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02-19-17 08:35 AM
Get Directions to Spectrum North Baton ClubAurora Local Weather
Spectrum North Baton Club
Jennifer Meron
905 727-7586
Fax: 905 727-3094
2 Harmon Avenue
Aurora, Canada
L4G 5H1

Spectrum North Baton Club
Full club 16

Welcome to the Spectrum North Baton Club, home of the 2016 Ontario Provincial Senior CBTF Twirl Team and Junior Dance Twirl Team Gold Medallists!


Please enjoy this video, which will give you a better idea of what our club is all, fitness, and friendship!


  We hope this helps you discover more about the wonderful sport of baton twirling in general, and our club which has been serving Aurora and Newmarket for  over 20 years! Our club offers group and private lessons for all ages and experience level, from beginner to advanced, coached by very experienced and knowledgeable coaches, under the direction of head coach: Jennifer Meron.   We are eager to share our passion for twirling with our young athletes!! Find out more about these coaches on our "Roster/Coaches" page. The Spectrum North Baton Club is one of the most successful baton clubs in Canada. The club operates on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Notre Dame School in Newmarket, Tuesday at Light of Christ in Aurora,  and on Thursday at Lester B Pearson School in Aurora.

 For more information, please contact Jennifer Meron at   905 727-7586

Can't Stop

Sunday, June 26
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Monday, August 22
Sport In Aurora Magazine, August 16 - we made the cover!

Click on the handout tab to see full article!

Handout: Sport In Aurora Magazine Article Aug 16

Friday, May 27
Registration info for Fall 2016 now available!


Be a part of Spectrum in the Fall of 2016....our 25th season!

Please visit our "handout" section and go to "Registration" to find  forms. 


Spectrum North Baton Club is very proud to offer an array of programs to fit all ages and abilities.   Find out here what program suits you!



If your child have never twirled before our Learn to Twirl  is the program for you! This program (subject to minimum registrant requirement)  will be offered on Tuesday  in Aurora starting end of September (exact date tba)    The session runs for 10 weeks,  classes are 45 minutes in length, starting at 615pm. 

The suggested minimum age for this class is 5.  4 year olds will be accepted on a trial basis. 

A new 10 week session will start in January,  after Christmas Break,  and again a new 10 week session starts the week after school March Break.  These subsequent sessions will build onto the skills already learned in the previous session. 

Participants will be invited to participate in parades and performance opportunities with the club throughout the year. 

Classes will be coached by a certified CBTF coach,  who will provide proper warm ups,  baton basics (as per the Canadian Baton Federation Skills Development Program) and dance basics,  all with a real emphasis on FUN!    

 New twirlers will wear either a sleeveless unitard,  or  shorts & tshirt or tank top   and runners (canvas runners are best);  hair must be back off face in a pony tail.

Cost:  $50 for a 10 week Program!!!  
*baton  is required - $30.00 deposit – refundable(less $5 rental charge)  if baton is returned in good, clean condition at the conclusion of the first 10 week program

Please go to our HANDOUTS tab and download the handout entitled
LEARN TO TWIRL REGISTRATION    You may either print out and mail it with payment, or send payment via email transfer ( and scan registration form


If you have completed at least two 10 week sessions of our clubs Learn to Twirl program (or a similar program elsewhere) you will be eligible for our Learn to Twirl 2 program.  This is a continuation of our RECREATIONAL program.  Classes are offered in 10 week programs throughout the year, again in a build-on structure.  Basic development of baton and body technique continues to be the core of this program,   and work on their basic skills in a group setting.    Participants will be invited to participate in various recreational parades and performance opportunities with the club.

Twirlers will wear either a sleeveless unitard,  or  shorts & tshirt or tank top   and runners (canvas runners are best);  hair must be back off face in a pony tail.

Classes will be 60 minutes  in length, in the early evening.  Classes will be offered on Thursday evenings  at Lester B. Pearson School, Aurora and Wednesday evenings at Notre Dame School in Newmarket.   Classes “may” be offered on other days/location depending on demand. 

Cost:  $80  for a 10 week Program! Or save $20 by registering for all three terms for $220 for the entire year.

*baton MAY BE required to be purchased - $30.00 if baton from previous session has become too small.  This would be determined at first class.

Please go to our HANDOUTS tab and download the handout entitled LEARN TO TWIRL 2 REGISTRATION You may either print out and mail it with payment, or send payment via email transfer ( and scan registration form.


