SPinline: Bullfrogs

Friday, February 27


The Bullfrogs probram was initiated in 1998 and operates under the umbrella of the SPInline Hockey Association. The program addresses the desier of some players to compliment their house league play with a more competitive level of hockey. Through this program, any player registered and participating in the SPInline house league (during the current season) has the opportunity to tryout and play on a team in their age division and participate in events that are approved by the SPInline executive.


The Bullfrogs program will provide one (or more) teams in each of the U10, U12, U14 and U17 divisions to participate in interprovincial, national or international tournaments. Teams will be comprised of players playing within the SPInline house league program and who commit to the guidelines detailed below. Teams will be representative “REP” teams which are comprised of top players interested in playing at this level.

Player & Parent Commitment

  • Must participate in no less than 70% of scheduled house league games
  • Must be willing to accept the added cost to play at this level
  • Must attend a maximum of one practice per week as set forth by the coach of the team
  • Must be willing to attend all tournaments
  • Must participate or contribute to fundraiser activities
Selection Process
  • A player evaluation and selection committee will be struck by the SPInline Executive. The committee will be comprised of knowledgeable inline persons that are unbiased and committed to selecting top players
  • The selection committee will evaluate players during games played in the SPInline house league program at the beginning of the inline season
  • The top 8 eligible players from each division, determined through evaluations plus 2 coaches picks, will be selected to represent the Bullfrog program and SPInline. 1 or 2 goalies will be selected for the team
  • Team rosters will be sent to the SPInline Executive for final approval before contacting the selected players
  • The players then will be contacted to ensure their desire and commitment to the team is genuine
Note: Players that commit to the team must be prepared to possibly attend a weekend as early as the beginning of May, and a practice previous to this event
Coach Selection Process
  • The SPInline Executive will make every attempt to select a coach that is unbiased and knowledgeable of the game of inline hockey
  • Coaches that express interest will do so through an application process as set forth by the SPInline Hockey Association
  • Coach selection will be made by the SPInline Executive
  • Application deadline will be noted on the site calendar
  • Coaches will be selected shortly after the application deadline
Operating Guidelines
  • Teams will be known as the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs
  • Teams will operate on a user pay basis with approved SPInline budgets
  • Teams will wear uniforms supplied by the Bullfrog program
  • Teams will be comprised of players that adhere to operating rules as set forth by SPInline
  • Teams will carry 10 players and 1 or 2 goalies