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Welcome to Centennial Baseball and Softball!






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This year tryouts will be a little different. We will be offering free camps to all Centennial Baseball and Softball kids. We will do our best to put kids in divisions that match their skill sets and will make adjustments as needed throughout the week. They will be learning the league directed practice plan in camp, this will empower the parents to know and understand how to work with their athlete on off days as well. Coaches will use these camps to evaluate kids and to encourage them to attend more camps. Players are required to attend at least 75% of the camps otherwise they will be drafted in the lowest division allowed by their age group. This is a great opportunity for you kids to get 4 practices in before teams are formed.

Saturday February 28th your child will be given a league issued t-shirt. You will print your child's last name on the front of the shirt.. Please have your child wear the shirt to all camps to assist coaches in the evaluation process. Please show up at least 30 minutes early on this day to help us get started on time.

What you will need for practices...

A glove

A protective cup (Boys)

Please don't bring baseballs or softballs.. The league will provide those...

Saturday's REVISED Schedule:

Because of the impending storm we have been forced to make an about face and move indoors. This WAS NOT the intention of the board and we certainly did not ask the weather man to drop this storm. When you see a board member, thank them for taking the time to create a PLAN B and provide for your athletes. REGARDLESS IF THE WEATHER CHANGES WE ARE STAYING INDOORS. We have to coordinate over 700 kids and 200 volunteers. If you are in a grumpy mood, please send someone in your place. Our Volunteers are hoping to interact with HAPPY People on Saturday, as they have all spent countless hours this month putting this season together!


Please check in at Bret’s Baseball Academy on Saturday at your directed time. Some athletes will be going to another site for their tryout, and they will direct you when you check in…YOU MUST Check in at Brets! NO CLEATS IN THE FACILITY!


Parents will not be allowed to stay in the facilities once they have checked their athlete in. There is not enough room, and the insurance doesn’t allow….Please wait out in the parking lot or come back an hour and 30 minutes after your tryout time


Brets Baseball Academy

451 East Glendale Avenue



ALL COACHES MUST BE INSIDE OF BRETS by 7:53 AM, we will start promptly at 8AM



Check in

Tryout time




9 year olds Boys



10 year olds Boys



11 year olds Boys



12 year old boys



10 Year old Girls



11 year old girls



12 year old girls


10:00 BB

5 thru 7 year old girls


10:15 BB

5 and 6 year old boys


Noon BB

7 year old boys


12:15 BB

8 and 9 year old girls


2:00 BB

8 year old boys


2:30 BB

Juniors girls




1. Softball is allowing all "Trained Pitchers" (ie girls who spend money on lessons year round) will have their player fee waived. If a pitcher has a catcher they work with they also get to bring their catcher with them and their catchers fee is waived. These pitchers must come to a live registration.

 2. Centennial has invested in coaches clinic with great coaches for Softball and Baseball. There are 4 clinics for softball and 3 for baseball throughout the year. There is no cost to attend these Sunday clinics, and you are expected to attend all of the ones that apply to your division (baseball or Softball.)

 Softball will have a series of 4 clinics with Ashley Decker and Kourtney Davis (Hitting and Pitching/Catching) The first two Clinics are at Brets Softball academy on March 15 and again on March 22 both from 3-4:30PM Baseball will have a series with 3 coaches whom we are not fully ready to announce but they are all AMAZING guys!  





Skill set needed by division 

Juniors Division (13-14 years old)- 10 teams 20 Games
- Have the ability to throw the ball 127 feet- flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 90 feet
- Ability to slide head first safely
- Ability to hit and run
- Ability to hit and recognize off speed pitch

Majors Division (10-12 Years old)- 5 teams 18 Games

- Have the ability to throw the ball 88 feet flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 75 Feet
- Ability to directionally bunt
- Ability to hook slide and pop slide
- Ability to use the body to block the ball

Main Division (9-12 years old)- 5 teams 18 Games
- Have the ability to throw the ball 78 feet flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 70 Feet
- Ability to dive for a ball defensively
- Ability to bunt

Minors Division (8-11 years old) 8 teams 15 games

-Have the ability to throw the ball 65 feet flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 60 Feet
- Ability to slide safely
- Ability to catch a fly ball on the run

Rookie Division (7-9 years old) 8 teams 15 Games
- Have the ability to throw the ball 60 feet flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 35 feet
- Ability to catch a ball thrown above your head (glove fingers up)
- Strength to hit the ball out of the LL grass infield

Farm Division (5-7 years old) 14 teams- 14 Games
- Have the ability to throw the ball 50 feet flat
- Ability to play catch (not fetch) from 25 feet
- Ability to hold bat correctly
- Ability to correctly round the bases when running

Tball Division (4-6 years old) 20 teams 12 Games - No skills needed




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