PALS!  (Precompetitive athletes learning skills)

If you have completed at least two 10 week  sessions of our Learn to Twirl 2 program, and are looking for more than strictly recreational twirling,   our Pre-Competitive program is for you.  Minimum age for this program is 6, as of December 31 of the current year, but 8 is recommended.

At this point, participants will be required to register for the full season, which runs September to approximately the end of May, and participating in club performance opportunities (annual show, Christmas show, Santa Parades) should be considered mandatory, with exceptions made for reasonable prior commitments.   Also, weekly attendance at classes, and punctuality is considered mandatory.

Basic class is one day per week for 90 minutes. Note however,  at this level, athletes are welcome to attend ANY gym that the club is working at on any night, for individual practice, and we encourage at least one hour, one other night of the week.

Like Learn to Twirl 2,  sound developmental basics continue to be the core of this program.  Participants will learn and earn their first CBTF badge!

Classes will be divided into three sections:

1.  conditioning, flexibility, dance/body technique

2. performance team learning experience

3.  individual routine setting- the participants will (together) learn Canadian Baton Twirling Federation individual     PRE-COMPETITIVE EVENTS.  These are set routines designed to introduce twirlers to the basics of what eventually become the CBTF individual competitive events (solo, 2 baton, medley, solo dance)  while simultaneously promoting sound technical athlete development.

Participants in this program will then have the opportunity to attend CBTF competitions (minimum of two mandatory, however other opportunities are available)  where they would perform these team and individual routines,  be graded no scoring, no ranking)  and earn their ribbons!

Participants must wear black dance shorts and black tshirt or tank top, jazz shoes or very flexible sports shoes (eg:  Sketchers)  Hair is to be in high, tight pony, braid, or bun for practice.

Cost:  $295  for the season   

Payment may be divided into installments   $145 is due with registration form, and $50  installments would be due October 15, November 15, December 15.  This cost includes at this point registration with CBTF/OBTA as a pre-competitive athlete,  classes, badge test,  club/individual composite photo, year end awards, and  TEAM entry fees for the Pre-Competitive competition events mentioned above.   Note:  entry fees for the individual pre-competitive events mentioned above are NOT included and will be collected on a per event basis in the spring.  (note:  cost is very reasonable, approximately $5. per event per competition) 

Participants must have a baton which fits them, and may possibly need a second baton for team (since everyone on a team has to have the same size of baton due to exchanges)  Batons are $30 each.    

Participants will require a performance team costume, beige tights and beige slip on jazz shoes.  In all cases, we endeavor to keep the costs as reasonable as possible and team costume will not exceed $75.  For individual performance/competition, costumes may be purchased (new or used) or athletes could wear team costume, or even practice gear.

Lastly, participants will require a team jacket (for parades, shows and for coming/going at competitions)  Cost is approx $90 and will be due end of September. 

Parent volunteer commitment:  Each family is required to have one adult take on an entry level volunteer job for the club.  Each family is required to have one adult volunteer for the entire day at our Spectrum hosting competition in the spring.   

Please go to our HANDOUTS tab and download the handout entitled                PRE COMPETITIVE REGISTRATION You may either print out and mail it with payment, or send payment via email transfer ( and scan registration form.


This is a continuation/extension of PALS 1, offered only for those who have completed one year in PALS 1.   Cost, commitment level and program information is the same as for PALS 1 WITH FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:

-athletes are eligible to register for semi private or private lessons

-participation in minimum 3 competitions

-shoes & tights must be purchased with competitive club members

-second training night - technique & practice is expected

Please go to our HANDOUTS tab and download the handout entitled                PRE COMPETITIVE REGISTRATION You may either print out and mail it with payment, or send payment via email transfer ( and scan registration form.


If you have completed our pre-competitive program, or a similar program elsewhere...welcome to our  Spectrum competitive ranks!

Don't be scared off, we offer a competitive program suited to your needs, suitable for your skills and age, and tailored to the commitment level your family is comfortable with. This may mean just team training 2-3 hours a week,and participation in 4 local competitions, or it could mean 10 hours a week,  teams, individuals, and eventually national and international competition!

