you choose to use this player you will need to provide a Libero tracker at the score table and have that player in a contrasting numbered jersey.  The league does not provide Libero jerseys to teams.  You may use any numbered shirt for this jersey.  Be sure if you use the Libero, you understand the rules and restrictions of this player.



It is possible that when many of you played or coached before, players were only allowed to enter the game three times and had to replace the player which replaced them.  Volleyball has now gone to total team substitutions.  You are allowed 18 team substitutions to use as you wish.  The only restrictions are now by position.  Players must enter and exit only one position on the court.  A re-entering player must assume the original position in the serving order in relation to other teammates. (Page 38, Section 3)