SouthWest U7 Lady Heat: Welcome


Good Morning Lady Heat and Parents,

We are coming to the end of September already with only one game left no more traveling we are at home from here on out.

I just want to give a big Congradulations to our Defense who is always forgotten because they do not take shots on goal but help prevent the goal shots taken on our team. Our goalie Natasha has done such an excellent job defending her teams goal giving everything she has trying to stop everything that comes her way. Now our defense has improved over and over again helping out minimizing the shots taken on goal and getting the ball down to our Offense to score. Congrats my Lady Heat Defense and Goalie. You guys keep it up I am proud of each and everyone of you!

Congrats to my Offense for doing a wonderful job, just because you do not make a goal doesn't mean you didn't do your job. If you didn't do your job your teamates would not be able to take a shot to score.  Remember you only miss the shots you do not take. We will continue to work on passing and advancing with more drills at practice.

Parents as always Thank You for giving me the opportunity to teach your wonderful children, if you feel your child needs more practice one on one with me please lets make arrangements. I know we as parents do not teach agression but please remind them on the soccer field it is okay to be agressive but once they leave the soccer field, they leave thier agression on the soccer field and return to being wonderful Little Angels again.  We are already in the planning phases of the end of the year party for our team before you know it the Fall Season will be over, please get with Mrs. Holly Kissick as she will head this up for our team and I can concentrate and making your little stars shine bright!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email.

Coach Bryan Tellez