Frequently Asked Questions



1.  What is Space Needle Volleyball?

Space Needle is part of the USA Volleyball Association and we are members of the Puget Sound Region. Our club has organized practices two or three times a week depending on each team. The teams participate in tournaments around the Seattle area, throughout Washington State, Canada and National events in California, Florida and we have even travelled to Spain. Space Needle helps players to develop their skills and also teaches them to compete against other players and other club team. It is a good way for players to get ready to play in their Middle school, High school and compete for scholarship to play in College. We offer coaching, training and on-going reinforcement of CAP and Gold Medal Squared system. We have good relationships with High School, Club, College and National Coaches throughout the US. We a AVCA members and are in good standing with the USAV. Our goal is to make volleyball players ready for the next level. Our philosophy is to make competitive players through nuturing coaching with strong training in a family environment.



2.  How long does the season last for SpaceNeedle?

Practices will start in December and last until the end of May. Some teams will practice until June for the AAU Nationals at Disney World in Florida or if we qualify to go to Junior Olympics (JO's). The Boys typically go to Junior Olympics in July.


3.  Where and how often are practices held?

All teams practice at Shoreline Community College. Some teams will practice 2 times a week for 2 hours others 2 times a week for 3 hours. 


4.  How many players are on a team?

We would like to carry 10-12 players on each team.


5.  How many tournaments does a team play and where are they?

Each team will play in approximately 2 tournaments a month.  Most tournaments are in the Puget Sound area from Olympia to Bellingham


6.  Do Teams Travel out of the Region or State ?


Yes, our U13-U18 teams travel out of the state. 


 7.  How much does it cost to play for SpaceNeedle?

   Our club fees for the 2013 season is available in our payments link.   

 8.  What do the fees cover ?

Spandex, 2 jerseys, Warm-up (top and bottom) backpack, Warm-up jersey, gym rental, tournament entry fees, USAV registtions. Coaches pay, registrations, backrgound checks, etc. Administrative fees postage, copies, accounting, etc. Equipment, medical suplies/1st Aid kit, balls. Weight room, jump, speed and agility training. Skill training (setting, hitting, defense, etc) Recruiting advise. Coaches education USAV IMPACT certification. Traveling: Coaches airfare (to California), per diem. Hotel for players, coaches and Chaperon. Van rental: 2-3 mini vans (to California Qualifier) Gas and Parking. Transportation to Spokane and Oregon is include. Airfare to California is NOT include.


9. Who are our coaches?

Our coaches are IMPACT certified, CPR certified and some are CAP I certified with USA Volleyball. We also have 4 coaches that are High Performance Coaches (trained in the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs). Our coaches also are part of the staff for the High Performance Camp for the Puget Sound Region and also are part of the staff for the National HP. Our coaches also are Gold Medal Squared trained and certified. All our teams have an assistant coaches give our players additional support and coaching. Some of our coaches are coaching College and others are coaching High Schools in the area. Some of them are alumni that played with the SpaceNeedle.


Our Directors and Co-Head Coaches:

Mark and Raquel West have been coaching Volleyball for 44 years together.


Mark West has spent the last six years working with the National High Performance program for the boys and the Regional High Performance for the Puget Sound Region for the girls.  Mark and Raquel works with Jim McLaughlin in the UW Camps.  Raquel West work with the Regional High Performance Program.  Raquel's job is to work with the setters and middle hitters.  She is a former Olympic player of the Peruvian National Team and she was a setter/middle blocker. She was nominated as one of the best setters in the world and played in many other international competitions.  She played in the Hungarian, Spain and Italian professional leagues for over ten seasons.  Their coach their son, Matthew West who was recently selected as a setter to play for the USA Youth National Team at the Norceca Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico and was a member of the Gold Medal winning Men's Junior National Team in Gatineau, Quebec.  They also work under the guidance of one of the greatest coaches in the history of volleyball, Marv Dunphy, Jim McLaughlin, Lang Ping, Hugh McCutcheon USA Volleyball and Gold Medal Squared.


 10.  What happens at Tryouts?

Players will be placed with players of their age and will run through drills, skills testing and games during the session with coaches. We will try to make it simple and fun for the players to relax during their tryouts. We will pick 10-12 players to fill the roster spots and 2-3 alternates will also be chosen in case any players rejecting their spot.


11.- What are we recommend to the player to do during tryouts?


We would recommend for you to enjoy the time and have fun. Be yourself and do what you do the best. Play Volleyball!! 



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