SPinline: Welcome

Welcome to SPInline!!

This sport was created in 1995 for young ice hockey players or enthusiasts to try a fun, similar sport for the spring season. SPInline is here to give all players a safe enviroment to play and have fun on wheels. By changing ice hockey rules like removing icing and the red and blue lines, players experience a more relaxed form of hockey while continuing to enhance their stickhandling and skating skills.

SPInline also offers registrants the opportunity to play on a team with his or her friends within their age group. The process for forming teams is slightly different than in previous years. All players will be evaluate where each player will display his or her skills in drills or games. Each division will have competent and or knowledgable evaluators to help out each director in each age group. From there the kids will be tiered to their playing ability. Bear in mind that not always is the process perfect and there is a possibility for minor player movement once the season has begun.

Once your son or daughter has played one season, they'll never leave!



A special side to SPInline that many do not know is our elite group of inline teams called the Bullfrogs. What are the Bullfrogs? This is a traveling tournament group of teams that any player from the ages 9 through to 16 can tryout for. This isn't for all players but is a step up from house league games. If a player should make one of these teams, it is important to remember that there is a lot of extra time and effort put into being a Bullfrog to include extra team practices, traveling throughout Alberta and/or travelling international to sanctioned tournaments.

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