Competitive membership includes everything previously noted in our recreational program, plus

-CBTF/OBTA competitive athlete membership ($50)

-TEAM entry fee and gym fee for four OBTA competitions in Ontario

-potential for cross-Canada and international competition

-eligibility to register for private/semi private lessons and individual competition (VERY strongly encouraged, additional costs incurred – speak to Director)

Mandatory commitments to those registering as competitive:

-attendance and punctuality at all club practices and performances

-purchase of club track suit

-purchase of one costume per competitive routine and shoes/tights, makeup

-purchase of group baton and tape

-participation in fund raising activity

-participation in planning/working at Spectrum Annual Competition

-each family is expected to take the lead on ONE volunteer commitment to assist with club operations

Cost:  $475 for basic competitive registration which includes one competitive team. Each additional team is $100  Registration deposit ($175) payment is due with submission of registration form, and balance due once final number of teams for the athlete is determined (Sept 30)  Installments available  due Oct 15, Nov 15, Dec 15

Please visit our handout tab and download the form            COMPETITIVE TEAM REGISTRATION  You can either print it out and mail it - with your deposit cheque for $ 175 payable to Spectrum, OR scan and email the form and make deposit via interac email transfer.


Once an athlete is in our PALS 2 or HIGHER, they may opt for private/semi private lessons.   Since time and coaching personnel is limited, classes are allocated on a first-come basis regarding basic availability, choice of coach, and night/time.

These are NOT mandatory, however, since the first criteria for team selection is shared ability level, members must realize that if they opt to NOT participate in private lessons, eventually they will not be able to continue to be in teams with others who have improved their skills through private lessons.  Semi-Private lessons may be for competition, or for skill development only (athlete may opt not to actually compete)  Private lesson athletes are expected to compete in the events they are training. 

Events available to athletes:  solo, 2 baton, solo dance, medley, 3 baton, compulsory moves, freestyle,pair

**solo is first mandatory event for any athlete competing individually

Freestyle and pair are available only to athletes who have achieved Bi status in solo and one other “musical” event (solo dance or medley)

Semi-private lesson considerations.

1.  Semi-Private lessons may require an additional night

2.  Semi-Private lessons will be organized   where possible with 2 athletes of the same general     proficiency level sharing the time.   Lesson structure may be athletes sharing 30 minutes, or may be each athlete having their own 30 minutes every 2 weeks, with the “off” week being mandatory supervised practice time.

3.  Rates for semi-private lessons will be set annually and billed for full year by the club, payable to the club.

4.  Extra costs include competition entry fees and costuming

5.  Time and training commitment:  athletes are expected to have IN GYM practice on their own minimally equalling the time spent with their coach (30 minutes with coach means 30 minutes additionally in the gym practicing individually)  Additional at-home training is expected.  Athletes have access to any gym, any time that the club has a gym

Private lesson considerations:

  1. Private lessons will be a minimum WEEKLY of 30 minutes (2 routines or less) 3 routines will require minimum of 45 minutes, and 4+ will require minimum of one hour


  2. Rate varies from coach to coach – depending on Coaching level and experience, but a general range of rate would be $20 - $40 per hour (or $10-20 for half hour/$15-$30 for 45 minutes)  Billing and payment methods discussed between coach and member


  3. Extra costs, in addition to coaching fees, include competition entry fees, and costuming


  4. Time/training  commitment:  the very minimal expectation is that the athlete will practice in the gym on their own minimally equalling the time they spend with their coach in class.  (eg, a 30 minute solo lesson means minimally 30 minutes in-gym personal training)  Additional at-home training is expected.


  5.  Solo event is the first, and consistently mandatory event.   Subsequent event will be chosen based on best interest of athlete development


  6.  As a member of Spectrum, facility rental for weekly training is included in your registration fee, and therefore no additional cost for gym rental is required for weekly lessons or any individual training the athlete participates in. 






Who hasn’t dreamed of learning to twirl a baton?  Now’s your chance!  Spectrum is offering adult learn to twirl classes!  These classes are designed primarily for those with little or no twirling experience, but experienced adults come on out – and we’ll be sure to give you a starring role!

This is a one hour class that will include warm up, some strength and conditioning, and baton basics.  The participants will learn a routine set to music with baton and dance! Performance opportunity will be offered, but not mandatory.  Sound fun??  SOOO fun!!

Come out for this chance for fun, fitness and friendship! 

Classes will be Monday evenings  at Notre Dame School, Newmarket.

Cost is $70 for a 10 week session, and a $30 deposit for a baton is required, unless you already have access to one!

Please go to our HANDOUTS tab and download the handout entitled
ADULT LEARN TO TWIRL    You may either print out and mail it with payment, or send payment via email transfer ( and scan registration form

Wednesday, June 22
Rick Mercer Report!

In the spring of 2016, we were over the top excited to have a visit from Rick Mercer himself!   Watch the video here:

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 3/26 star Ajax Comets Competition TBA
Sat 4/8 star Spectrum Competition - mandatory! All Day
Sat 4/22 star Camaros Competition TBA

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